Love Somebody

Zayn and Louis are the epitome of extreme opposites. One's a Lit major with too much heart and not enough people to share it with while the other just doesn't care enough to feel at all - or so he says.

Never in a million years would they have found their way towards each other. But when a class brings two of their friends together, they are ultimately forced into each other's lives. Something that neither boy knew would cause as much trouble as it is bound to.


3. Here We Go...


Louis stepped out of his car and locked the doors before making his way to the university’s field, which was full of students who, in his opinion, looked like they had nothing better to do with their time. Personally, he himself would rather be sitting in his room playing FIFA, but for some unknown reason he had let one curly-haired devil sweet talk him into coming to this… thing… instead.


Carefully dodging his way around the crowd of his drunk and restless peers, he craned his neck and stood on tiptoes in an attempt to find Harry or Liam. Once he’d spotted the pair a few feet away, he clumsily made his way over, losing his balance and accidentally bumping into this guy whom he hadn’t noticed had been standing almost right in front of him.


Shooting an apathetic glance at the black haired boy, he mumbled a quick sorry, choosing to ignore the odd look the other one was giving him as he jogged over to where his best friends were standing with a small blond.


“Lou Bear!” Harry yelled, trying to make himself heard as clearly as possible over the thumping of the speakers around them. “What took you so long, dude?”


“Stupid professor started talking about his fucking dog halfway through the lecture.” Louis complained as he crossed his arms over his chest.”I mean, honestly. Nobody gives a shit if he took it out for a walk and it crapped on someone. Totally lame.”


Harry chuckled and patted Louis on the back, trying to calm his friend.


“Whatever. Anyway, where’s Liam?”


“You rang, O Great One?” Liam teased as he playfully hit his oldest friend on the shoulder.


“Oh, throwing punches now are we?” Louis scoffed as he raised an eyebrow at Liam. “Careful there, Payner. Don’t want a repeat of last time now, do we?”

“Pssh. Shut up.” Liam deadpanned, pouting at the chestnut-haired boy.


“Aww, you two are the cutest!” Harry grinned at them, placing himself in the middle and tossing an arm around each of their shoulders. With a smug look on his face, he kissed both of his friends on the cheek before addressing the smaller one. “Anyway, Lou, I want you to meet my new friends!”


Louis rolled his eyes as he smirked to himself, eyeing the red plastic cup Harry was clutching with his hand. He was about to call him out on it – he hated when Harry got too drunk – when the youngest continued.


“This is Niall.” Harry beamed, pointing to the Irishman in question. “He’s my partner in that uh… project…in that class, remember?”


Louis grunted an agreement as Harry looked at him expectantly, his eyes just a bit glossed over, before pointing behind Niall.


“And that guy you bumped into? That’s Zayn.” Harry hiccupped. “He’s suuuuper quiet. He can give you a run for your money.”


The last bit was said in a stage whisper, and Louis noticed how the other guy – Zayn – had blushed slightly at the way Harry had described him. Louis found this to be rather interesting. He certainly had not expected that Harry would be associating himself with someone so shy and reserved. He was normally too loud and over-the-top for people like that to want to hang around him.


“Um, yeah, uh…” the dark-skinned boy suddenly started stuttering, still standing at the very spot Louis had found him in several minutes before. “Well, um… Excuse me. I’m gonna… go… find a drink or something.” Rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand, Zayn made a sharp turn and walked into a random direction, obviously clueless as to where he was going.


“Hmm,” Louis hummed disinterestedly, “Well, as entertaining as that exchange was, I think I’ll just go. Can I go now, Haz?”


Louis hadn’t meant to sound so harsh. He didn’t, he would swear his dog’s life on it (if he had one). He just really wasn’t in the mood for big crowds and subpar music. Seeing the look of disappointment on Harry’s face made him want to take back his words, though.


“Look, Lou.” The younger boy sighed, his shoulders slumping in defeat. “I know you don’t want to be here, okay. I just thought a change in scenery would do you good, man. You don’t have to be a dick about it.”


And okay, yeah. The hurt in Harry’s tone was enough to tug at Louis’s heartstrings, which very few people are allowed to mess with. Sighing, he apologized, slapping a hand on his best friend’s shoulder and nodding towards Niall.


“I’m sorry, dude. I just have my bitchy days.”


“It’s cool,” Niall grinned, his Irish tilt adding an extra amount of cheer to his words.


Things pretty much fell into a pattern after that awkward exchange. Although he didn’t offer much to the conversation, Louis did manage to stay civil as the-two-idiots-slash-soul-mates resumed their mindless chatter. The small brunet didn’t really mind, even after Liam had left him to fend for himself when some of his track teammates called him over to join them. He couldn’t stop his mind from wandering to Zayn every now and then, though. Somehow he was just intrigued by the dark hair and dark skin and dark… well, everything, it seemed.


He was just about to excuse himself to attempt to find the mysterious fellow when Liam broke his train of thought.


“Where are you off to, Loulou?” Taking a deep breath to hold in a sigh of annoyance, Louis turned to face his friend.


