Love Somebody

Zayn and Louis are the epitome of extreme opposites. One's a Lit major with too much heart and not enough people to share it with while the other just doesn't care enough to feel at all - or so he says.

Never in a million years would they have found their way towards each other. But when a class brings two of their friends together, they are ultimately forced into each other's lives. Something that neither boy knew would cause as much trouble as it is bound to.


5. Oh

A/N: Finished! Sorry for the late update Laura went on hiatus and then I had to write the chapter alone and im like a deer in headlights without Laura so yeh. Im quite happy with this chapter and im hoping I dont disappoint anyone! 

Also I'd like to say a massive thank you to my friend Glenda~who you can find on tumblr by the name of chrystalblueconfessions~for helping me with ideas and editing while Laura was busy! I love you pimple face :)

Have fun reading!


“Fuck, Louis, get your shit together,” Louis mumbled to himself as he drove into the large metal gates of the nursing home. Parking his Porsche in the empty spot nearest to the main entrance, he sighed as he turned off the engine and slumped back into his seat. Leaning forward again, he took his first real look at the building in front of him, taking in the little details about the nearly-rundown structure. It wasn’t exactly fancy, but it wasn’t like he was expecting anything better. He was sure it was good enough for the old buggers living there.

After fixing his hair in his rearview mirror, he got out of his car with a slam of the door. Letting out a quiet shiver due to a sudden gust of wind, he wrapped his arms around his body as he pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket to find two missed calls and an unopened text from Harry.

From: Hazza Bazza!

Hey Lou! Make sure you don’t get into any more shit, yeah? We don’t want your ‘rents finding out. Love you, Boo! Xx

From: Lou Poo

This place sucks shit, man. Looks like someone died here… Oh, wait, yeah. I’m sure that’s happened tons of times. Do you that Zayn kid’s number? Don’t see him anywhere.

Tucking his phone back into his hoodie, he leant against his car, thinking about what Harry said about his parents finding out. Sighing, he reminded himself for the fifth time today to stay focused and not get into any more trouble. He really didn’t want to cause problems with anyone else – especially his father.

Louis was too caught up in his thoughts to realize that Zayn was awkwardly standing behind him, debating on whether or not he should disturb him. Startled by a small cough, Louis snapped out of his personal bubble and brought his attention back to reality. Turning around, he caught the younger boy staring at the hem of his own plaid shirt while playing with the jet black hair resting at the nape of his neck. Fucking dude really was a walking sculpture.

A smile involuntarily crept onto Louis’s face as he met Zayn’s gaze, his brown orbs staring back at him. Louis was just about to shift his gaze from the other because well, it was seriously weird to stare, but he noticed a small smile play up on the smaller boy’s face and for a single second he could feel his heart melt.

Where the hell did that come from?

“U-uh, we better go inside. I think we’re already a bit late.” The older boy pulled himself out of his trance after hearing Zayn’s voice. He nodded slightly before letting the other lead the way inside.

Walking in, Louis’s senses filled with the smell of medicine and more medicine. He hated it. He had dreaded the smell since he was a child, and having to spend the whole day with it lodged up his nose wasn’t very inviting. He sniffled as he walked in, being greeted with gracious smiles from old people doing absolutely nothing. He didn’t even bother replying. It was a biit rude, but who gave a fuck. He’d be out in a few weeks and he wasn’t coming back after, anyway.

“Hello, boys!” The two whirled around to face a lady in her mid 30s who greeted them with a large smile on her face. Louis held out his hand and greeted her with a large grin, being sure to look excited about the whole experience. Flipping her blonde hair back, she gave both boys a once over as she pulled out her clipboard to go through the day’s schedule.

Louis was already bored.

“Okay, so from 10:00 to 11:30 you’ll be helping with the cleaning of the rooms. Afterwards, we’ll be preparing lunch and serving at 12:00. You will spend the rest of the day conversing with the residents.” The blonde lady (Taylor or something like that) finished and began leading towards a large room filled with mops and brooms.

Both boys groaned in sync.

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, gentlemen!” She gave a sickly sweet laugh before leaving the two of them to begin the day’s chores.


