Love Somebody

Zayn and Louis are the epitome of extreme opposites. One's a Lit major with too much heart and not enough people to share it with while the other just doesn't care enough to feel at all - or so he says.

Never in a million years would they have found their way towards each other. But when a class brings two of their friends together, they are ultimately forced into each other's lives. Something that neither boy knew would cause as much trouble as it is bound to.


4. I'm sorry

Ok so I know what your all thinking. "Oh my god, its another pair of authors that never update sigh." Sigh I promise it's not like that :) I hope everyone's doing well and both Laura and I are sorry. As always leave some feedback and comments because it means so much to us! Love you all xx
P.S I just wanted to say that we change the POV every week so this week is Zayn :) 

“What the fuck were you thinking, Lou?” Harry yelled, face burning with anger as he reached for the keys in his pocket. “Do you realize how much shit you could get at home?”
The older boy’s head jolted up, a worried look plastered across his face as he climbed into the passenger’s seat of Harry’s car. “D-did you tell my parents?” He stuttered, still looking at the taller boy with concern in his eyes
“What? No, of course I didn’t!” Harry stammered as he pulled out of the parking lot outside the police station. “But could you imagine if I did?”
Harry, along with Liam, knew just about everything about the smaller brunet. From his family to the way he liked to sleep, nothing was really kept secret from his childhood friends. That was why the curly haired boy knew to take matters into his own hands and not get Louis’s father involved. Being on the board of directors of one of the biggest information technology companies in the state, Mark Tomlinson was always away on business and never actually had any time for his son. But that did not stop the man from expecting nothing short of the best of his only heir. Something that Louis felt he was yet to live up to.
Zayn observed from the backseat, his head bowed in shame as he mentally berated himself for being so stupid. He couldn’t bear to even look at the rest of the group because the guilt was gnawing at him so much. Niall however, being his usual carefree self, seemed to find the whole situation amusing and couldn’t stop giggling beside him, making the darker-haired boy genuinely more pissed than he already was.
“Shut up Niall,” he hissed into the younger boy’s ear, taking care to not draw attention from the pair seated in the front. The anger in Zayn’s face caught Niall’s attention making him sober up and quiet down.
A few minutes had passed with Louis and Harry continuing to argue in the front seats, whispering to each other every now and then so that Zayn and Niall wouldn’t hear. Not that the former would have really understood what they were talking about as Zayn had fallen deep into his own thoughts, blocking out all sounds around him as the car moved forward.
He had been so immersed in his own internal musings that he hadn’t even noticed that Harry was taking them directly to their dorm; not until he heard Niall utter a quick thanks to the tallest before jumping out.
“G’night, lads,” he chirped, trying – bless his heart, Zayn thought – to add a little cheer to the tense atmosphere.
Harry took that moment to discreetly glare at Louis before spinning around in his seat, his winning smile gracing his boyish features. “Good times, boys,” he started, resting his left hand on the back seat of Louis’s head rest. “I’ll text you about the project, Horan.”
“Cool, cool.” Niall nodded, silently tugging on Zayn’s plaid sleeve as a sign to tell him to get down as well. “Bye, Louis. It was nice meeting you.”
“Y-yeah,” Louis quietly replied, his voice sounding strained. He continued to stare blankly at the dashboard as he added, “You too, man.”
“I…” Zayn tried to find words to apologize, or maybe make the situation a little lighter at least. He shouldn’t have had trouble with it. He was a writer. Words were his life. Somehow that wasn’t really doing anything for him, though. So with a resigned grunt, he settled for, “I’m really sorry.”
Not waiting for a reply from either of the boys  still in the car, he hopped off the side Niall was blocking, lightly kicking the blond in the thigh to get him to move and give him room.
Once both boys were standing on the pavement, Niall closed the car door they’d exited through and gave a little wave to Harry and Louis before tossing his arm around Zayn. He kissed his friend lightly on the shoulder, looking up at him to silently ask if he was okay. Something Zayn couldn’t answer even if he tried.
“It’s all right, Zayner,” Niall whispered, leading the skinnier boy to their dorm room. “It’s not your fault, mate, y’hear?”
The walk to their door was spent in relative silence, except for the times when he heard Niall giving passive greetings to a few people in the halls. By the time they’d made it to their floor, at least half a dozen people had attempted to “congratulate the rebel” as someone put it, and Zayn was downright annoyed by all the attention. He just wanted to get inside and yell at himself for being an idiot, but apparently that’s what got people to notice you and well, who’s Mr. Fuckin’ Popular now, huh?
Pulling his key from his shirt pocket, he stabbed the lock (with such great force that Niall thought he’d possibly murdered their doorknob) and marched inside, not bothering with the light as he threw himself on Niall’s bed and just laid there.
He didn’t have to speak for Niall to know how greatly disappointed he was in himself. Up until now all the tanned boy had ever really done was smoke a little pot in the privacy and safety of the very room he was in at the moment. The only time he’d ever had alcohol was when he was fifteen and experimenting was the cool thing to do. Obviously it had been a smart idea for him to not get into the habit because well, look what happened.
