Love Somebody

Zayn and Louis are the epitome of extreme opposites. One's a Lit major with too much heart and not enough people to share it with while the other just doesn't care enough to feel at all - or so he says.

Never in a million years would they have found their way towards each other. But when a class brings two of their friends together, they are ultimately forced into each other's lives. Something that neither boy knew would cause as much trouble as it is bound to.


6. Flustered

 A/N: It's been a while hasn't it guys? Well, both Laura and I are sorry for the long wait, we were busy with school and work and it is quite hard were from two different countries, when trying to communicate. So to make it up to everyone, this is an extra long chapter! We thank you all for all the feedback you give us and hope that you enjoy this chapter because it is one of my favorites!  

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Zayn shuffled to his feet on instinct, mumbling all sorts of incoherent apologies as he mentally tried to decide on whether or not he should help Louis off the pavement. Really, it was the right thing to do, wasn’t it? He did knock the boy off balance.


He didn’t have much time to mull over it, though. Because just as he was making a move to help Louis up, the other was standing right in front of him, an unreadable expression on his pretty face as he dusted off his jeans. Silently, he walked over to the driver’s side door, pulling it open as he wordlessly motioned for Zayn to do the same on the other side of his car.


A comfortable sense of quiet took over as soon as the two were settled inside Louis’s Porsche. As the brunet revved up the engine and adjusted the heater, Zayn took in the sleek interior of the car and wow. The Tomlinsons must be pretty loaded because even frozen on his spot in the passenger’s seat, he could see the discreet little details that just subtly screamed money.


“Damn it, I’m sorry,” Zayn apologized out of the blue, his eyes settling on the dashboard. He dragged his hands over his face, settling them on his lap after. “I’m… Well, I can’t really say this doesn’t happen often because really it kind of does. So… Yeah. Y-you’ll be dealing with a lot of it since you’re obviously stuck with me.” Pouting unconsciously, he continued, “It’s probably safe to keep your distance. Niall says I’m a walking bad luck charm some days and I really don’t want that to rub off on you. Like, honestly. I can walk. I-I’ll w-“


Zayn stopped midsentence when he saw Louis tip his head to one side, eyes glossy and distant. Furrowing his brow in confusion, he found himself making a face that was halfway between concerned and curious as Louis started blinking and shaking his head.


“A-are you okay?” Zayn asked, unsure of what was happening around him. Narrowing his eyes, he sat back slightly, settling himself against the car door as he waited for Louis to respond. He’d almost lost hope and thought that maybe he’d actually bored the blue-eyed male to death when he heard a soft chuckle.


“Yeah,” Louis turned his attention to the rearview mirror and started backing up. “Sorry. You were rambling. You kinda lost me there, buddy.”


Zayn’s eyes widened in realization,“Oh, I guess you kinda have to get used to that as well. Niall says I do that quite often.” Zayn could feel his cheeks turn scarlet as he watched Louis’ eyes light up in amusement at the slightly younger boy's embarrassment.


Deciding to keep his mouth shut before he mortified himself any further, Zayn turned away and looked out the car window while Louis remained driving. Adjusting his position in the passenger's seat again, he couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at Louis while the guy was busy. He didn’t want to sound freaky or anything but if he were to write a poem about the blue-eyed boy right that second, he would probably have to use all the words in the dictionary... and maybe make up some of his own as well.


Snapping back to reality, it came to his attention that he had never been to this part of town before. Going past large mansions and houses, he couldn’t help but think that maybe they were lost. “U-uh Louis, where are we going?” Zayn asked, throwing a worried glance at the boy sitting next to him.


Chuckling to himself, Louis ran a quick hand through his hair. “Calm down, bro. I'm just switching the route around.” Looking back at Zayn, he shot the boy a quick grin and then continued to focus on the road.


“How do I know you’re not trying to kidnap me?” Zayn retorted, surprising himself by narrowing his eyes and turning to face Louis with a playful look on his face.



