Captivating the Moments

Elisia goes to high school at age 17. She's not popular at all and is a bit' of a rebel. Living in London has its perks especially, when it comes to having connections with celebrities. One of her closest friends is Ed Sheeran, who is also best friends with One Direction. Ed recently came out with a contest that happens every year. It works this way:
-Ed picks one girl to participate in the contest.
-For one week One Direction is allowed to flirt, date, or do anything but abuse her.
-She is not allowed to hold back, and has to show her true feelings for every one of the boys.
-The second to last day she has to choose and express her emotions towards the boy she loves.
-On the last day they have to go on a date.
-Afterwords, they can do what their heart tells them to do.



1. Ed the "Romance maker?"

It's  1 AM on a Friday- wait no, Saturday. Well, I can't quite remember because, I'm pretty sure I'm drunk. Isn't the bar a lovely place? 

"Let's play truth or dare!" Ed nearly screamed in my ear.

"Okay- Wait, Ed we're the only people left in the bar, well other than the lug over there but, he's kind of.. what's the word, creepy." 

Ed tried to focus for a moment then, comprehended the words he was looking for, "But-t there's the bartender. He would-" His words slurred and he suddenly stopped to look to the left as a woman about 5'8' walked into the bar wearing stilettos and a dress that came about mid-thigh. He looked as if he would begin drooling at the sight of her. He was a single man and was looking for a woman, so I couldn't blame him for leaving his options open but, I mean, seriously! My best friend is not dating a hooker! I'll tell you that in a heart beat.

"Elisia, isn't she sexy? Man, I wish she was mine. She has-" 

"Ed-d, stop it. Your not going to date a hooker! I mean it too!" I was angry, his reputation is not going to end this was. That was for sure. He looked at me then, his head shook with a smirk plastered on his face. I wasn't going to lie, I had always wanted to run my hands through his tousled ginger curls but, he was just a friend and I'd never do that. This was our first time being together in a year, he's always been on tour or recording new music. Days went by, months, and he never called. I missed Ginger, he was like an older brother only, there are lots of differences in our features. 

 Slowly, he looked up at me and smiled, "I'm sorry for not doing something different tonight, I know it's been awhile since we've hung out and getting drunk together isn't the best way to spend t-time together. Do you want to go to my place and hang out? I can get a taxi, come on."

He grabbed my arm, carefully and tugged me to go to the door, "We can have a sleepover like when we were younger!" I suddenly got excited and jumped in my chair. 

"Yeah," he smiled, "like old times.

"Only with alcohol."

I laughed and he chuckled, as well. I began to get up and before I could take a single step I face planted straight on the wood flooring. Ed chuckled and pulled me up as we both stumbled out of the bar. Once we were on the sidewalk of the streets ahead of us, Ed got us a taxi. 

"Where to?" the man asked in a horrid tone. 

"Hackney Road, please." Ed said, handing the man some money. He turned and smiled his million dollar smile. 

"Your the best little sister ever," Ed laughed, "but if your parents knew I let you have a few drinks with me, I'd be dead."

I laughed along with him.



I wasn't surprised at all when we got to his flat. It was big, two-stories, messy, and well expensive looking. 

"My newest investment had to be a flat, I hated living with my mum. She always told me what to do so, yeah. You like?"

"It's beautiful, well other than having boxes strewn around the place." I laughed, "I could help you unpack tomorrow, if you'd like. I wouldn't mind at all." 

"Yeah, that'd be nice. Lucky for you, I have already put up the bed. Hope you don't mind sleeping in the same bed as me, I mean we used to when we had sleep overs'." He laughed looking around the house at awful amount of boxes. 

"Nope, I'm good with it. Like you said, we've done it before." 

"Also, do you need something to sleep in? I have some things you can wear, that is if you don't mind boxers and a t-shirt."

"That'd be fine." I said in an excited tone with a smile. 

"Okay, I'll go get it." He walked toward the stairs and walked up a couple then, slipped. I ran over towards the stairs and caught hold of the hood of his jacket before his head could hit the last step.

"Oh my god, Ed!! Are you okay? Do you need me to call the ambulance? Oh my god! Do you have a medical pack in one of these boxes?!" He opened his eyes and looked at me with that cute half smile he does then, right before my eyes he grabbed hold of my neck and pulled me into a kiss. My eyes bulged and he smiled during the kiss. I pulled back and swiftly ran up the stairs feeling as if I were about to go kick a puppy. Why would he do that?! We're friends! Well, he is drunk but, still they say that when your drunk you usually show and say your feelings. So, was that what he actually felt like doing? I was so confused now. I just looked in all the rooms upstairs until, I found the room where I'd be sleeping with the ginger who just mushed his lips to mine. 

"Elisia! I'm-m sorry!" 

I barely heard him but, I didn't want to hear it. I ran over to one of his drawers and pulled out what looked like a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Again, I heard his voice coming close but, I just ignored it. I quickly took of my shirt and pulled on Ed's. This time there was knocking on the door and a sigh of sadness. 

"Elisia, look I'm sorry. Can you just let me in? I promise I won't do anything but sit on the end of the bed and talk to you. I'm really sorry. I just-

"I just really like you. I'll sleep on the floor if you want me to."