Niall sighed sadly as he watched his best friend staring into nothing. Honestly, he didn’t quite understand why Zayn was as affected as he was. Sure, the boy was always considerate and never selfish, but he’d just met Louis and really the whole thing was more his fault that Zayn’s so he didn’t get what the big deal was. He knew the guy well enough to not question anything, though. So after tossing his shoes off, he decided to just carefully climb his own bed and crawl over the stiff figure there, situating himself between him and the empty wall.
“Sleep it off, Z.”
And he did.
The next morning found Zayn and Niall basically spooning as the sun’s rays shined on the slightly taller boy’s face, effectively waking him from his slumber. Grunting (and mentally cursing at himself because of the god-awful hangover he was having), he threw Niall’s sleep-heavy arm off his waist as he all but crawled over to his own bed, shoving his face into his pillow and pulling the sheets over his head. He had every intention of going back to sleep.
Except an unsettling feeling started to make its way into his stomach and up his throat, causing his to bolt out of bed and run into their bathroom where he proceeded to heave out all the alcohol left in his system. Not a pretty sight. Not a pretty sight at all.
“Mate, shut up!” Niall complained as he grabbed the pillow from under his head and used it to shield himself from the light and the noise. “I really don’t need to hear you retching this early.”
“Fuck off, Ni,” Zayn shot back, resting his forehead on the arm slung over the lid of the toilet. “You should get up, dude. We have Jefferson.”
English Lit was the one class Zayn and Niall had together and although most sessions consisted of Niall making random remarks at their poor professor, (“They have a sale on hair regrowth products at the mall. You should check it out, Doc!”) the two hardly ever missed sessions because Zayn would rather die than skip on discussions on John Keats.
“No,” was the only response the blond made before the sound of him snoring bounced off the walls.
Accepting that he was going to have to brave class alone today, Zayn forced himself to get off the floor and take a quick shower just so he could at least make himself presentable enough to the outside world – which was a huge effort because his head felt heavy and his knees felt like jelly and he really just wanted to get back to bed.
It took him all of thirty minutes just to steady himself enough to stand in the shower and by the time 2:30PM rolled around, he had just enough time to grab a clean shirt, pull some jeans on, and run across campus for his 2:55PM period. It was a pretty tough thing to accomplish, but by 2:49PM he was standing outside the lecture hall, panting heavily in hopes of regulating his breathing just a smidge.
Pushing the heavy door open, Zayn was glad to find that his professor had yet to come in so he had some time to mentally prepare before the class officially started. Slumping down on his usual seat in the fifth row, he placed his backpack on his lap and took out his laptop, carefully putting it down on his desk before dumping his bag on the floor next to his feet. 
He had just turned on his laptop and was in the process of opening a blank note document when Dr. Jefferson barged in, arms full of photocopied readings, as per usual. As a general rule, the university enforced a paperless system, encouraging faculty and students to rely on electronic forms of exchange as often as possible. But the good old doctor was adamant on the necessity of doing things as close to traditional as possible – something that’s gotten him in trouble with the Board more than a few times.
As the professor finally finished laying his stuff out on the large desk situated in the front of the room, he turned around to face the class, a slip of paper clutched in one hand while the other reached inside his breast pocket for his glasses. Typically, he started lectures with a random question thrown at the students, so this deviation caught Zayn’s attention immediately.
“Mr. Malik?” Dr. Jefferson called out, his eyes scanning the room for Zayn. Once he spotted the younger man, he continued, “Ah, yes. No Mr. Horan today, it seems. Anyway, the Dean is asking to see you immediately.”
Zayn could feel all the eyes suddenly trained on him as his face started to heat up, no doubt tinting his skin bright red. Clearing his throat, the boy attempted to ask, “Uh… Now?”
“Yes, young man,” his professor simply nodded, a hint of amusement evident in his eyes.
“Err… Uh… Yeah. Right, of course.” Zayn stammered, panic rising in his chest as several possibilities ran in his head. Obviously, it was about what happened the night before. Fuck. This is too quick of a repercussion. He had hoped he had until Monday to dwell on his actions at the very least. Apparently, though, that’s not the case.
“…you next week. Grab a couple of copies of the required reading for yourself and Mr. Horan.” Zayn seemed to have spaced out for a bit, because he had failed to catch most of what Dr. Jefferson had been saying. If the man hadn’t been outright pointing at where he laid out the assignment, Zayn would have had no way of figuring out what he was being instructed to do.
Luckily he did catch it, though. So hurriedly, he stuffed his laptop inside his bag and hastily grabbed a couple of photocopies before running out the room, avoiding any and all eye contact with his classmates.
