Love Somebody

Zayn and Louis are the epitome of extreme opposites. One's a Lit major with too much heart and not enough people to share it with while the other just doesn't care enough to feel at all - or so he says.

Never in a million years would they have found their way towards each other. But when a class brings two of their friends together, they are ultimately forced into each other's lives. Something that neither boy knew would cause as much trouble as it is bound to.


1. Prologue







Electric President blasted through Zayn’s speakers as he drove, the 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback he’d just restored running smoothly as he went. The sun beamed brightly from the sky, kissing his naturally olive skin with its warmth. The long stretch of road ahead of him was pleasantly empty, as were the miles and miles of forest that stood on either side of the pavement. Really, it was too perfect – almost straight out of a movie, if you will.


Except… Wait. Is that a pig? Crossing the street with a cat? What the actual fuck?


“Off the drugs, Malik,” he chuckled to himself as he slowly made a right turn, heading towards what he was sure was the direction of his university. Only instead of being greeted by the main building, he was back at the start of the road… which, you know, wasn’t really supposed to be happening.


Feeling a sense of panic slowly building in him, he tried to even out his breathing, counting slowly in his head just like his mother taught him that one time.


He was on his third round of counting from one to ten when his phone rang. It took him a good minute of fishing around his bag while simultaneously keeping his eyes on the road before he finally found the currently offensive gadget. Fumbling with the answer button a couple of times, he pressed the phone against his ear and muttered out a quick hello only to receive the insistent ringing as a response.


Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, he pulled the mobile away from his face with the intention of checking the problem when he caught sight of quick movements that brought his attention back to the fact that he was still driving.


And, oh, is that a freakin’ HOUSE in the middle of the street?




Zayn woke with a start, the annoying sound of his Avengers alarm clock still echoing around his dorm room. Blindly, he reached across his nightstand in a half-assed attempt at locating the evil contraption and maybe throwing it against the farthest wall for good measure.


He would never really do it, of course. The old thing meant too much to him. He’d never knowingly break it. It was just a nice, comforting thought sometimes.


Groggily throwing his comforter off his body, he swung his legs to the side of his twin bed and dragged his bare feet across the carpeted floor, making his way to the bathroom he shared with his roommate, Niall.


“Fuck Mondays,” Zayn grumbled to himself as he tossed his boxers aside and stood under the showerhead. It was gonna be a slow week. Somehow, he just felt it.






Louis stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, feet planted on one of those $6 bath mats that turned red when exposed to water (so he’s secretly an online bargain hunter, so what?). He walked slowly to the huge walk-in closet that was built right next to his en suite bathroom, humming tunelessly as he mentally tried to decide on what to wear for the day. After running through the day’s schedule in his head, he figured a simple ensemble would do so he settled for one of his plain shirts and black skinny jeans, grabbing a denim jacket just in case.


He was on his way out of the bedroom (after having to go through several pairs of haphazardly discarded jeans to find his keys) when his phone buzzed, signaling a text from one of his college buddies.


From Lee-Yummm

Heard Old Man Cowell’s out today. Meet us at the Courtyard instead? Hazza’s got goods. Cousin hooked him up.


After shooting a quick reply, Louis stumbled out of the front door and jogged over to the circular driver that was situated outside of his parents’ massive Victorian-inspired home, where his Porsche Cayman was parked. Pausing for a bit to take in the serenity of his surroundings, he yanked the door open and quickly sat himself down on the driver’s seat.


Revving up the engine, he peeled his way out of the iron gates that stood tall in front of the Tomlinsons’ far-from-modest property, speeding down the hill without a care in the world.


“Just another boring, old Monday,” he sighed to himself as he made a sharp turn down the road towards Uni.






A/N: Once again hi guys! This is mine and the lovely Laura's (andiloveyou-iloveyoutoo [Tumblr]) new Zouis fanfic and we are so happy to get it out and published. We are currently searching for someone who has good photoshop skills and can make us a cover for our fanfic! I can't wait for everyone to read this fic at is one of the most exciting one's i've ever seen! Comments and Feedback are always and I mean always welcome! Thank you! 

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