I sighed, I felt bad for him, "Come in but, look the other way. I'm getting dressed for bed."

"Thanks, babe." He walked in and sat on the end of the bed with a weird sound coming from the bed. I thought it was a water bed! I knew it! 

"I'm almost done," I said as I slipped on the boxer shorts he had lent me, "done!"

I sat down beside him and hugged him, "I'm sorry if I made you think that I didn't want the kiss. I just couldn't do something like that with someone who means so much to me as a brother." I smiled and he half smiled.

"It's my fault, I shouldn't have kissed you without your permission," he said, "I just, love you so much." 

The words shocked me but, I didn't show it. I didn't want him to feel even worse.

"I hope you understand this, Ed but, I don't love you that way. I do love you but, as a brother. Please forgive me, Ed." 

"It's fine, I understand. Do you want to go to bed?" he said but, I could tell that he was upset about it.

"Yeah, I'm actually getting pretty tired. Tomorrow morning is going to be a dread, hangovers suck!"

"I know right. Let me change and then I'll be in bed." he smiled and got off the bed and walked over to his drawers and grabbed a pair of boxers and a t-shirt as I got under the covers. He walked to the other side of the room. Then, undressed right in front of me. 

"ED!! What do you think your doing?!" I covered my eyes.

"Putting my clothes on, what does it look like?"

"Your naked body! That's what it looks like!" I almost yelled.

"You know, Elisia I have neighbors that like to go to bed and not have to get up early in the mornings due to a disruptive noise." he said with a fake appalled look on his face as he slid his boxers over the parts of his body that I really didn't need to see.

"And I would like to sleep without having horrid dreams of your body lurking in my room!" 

"Correction: 'my' room." he said smiling as he put on his shirt. He walked over to the bed and slid on the right side turning to face me. Then, he quietly whispered into my ear.

"You know you liked it." the sound of his voice and the smell of his breath made me quiver. I thought of him as very appealing man that also had a very kind heart but, I just can't imagine him as my boyfriend. 

After about ten minutes I assumed he was asleep. I stared at his face as his eyelashes lay above his under eyes. Small hardly noticeable freckles lay along his cheek bones and his fiery red hair lay frizzled on his head like a tumbleweed, which was surprisingly adorable. I scooted closer to him and laid my head on his firm chest without knowing it before Ed grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. I had never felt so comfortable and normal before, this feeling was new but, I wouldn't let it empower me. I decided it was fine for now so, I fell asleep laying beside Ginger. 


I awoke to a bright light in my eyes and a massive headache but, a ginger with drool seeping down his chin was beside me was a beautiful sight to see. I suddenly felt a twitch in my stomach and knew the meaning of that so, I jumped to my feet and ran to the restroom located beside the room. Raising the toilet seat right in time, my guts felt as if they were being thrown up with the rest of the alcohol. I felt gross and nasty and suddenly I felt a hand on my back as my puking turned into crying and puking. The hand on my back made me feel calm and relaxed, unusual to say but there was no way I would lie about it.

"Shh.. calm down. It'll be okay, I'm sorry. It's my fault, I shouldn't have put you through this. We should have just hung out at my place the whole night, instead of getting drunk at a bar." He said, soothing me and calming me down. I couldn't reply, though because the alcohol kept pouring out of my mouth. 

"Hold on, I'll be right back. I'm going to get you a bucket or something for you to puke in, if you have to." He said as the horrid liquid slowly began to stop coming from my mouth. The tears were still pouring from my eyes into the toilet, probably making it fill to the top of the toilet. I whined as I wait for him to come back.

"Here, babe." he slowly bent down and handed me a huge bowl. I took it and he picked me up and carried me downstairs to the furnished yet, empty living room, laying me gently down on the smooth couch. He took the bowl and sat it beside the couch so I could reach it if I needed to puke again.

"Do you want some juice, water? Anything?" he asked sitting beside me and laying his hand on my waist as a comforting motion. I looked at him with red eyes and tear stained cheeks and nodded my head.

"W-water." I asked, sadly.

"Okay, hun." he hugged me but, didn't squeeze me. He got off the couch and walked into what I'm guessing was the kitchen. I heard the sound of the cupboard closing and the sound of fresh water being poured into a cup. He walked into the living room and handed it to me.

"How come, your not like this?" I asked, quietly.

"I guess my body's immune to alcohol. It seems to be that way anyways," he shrugged, "are you feeling any better?"

"A little bit'." I said taking sips of the clear water.

"Oh, I meant to tell you about my new competition, last night." he said excitedly, "Do you know who One Direction are?"

I nodded my head, "I'm not a big fan of their music but, they seem like nice lads. Why?"

"They're part of it. Here are the rules of the game: The girl who is chosen to hang out with the lads for a whole week has to show and tell her feelings about the lads the whole week. They are allowed to flirt, hate, anything but abuse or kill her. The day before the last day she has to pick one of the lads to go on a date with and if she really likes him then, whatever happens, happens." he said looking at me grinning, "I'm allowed to pick any girl I want. You know what they say, 'Ed the Romance maker!'"

I laughed, "You sure are," I looked at his expression, "I was being sarcastic."




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