Louis had almost looked startled for a second but then his expression soon turned to a large smirk. Raising his eyebrows, he shot back, “At this point it’s almost like you want me to take you away, especially after you've constantly been sneaking glances at me. Don’t think I didn’t see you, Broody.”


Zayn just gawked at Louis, completely speechless. “I, u-um, I was just observing the car interior....yeah. That’s... it's nice.” He lied through his teeth. He had desperately tried to cover up for himself but judging by Louis’s smug smile, he wasn't doing a very good job.


“Whatever you say, man.” Louis grinned while reaching out a hand to turn on the radio. He fiddled with the dial for a while, trying to find a song he would actually like. Finally after going back and forth between channels, he decided on, “Troublemaker” by Taio Cruz. Zayn hadn’t heard of the song before, wasn’t exactly his ‘type.' But he didn't want to make an even bigger fool of himself, so he decided not to speak about it.



After a long, not to mention very quiet, fifteen minutes, Zayn felt the car slowly coming to a stop. Looking up at Louis with a confused expression, he watched as the other boy turned to face him, a weak smile plastered across his face.


“Is everything okay?” Zayn asked, as he saw Louis pull the key out of the ignition.


“Peachy!” Louis replied, a little too enthusiastically. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he reached for his door handle and pushed his door open, raising a finger at Zayn to tell him to wait as he stepped out and walked over to the back of the car. After a good two minutes – yes, Zayn counted – Louis came back with a very sheepish expression on his face.



“Is... something wrong?” Zayn tentatively questioned, not really sure how to reach Louis.


“Well,” Louis paused. “It really depends on what you mean by 'wrong.' I mean, I guess if you think running out of gas is 'wrong' then yeah. Something's wrong.” Worry filled Louis’s face as he bit his lip in concern. As far as he knew, they were stuck in the middle of nowhere with no fuel and no phone reception.




“We're almost to my house, though.” Louis quickly amended, seeing the panic start to become obvious on Zayn's face. “It's right up the hill. Should only take us ten minutes to walk there, I think.” He wasn't really sure. In fact, he would bet that it was closer to twenty, but he didn't want Zayn to worry any more than he already did so ten, okay? Ten. “I can get the driver to take you home from there or I could call you a ccab. Whatever works, right?”


Zayn found himself nodding dumbly as he watched Louis make a move to exit the vehicle. Blinking back his confusion, he removed his seat belt and stepped out into the pavement as well, closing the passenger door as carefully as he could.


Zayn knew that he had only been walking for five minutes but to him, it felt like he had been running a marathon. He tried to blame it on the steep path they were trekking, but really he knew it was just his complete lack of physical fitness. Bending down to catch his breath, he looked up at Louis who walked straight past him.


“Already tired, I see?” He asked, looking back at Zayn – who, to his opinion, seemed to be one step away from passing out.



“Shut up, not everyone has good muscles like you.” His head shot up in realization at what he had just said.


“Oh, so you like my muscles, huh?” Louis joked as he flexed his biceps with a satisfied look. Letting out a small chuckle, he began walking up the large hill once again, grabbing Zayn by the forearm and dragging the poor guy along. “Come on, dude. I was only kidding.” He stopped for a second, waiting for the other boy to catch his breath until Louis was satisfied that Zayn wasn't going to spontaneously faint on him.


It was all fun and games from there, until it started raining. Without warning, water washed down on both boys as they scrambled towards the trees, hoping to avoid walking under the strong showers. Zayn saw as Louis’ continued to pull his jacket over his head in order to protect his perfectly styled hair. He looked down at his minimal amount of warm clothing and huffed.


Covering himself up with nothing but the plain button-up shirt he had on proved to be quite useless after a few minutes, so begrudginly, Zayn gave up. Grumbling to himself, he blinked past the water in his eyes to seek out some way to shield at least his face from the downpour. But the best he could find was a leaf, and his best judgment told him that that wouldn't be of much help. So he decided to just accept his fate and try to at least look unbothered.