It took him a good twenty minutes to get to the building that housed the faculty and staff offices as he actually stopped for a smoke just so he could delay the inevitable. When he got there, however, the secretary didn’t waste any time and immediately led him to the office at the farthest end of the hall, where a shiny sign read, Paul Higgins, University Dean.
Gulping and resisting the urge to turn around and run, he thanked the tiny woman politely before knocking and opening the door. As he stepped in, he saw Dean Higgins seated behind his desk, a small frown etched on his face as he look at Zayn.
“Mr.Malik,” the intimidating, large man greeted. “Have a seat. I was just discussing the issue with Mr. Tomlinson here.”
Zayn froze on his tracks when he heard Louis being mentioned. Sure, he had expected the other boy to be called in as well. He just didn’t take into consideration the possibility that they would be called in together.
“Well?” Dean Higgins raised an expectant eyebrow at Zayn as he tipped his chin towards one of the seats opposite his own.
“Oh, uh, sorry.” Zayn awkwardly crossed the room and slowly sat on the chair offered to him which was, surprisingly, rather comfortable. If the circumstances had been different – had he been in the Dean’s office for more pleasant reasons – he would have actually been able to relax some.
That obviously wasn’t possible, of course.
“So,” Dean Higgins started, bringing his intertwined fingers to rest on his desk. “I assume you boys know why you’re here?”
For a man as physically big as Paul Higgins, everyone usually expected an iron fist and a short temper. And while he doesn’t let ill behavior slip through his fingers, he has never – in his twenty years of serving as the head of the institution – lost his temper on anybody… students, parents, and colleagues alike. He was just a generally good guy.
“That stunt you pulled last night can’t be ignored,” Dean Higgins pressed, shifting eye contact between Zayn and Louis – who were successfully ignoring each other – as he explained the situation. “The Board is furious. If it were up to them, you’d both be suspended indefinitely.”
Zayn noticed Louis visibly tense at that. Remembering the bits he heard from Harry about Louis’s dad, the darker boy figured he could take a guess to the reasons for the older’s behavior.
“But,” Dean Higgins raised his right hand to stop any interruptions. “I managed to talk them into lowering your punishment. Are you ready to hear me out?” When he saw both boys’ small nods, he resumed. “Community service. Forty hours for each of you. I have already made the necessary arrangements.”
“But, Mr. Higgins,” Louis cut in, slumping forward a bit in his seat. “M-my dad. He’ll be furious if I have something like this in my record! Please, Sir. Something else. Please.” 
Zayn felt a pang of guilt in his chest as he listened to Louis pleading to get out of his punishment. He’d never really had to deal with such things with his own father. Granted, he expected the man would be less than thrilled that his only son had defaced school property. But Zayn knew for sure his father would sigh in disappointment at most before telling him something along the lines of, “Lesson learned, my boy, yes?”
He had never felt as lucky to have his dad.
“Like I said, Mr. Tomlinson, it’s either this or suspension for an unknown amount of time.” Dean Higgins rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Please, boys, just go with this option. It’s really the safest route either of you can take.”
“Can I work his hours for him?” Zayn found himself asking as soon as the elder man finished speaking.
“What?!” Louis exclaimed, clearly displeased at the offer.
“Well, I mean…” Zayn struggled to find the words to explain himself. “I-it’s my fault you’re here, Louis. I… If you hadn’t, y’know, come back for me you wouldn’t be here.” He turned his body towards Dean Higgins before making his own plea. “Please, Sir. I’m really the only one to blame here. Just let Louis-“
“Stop.” All eyes were suddenly on Louis as his cold tone echoed against the walls of the office. “I don’t need you to cover for me, Broody.” Focusing his gaze on the authority figure in front of them, he finished, “I’ll do what needs to be done.”
A silence filled the room for a bit as Dean Higgins read through the tension between the two students in front of him. After taking a good minute of trying to understand what was going on, the eldest in the room nodded briefly before wrapping up. “All right. You’ll be serving your sentence at the Sunny Fields Retirement Home. I believe you’re due for an orientation some time this Friday. Caroline has your timetable for this. All clear, gentlemen?”
After hearing both boys grunt their agreement, Dean Higgins stood and motioned for the boys to follow him. He ushered the two boys out the door, directing them to his secretary who was busy typing something up on her computer.
When she saw the two figures towering over her desk, she paused her work and tossed sympathetic smiles at them as she handed each a sheet of legal paper.
“Everything you need to know about timing is there, boys. Just follow your schedule religiously and this whole thing should be over before you know it.”
“Thanks,” Zayn murmured as Louis nodded his acknowledgment.
The walk to the main door of the building was tense and silent, with Louis staring straight ahead while Zayn opted to study the patterns of the tiled floors. Once they were out in the field, Louis stopped on his tracks, effectively causing the other to bump into him. Sighing sadly, he turned around and looked at Zayn for the first time in the past hour that they’ve been in each other’s company.
“We’re cool, dude. Just. See you Friday.”
And, yeah. Maybe Zayn was a little too busy staring to actually reply.


Hope you enjoyed chapter! - Laura and Bhoomy!

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