“Gonna see if I can find anything to do around here. You all seem pretty busy with other people.” He spat bitterly, groaning inwardly as he realized once again just how bitchy he was being.


“What’s up with you, bro?” Liam furrowed his eyebrows in worry before joking, “Are you on your man period? Is that it?”


“Fuck off, Li-Bug.” Louis said in a mocking tone, playfully shoving Liam on his broad shoulders.


“Don’t call me that, Lou!” He whined, checking to see that nobody actually heard his best friend uttering the extremely embarrassing childhood nickname.


Louis laughed loudly as he watched the shade of pink spread from Liam’s cheeks all the way to his ears and neck. It was really a rather endearing sight and Louis loved that he was the cause of it. Nothing like a good-natured verbal jab between friends.


“You started it.” Louis reached over to ruffle Liam’s hair, an action that the receiving male welcomed wholeheartedly. “Anyway, I’m gonna go walk around.  Text me if you need me, yeah?”


Louis didn’t wait for Liam to respond, instead making his way to where he saw that most people were getting refreshments. After grabbing himself a beer, he started aimlessly walking about, and that’s when he spotted a familiar leather-clad figured hunched over under one of the trees with what looked like a pad or a notebook clutched tight in his hands.


“You’re gonna burn a hole in that.” Louis remarked, standing right in front of Zayn, blocking the small amount of light coming from the light posts around them.


Confusion slowly turned into recognition on the seated boy’s face as he saw that the figure blocking his lighting was actually one of the guys he was supposed to be in the event with. Nodding his head and offering a weak chuckle, he discreetly placed his notepad on the grass beside him.


“Mind if I sit?” Louis asked, motioning to the empty spot next to Zayn.


With a quick nod, the hazel-eyed lad agreed, adjusting his legs to give even more room for Louis. Not that it was necessary seeing as there wasn’t really anyone else hang around where they were. When Louis was settled as comfortably as he possibly could be, he raised his plastic cup to Zayn in a silent offer to share his drink which the latter quickly declined.


“So.” Louis started, not really used to making small talk but somehow being unable to stop himself from attempting to strike a conversation. “What’ve you got there?”


“Oh, um…” Zayn started, running a hand through his hair as he thought of how to explain his assignment. “It’s just a stupid poem I’m working on for my Contemporary Poetry class. It’s… well, due on Monday.”


“Ahh…” Louis replied, not really sure if he was impressed or mortified that the dude was doing homework while at a social gathering. “Didn’t peg you for the poetic type.”


“Is that a bad thing, then?” Zayn asked, his eyes trained on his lap.


“Oh, not at all.” Louis replied, his tond strangely fond. “It’s a pleasant surprise. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from you. I guess it just definitely wasn’t… that.” He rambled on, lifting his glass to his lips immediately after, afraid that he might say something that would make him look like an idiot.


He could feel Zayn staring at him as he chugged his drink down, looking anywhere but to his right because if he was being honest he was suddenly feeling shy and insecure himself.


He was just about down to the last drop of his beer when he heard Harry’s familiar, slow drawl calling out to them, causing him to silently thank the dude for his impeccable timing.


“Nick’s band is done playing and now I’m bored.” Harry proclaimed when he, Liam, and Niall reached the tree where Zayn and Louis were seated. “Let’s go get pissed somewhere.”


“Aren’t you drunk enough as it is, H?” Louis questioned, eyeing how Harry was slightly swaying on his feet.


“Aww, c’mon, Lou. It’s the weekend. Let me have this,” the curly-haired boy pouted at his gold-skinned best friend, knowing that would do the trick.


Rolling his eyes and sighing in defeat, Louis shrugged his shoulders and stood up, joining Harry where he stood a couple of feet away.


“You coming, Broody?” Louis asked, looking down at where Zayn’s legs were still crossed on the grassy lawn.


“I…” Zayn was like a deer caught in headlights as he looked at Niall, silently asking for help. Which he got. Sort of.


“C’mon, mate!” Niall beckoned, walking over to Zayn and offering him his hand. “It’ll be fun. Loosen up, yeah? Maybe this will help with that assignment.”


Louis’s face contorted into a half-amused, half-confused expression as he tried to contemplate the logic the Irish boy was feeding his friend. He didn’t say anything, of course, because it wasn’t his place. But somehow he didn’t see sense in the pale one’s words and he could tell Zayn didn’t either. So he was rather surprised when he saw that the raven-haired guy took Niall’s hand and pulled himself off the ground.


Not that he was complaining.


Like, you know, whatever.


“Yo, Lou. You comin’ or what?” Harry called out, already heading towards the direction of his SUV. With a shrug of his shoulders, the oldest of the group followed the others, amusing himself with the sight of the three drunk idiots struggling to walk straight, Zayn wearing a panic-stricken expression as he stood next to them.


They reached Harry’s car soon enough and after fighting the bastard for the keys, Louis climbed onto the driver’s seat, checking to see that everyone was accounted for before turning the ignition and peeling out of the parking lot.