He was so caught up in his own world, that he didn't realize that Louis was taking off his jacket until the guy was nudging it towards him. Zayn looked at it stupidly and then raised his head to look at Louis with confusion written over his face. This earned him an impatient look from the other, who was obviously trying to tell him something that he couldn't quite comprehend because of the cold. When Zayn still hadn't reacted after a few seconds, Louis clicked his tongue and annoyance, grabbing the skinny boy to his side.


“Oh, for crying out loud,” the smaller boy muttered impatiently (albeit a little fondly), wrapping the woolen-lined jacket around both their shoulders. It was a tight fit. Louis had to wrap his arm around Zayn to keep the other close to his side, but it worked so the younger male just kept quiet, choosing to hide his flustered cheeks by looking at the pavement as they walked on.


They were silent for a few beats, just letting the sounds around them take over as they soldiered on. But then Zayn help Louis bump his hip against his own, causing him to blink and look up at the boy who was smiling widely beside him. “Come on, bud. Don't want your pretty self catching a cold now, do you?”


Zayn found himself nodding slowly at Louis, eyes not moving an inch from his face.


Five minutes later, both boys found themselves at the front steps of Louis’s mansion. Zayn, having snapped out of his Louis-induced trance only seconds before they stopped walking, was as red as a tomato as he watching Louis jogging in place as an attempt to ward off the cold.


“Let's get you inside,” he heard Louis cheerfully say, as the boy led the way inside.


Taking a proper look around, Zayn couldn’t help but think that the Tomlinsons' entire estate was probably bigger then all of their university, if the size of the house itself was something to go by. Walking into the house – which was more like a palace, in Zayn’s opinion – he could feel his jaw hit the ground. Expensive furniture was placed neatly around the house, covering ever corner and surface tastefully. If Louis was an only child, then wow. It must have been pretty lonely growing up in such a large place.


“My room's this way.” Louis's voice reached his ears as they made a turn down one of the many hallways in the second floor. “It's probably gonna be messy. Sorry.”


Zayn opened his mouth, about to say something along the lines of it's seriously fine, whatever, when Louis opened a set of double doors and they were immediately assaulted by the sounds of guns going off, and curses spewing out from what could probably be at least two other people. Confused, and admittedly a little scared out of his wits, he stepped inside and looked around, only to spot Harry and Liam heavily engrossed in some war game of sorts that Zayn couldn't pinpoint at the moment.


“Gentlemen,” Louis tossed his keys on his desk as he made his presence known. His tone was playful as he addressed his two best friends. “We've got company. Behave.” And as if on cue, one of the boys paused the game before both heads turned towards the newcomers. Clearly confusing both Harry and Liam, Zayn stood frozen in his spot as Louis rested an elbow on his shoulder. “What?”


It took a half-second of silence before recognition dawned on Harry's face. Dropping his controller, he leaped over the back of Louis's couch and ran over to Zayn, wrapping him in a bear hug and lifting him a good four inches off the ground. “Zaynie boy! How are you?” Harry sounded so geniunely enthusiastic that Zayn couldn't help but chuckle, “Good to see you! Why are you wet, though? Did Tommo do this to you?”


“Hey!” Louis protested, an offended look taking up residence on his face. “Take that back!”


“No!” Harry stuck his tongue out at his comparably tiny best friend. Wrapping a protective arm around Zayn, they walked together to the adjoining bathroom, pointedly ignoring Louis's grumpy mumbling from the spot where they left him. “He's such an idiot, no?”


“Um,” Zayn started, not really sure how to respond when someone calls their best friend an idiot. Should he agree? Should he defend said best friend? What's the etiquette for these things? “He's alright. Good, solid guy.”


He heard Harry hum in agreement as he watched the guy shuffling around, looking for God knows what. Sitting himself on the edge of the tub, he looked aimlessly around the room until a towel was shoved into his face, along with what looked like a shirt and sweats.


“Those are mine so I'm sure they'll fit better than Louis's. Go get yourself dried up, yeah?” Harry smiled geniunely as he handed Zayn the clothes. “I'm pretty sure Louis would kill himself if you got sick.”


And just like that, Zayn was left to his own devices.





Hope you enjoyed reading!- Bhoomy and Laura xx



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