“Time to get to know the others, boys! Finish up cleaning and come to the main hall.” Both Louis and Zayn nodded as they moved to pack up their equipment. Neither of them made any effort to talk to each other apart from the rare “sorry’s” they’d mumble when they accidentally crossed paths. Louis was never one to be quiet, but he enjoyed this silence. He didn’t know why, but it felt nice. Almost… comfortable. “I guess we better get going before she starts nagging us again with that dreaded voice,” Louis chuckled to himself as he put the last of the cleaning cloths, dusting his hands off in approval of his work.

Walking into the room, Louis scanned around looking for someone to talk to. He could see Zayn in the corner of his eye doing the same. Shuffling towards the younger boy, he whispered in his ear, “You found someone yet, Broody?” Zayn tilted his head towards a man who looked to be in his late 60s or early 70s and started walking. The older boy decided to follow in the same direction and head towards the corner of the room.

“Hello, Sir. How have you been today?” Zayn stuck his hand out, hoping for a. Louis observed from the back as an annoyed expression spread on the elder man’s face. Pulling back slightly, the guy smacked away Zayn’s hand. Both boys were rather surprised at the guy’s rough actions, Zayn even roughly pulling his and away to rub at the sharp sting.

“What’ya tryna do, boy? Get your filthy hands away from me!” A Southern accent escaped the man’s lips as he eyed them both up, eyes turning to slits as if to gauge the younger men.

Louis had tried. He really did. But he couldn’t help the fit of laughter that escaped him. Bowing his head and stepping back, Zayn let the other one take the initiative of introducing themselves. “Hey, sorry about my friend here. Zayn’s a little awkward with people,” Louis lightly patted the slightly taller boy’s shoulder before taking a seat beside the elder. “My name’s Louis.”

Both Louis and Zayn watched as a smile spread across the man’s face. Slowly, they watched as he lifted a hand and slapped it on Louis’s shoulder. “Ya know, your friend Zin could learn a thing or two from you.” He eyed the boy who was still standing before continuing. “Take a seat, then!”

Louis smiled cheekily at Zayn who was completely mortified at this point. Did he seriously just get rejected by a senior citizen?

“So,” Brad, as he’d introduced himself, began, “How’d you two boys end up in this hellhole?” Clearly, he couldn’t understand how two fine looking young men such as Zayn and Louis would want to spend their time in a nursing home. Both boys looked at each other, Louis’s face holding a mischievous grin and Zayn blushed mad. “You see, Brad, our good buddy here got a bit too tipsy some nights ago and ended up defacing school property. We got caught while I was trying to save him and so here we are! Shows me not to play hero next time.” Louis narrated, finishing off with a nod and a wink at Zayn’s direction.

Zayn looked at Louis with a mock-scandalized expression before swiftly replying, “I don’t seem to recall you telling our friend Brad who got me drunk.” Louis was shocked at the younger boy’s sudden playfulness, but he couldn’t help but let a small chuckle slip in amusement.

Louis leant forward adjusting his position in the wooden chairs, looking around he could see a few elderly women knitting while talking to other residents and men chatting away to each other, It looked like they had just taken out a scene from a movie to his eyes. Bringing his attention back to the conversation in front of him, he politely smiled, glancing across to Zayn, he could see the younger boy was deeply engaged in some bullshit – that Louis obviously didn’t care about – the older man was talking. The older boy almost found it amusing how engaged Zayn was listening to a conversation of  what seemed utterly boring to Louis.

“Tell me about yourself. Are you married? Do you have children?” Louis blurted out, interrupting the previous conversation but he was sure that this was more interesting than whatever they were talking about. The feather haired boy watched as sadness overtook Brad’s eyes.

“I did have a wife. Her name was Andrea.” Louis could feel his gut fill up with guilt and his stomach churn inside of him. “I’m sorry for your loss sir,” Zayn replied saving the other boy from guilt and in a way Louis really appreciated that.