Three hours, one trip to the convenience store, and about eleven different mixes of alcohol later, the five boys found themselves sitting outside the university’s main building, right at the foot of the founder’s statue. They were parked at the bottom of the steps leading to the entrance – which, on a regular day, wasn’t allowed but given the circumstances they decided to chance it – and were spread out around that general area, Niall having occupied the landing on the driver’s seat while the others found spots at the base of the marble.


They had all run out of things to talk about and were just idly sitting about when Niall pulled something from under the car seat he was leaning against. Turning it over a couple of times, the blond shook the can repeatedly as he asked, “Harry, mate, what’s this doin’ under your seat?”


Harry, who was leaning (sleeping, really) on Liam’s shoulder lifted his head to look at Niall before responding with a chuckle. “Oh, that’s the leftover spray paint I used for that gift I gave my girl a couple of weeks ago.”


 “You used black spray paint as a gift for Caroline?” Liam questioned, clearly a little more buzzed than he seemed to be.


“No, dumbass.” Louis chimed in from his position, “He used it as part of the gift. Get with the program, Bug.”


“Whatever, just pass me more of that booze.” Liam grumbled, obviously miffed at the use of that damn nickname.


Louis smirked as he chugged the remaining contents of his can, hearing Harry pass one over to Liam. He closed his eyes as he felt the cool liquid burn his throat, enjoying the feeling of it. As he leaned his head against the cool marble behind him, he heard Niall addressing Zayn, offering his friend some alcohol as he’s only been having coke all night.


“Nah, man, I’m cool.” He heard Zayn answer.


Louis still didn’t know much about Zayn but he did notice how the guy was too closed off for his own good. That he needed to know how to have a good time. So he decided to take it upon himself to teach him just that.


Sending Zayn off to go grab something from the hood of Harry’s car, he bounced to his feet the moment the other was out of view, quickly grabbing the can of coke Zayn left lying around and adding some Jack Daniels into it. Not too much, just enough to give the guy a slight buzz. God knows he needed it.


When Zayn came back, all eyes were on him as he took a rather large gulp of his soda, his face scrunching up a bit at the strange taste. The confused expression that graced his face seconds earlier was quickly replaced by a look of enjoyment, though, as he chugged down what was left of his drink, forgetting to question why it tasted different.


Soon enough, one drink turned to two to three to four. Zayn was suddenly a bouncing ball of energy. He was tackling Niall to the ground, running around the statue, and even sitting on Liam’s lap, causing both boys to laugh loudly.


Louis found himself distracted by this sudden change in Zayn that he’d almost missed the sound of Harry, Niall, and Liam throwing empty bottles at the rear of the statue. He almost left to join the other three, but when he heard the sound of spraying, his attention was once again glued to the boy he was suddenly so intrigued by.


Seriously, if Louis was the sappy type he would have gone through great lengths to woo Zayn right then and there. The way his eyes sparkled with mischief when they were almost dead just moments ago was just so enamoring to the curvier boy. Even if the object of his interest was being immature and drawing a tiny penis right where the crotch of the statue was supposed to be.


He was just about to scold himself for being so lame and girly – really, Louis fuckin’ Tomlinson doesn’t do smitten, okay? He’s just highly engrossed in his new experiment – when he heard a loud voice booming from a short distance. Suddenly, all the fog that was clogging his bran cleared up and he ran to where the other three were, arms flying everywhere as he hissed at them to run to the car.


“Oh, shit,” he vaguely heard Harry curse as several pairs of feet began to scramble towards the car.


Jumping over each other in panic, the boys didn’t even bother sitting themselves properly before Harry was starting to drive away. Except, something wasn’t right. Something was missing.


“Guys,” Niall – Louis assumed it was Niall, at least – began, “where the fuck is Zayn?!”


This outburst caused Harry to hit the brakes, sending all of them to hurtle forward and for Louis to mutter a quick “fuck” before he was unbuckling his seatbelt and stepping out.


“What the hell are you doing, Tommo?!” Harry yelled, clearly sobering up due to the panic rising in him.


“Just go!” Louis yelled back, already making his way back to where he saw Zayn last. “I’ll take care of this.”


It took a few seconds but Louis finally heard Harry pulling away just as he spotted Zayn, still blissfully spraying away at the statue, completely unaware that he was alone.


“Oh, thank God!” Louis sighed with relief, relaxing his shoulders just a bit when he saw that the coast seemed clear.


He was already making his way towards Zayn, a teasing expression plastered on his face, when the other boy suddenly turned to his direction, the brightness in his eyes suddenly being replaced with fear. Louis was just about to ask what was wrong, but he never got the chance. He didn’t have to ask because just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, he felt cold metal around his wrists which were suddenly being held behind his back.


With a disbelieving scoff, he dropped his head and shook it, the only words finding their way out his lips being a muffled, “Well holy fuck.” 




A/N: I'd like to acknowledge my co-writer Laura who unfortunately doesn't have a Movellas account, she is an amazing writer and always help me when I have no idea what im doing, I'd just like to say thank you for putting up with me. Also i'd like to thank everyone for supporting us and reading our fan fiction. I love checking and seeing that 15 more people have read our work since i last checked, It really is a great feeling. Please keep commenting with feedback and we love you! 

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