“You know, she was quite the lady. I remember seeing her walking into college with her friends, blonde hair bouncing on her shoulders and bright blue eyes shining with excitement. She would sit on the table across from me in the cafeteria, she would never dare to make direct eye contact with me but you could always see she wanted to.” Louis could already see small tears welling up in Brad’s eyes. He hated that he was the one to bring up such a cheesy topic but he wouldn’t dare to interrupt. “She would look at me every time I turned away and I would do the same. We were from two completely different social groups so we didn’t really hang out in the beginning. She was quite, soft and loving while I was loud, spontaneous and, to be honest, a bit of a dickhead. We were like day and night. When we met for the very first time, she didn't talk at all and I talked a little too much but something brought us together.” Brad choked at his words before continuing. “Our differences didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered to us was each other. We loved each other through thick and thin. We got married right after college and I could finally say she was all mine. I loved everything about her, the little birthmark she had right next to her right eye, the way she would bury her neck into my shoulders every time we hugged, and I even loved the way she used try to make me laugh with her faces. I really loved her, I really did but she left. She didn’t wait for me, she left me all alone. But I stayed because I knew that she would hate me for leaving behind my life to be with her.”

Wiping his eyes softly with his sleeves Brad looked up at both boys as a small, weak smile forced itself upon his lips. Louis looked over to Zayn who was wiping away small tears. He never really pegged Zayn for the romantic type – poetry considered – but who could blame him, the story nearly crushed even Louis.

An awkward silence was starting to take over just as someone started clapping their hands in the middle of the room.

“Time for a nap, guys! Let’s get it going!” All three figures diverted their attention to the middle of the hall where the supervisor was standing, hands on hips. Louis and Zayn stood up and smiled politely while helping Brad get up. Waving their goodbye’s, the two stood side by side, Louis choosing to break the ice by joking, “You got a little something on your eye Broody,” he pointed at Zayn’s eye where he could still see little droplets of  tears stained.

“Oh um, yeah I just got a little dirt in my eye. Yeah.” Shyly looking down, he pulled at his sleeve and used it to wipe the side of  his eye.

“Mm-hmm, sure.” Louis teased further. “Well, I guess we better get going?” The older boy offered with a smug look. Keeping his smirk on, he lead the way towards the reception area.

“You’re done for the day, boys. Thanks for your help and we shall see you next week! We’ll call the university so don’t worry about signing in for your hours or anything.”

Louis huffed in response. He had almost forgotten that he had to come back each week to this hell. Sure, well it wasn’t that bad, but still. Deciding to just accept his fate, though, he watched as Zayn gave a big smile to the receptionist, making her blush slightly. Harry was right, this dude really did give him a run for his money.

“Hey, did you want a ride or something?” Louis asked. He had only just realized that Zayn didn’t have a car parked or anything.

“Oh, uh-h no it’s alright. I’ll just walk or take the bus back.” The younger boy replied looking around his surroundings. He rubbed at the back of his neck as he avoided Louis’s gaze. “No seriously, I’ll drop you off. It looks like it’s about to rain, anyway. Wouldn't want that pretty head yours getting wet. What do you say?” Louis smiled, looking up at Zayn who looked like a deer caught in headlights.

Cute. Wait, what?

“I promise I won’t get you in trouble again.” He tipped his head to the side, feigning cockiness as he mentally panicked at the realization that he just referred to the kid as “cute.” He didn’t know why he was persisting so much but he just wanted to spend more time with the younger boy. “Okay, fine.” Zayn relented with a nod towards Louis.

“Great!” Louis smiled as he stuffed his hands in the front pockets of his hoodie. Moving to grab his phone, he realized a bit too late that his keys were snatched along with the action causing the piece of metal to fall on the pavement. Silently cursing at his clumsiness, he bent down to grab it, only to hit his head with Zayn’s who’d also made a move to bend to the ground. All form of balance for either boy was lost as they stumbled down, one landing on top of the other.

Louis could feel the young boy’s breath tickle past neck as his head fell into the curve of his collarbones. He really didn't want to move, he promised, but when the younger boy’s face was almost just an inch away from his, Louis couldn’t help himself from breathing out a quick “oh.”

No one could hold that against him. 



Hope you enjoyed reading!- Bhoomy and Laura! xx

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