Spead Your Wings

Welcome to the Underworld. I, Angel Hades, am the daughter of Hades himself I just didn't know it as the body he had taken over with the power of Zeus was killed on impact of a motorcycle as I watched him be impaled into the sky, slammed down on the cold forest floors at 1:04 a.m. That night I broke a bond. I connected the links of my fathers past and now, I have to take over the Underworld as I found out my crush of three years is not what people put him out to be. Find to find out what happens in a ride that is pretty close to hell.


1. Spread Your Wings.

A horrid thing that I'd have to face sooner or later. I just wish I chose later.... Life sucks, big time.

These stupid things, or one stupid person, who doesn't even know that I exist. Not until today. I mean it's not like i did either. Today, October, 31, 2012. I found out what I was. And trust me, it was painful. Quite literally.

My names Angel. Angel Hades. And I finally thought I could be happy when he first payed attention to me after three years? Boy, how wrong was I. Him entering my life was like a "Hi Welcome To Hell"  invitation.



Jocks- The Football players. There a bunch of skin heads who have no future. Not that I do either.


The Fakes- This group is sad really, 

They are a bunch of barbies who have crayon raped faces and slim waists and big hips. They even have thigh gaps and erect hipbones. They are beautiful and devilish at the same time. And then there's...


The Wannabes- A group of people who want to be like The Fakes and/or Jocks. They are like them but not as bitch like and douches.



These are the drug addicted smokers that will probably be kicked out before graduation.



These are your typical emo weirdos. These are pretty chilled out people that listen to really loud music like A Day To Remember or The Casualties.



These are the people who don't have a group and are all alone throughout Junior High to High School.


The final group is the one that I fall into

The Outcasts: 

This is a group of people that are just either bad or good. Like a Nerd or a Smart Alic Arse holes that don't give a shit. That's me. Being a Smart mouth helps me life to the fullest. Theres no room for haters when i could be eating a pop tart..



Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives. This is the place that terrorizes me. This is the place my crush is. His name is Derrick. Yet I am an unnoticed cow. He barely spares me a glance. Until today. Here's a sneak peak of my life. Way to Face Society, Angel.



The slams of lockers echo in my ears. As people run to class. The bell rings a couple seconds later. I was late again. I blame my Fat. My only best friend, Destiny, blames my laziness. I agree with both.

Derrick walks down the hallway. I guess he was late to. I suck in my stomach and act like I was weightless and not 112 pounds 

I act like I was texting and walk down the hallway silently hoping not to catch his attention. 'Keep Calm Angel, Keep Calm' I think to myself. Well he wasn't paying much attention either and we ran straight into each other. I fall to the floor, my shirt riding up exposing an inch of my stomach.  I see him staring at my tattoo and cover it up

I quickly cover it hoping silently that he wouldn't ask question.

"He are you alright...?"  

"Angel. Angel Hades." 

"Ah I see, I'm Scoot McCall."

"Well it's nice to meet you to... under these circumstances" I see I'm still sitting on the floor and I laugh. 

"Was that a tattoo?" He asks his voice sent shivers down my spine as he sticks his hand out. Am I dreaming? I grab his hand and he pulls me up. He falls into the Jock/Floaters area. He was not a total skin head nor a loaner.  

I nod slightly. "What does it say?" He asks as he lifts up my shirt but I push his hands away and blush. "It says 'Déesse Avenir De La Pègre' It was my first tattoo, My dad suggested it." I say trailing off.
"That's French, but what does it mean?."
"I don't know. Google it bitch."
"Really calling me a bitch already? I feel so loved."

I laugh and we walk towards the end of the corridor.

"Guess there is no point in going to class. Could spear a day of being in hell." I say without thinking. "What?" he asks startled.  

"Ah forget it, wanna do something fun?" I say smirking a plan developing in my head.  

"Is it Illegal?" 


"Okay, I'm in."


High School:  

A place were you have to avoid party's and bathing suits. Plus trash cans, only if your a freshman or strangely short. A place were you stay away from janitors closet were The Fakes and the Jocks go for a quickly during free period. This place is were I spend most of my time. And I usually hate every minute of it. But right now is a blissful moment that won't last long. I am bunking off. With Derrick Hale. My Crush. Crush. Crushing my heart.


Scott McCall:  

A beautiful guy that makes my heart pound like a thousand ogres in a Mosh Pit. The sight of him makes the dinosaurs in my stomach stomp on my insides. He has this effect on me even though he didn't notice me till ten minutes ago.I didn't really either. And now I have to go and do something Life won't appreciate, as well as i don't appreciate Life so the feelings mutual.




"Hey will you let me 


We arrived in 10 minutes. I feel the skin on my face pull back a little and I hold in a sigh as my hair stops blowing in tousled black curls down my back. "Remind me to never get in anything that has wheels with you again." I thump him in the back of his head and say "Offensive." as I sling open the garage door.  

The motorcycle is covered in a tarp as Derrick works on getting the Tripod off. I pull back the tarp to revel a Mustang Chopper. Derricks jaw drops as I sit on the motorcycle as memories of me and my dad flow into mind a slight smile on my face. I pull my wrist in a swift moment as it awakens with a loud roar, before quitting down and becoming visibly brighter as the flames down the sides flaring with energy as I swiftly prop it off its kick stand and roll down my driveway almost silently. "Why doesn't it make any noise?" Derrick asks as he gets on mine slipping on a helmet. "My dad worked on this bike for 19 years. It was made especially for me. Ever since I was born. He thought I was gonna be a boy." I say with a slight chuckle. 

"How old are you?" He asks quizzically. 

"I'm 19." 


"Okay not to be prodding or anything but how did your dad... pass. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I mean just... um.yeah..."  

My smile falters. "He crashed. On this bike. Into a dark forest. I was on the bike with him and he was slightly tipsy. It was dark and he ran into the tree. He was launched into the air and slammed back down in front of me, died on impact. I was thrown into a tree," I say rolling up my sleeve, "Giving me this as a memory." I trace the golden colored scar that wraps around my wrist and trails up to my shoulder blade where it curves into the shape of a heat at the start of my neck. 

"Holy shit. I'm so sorry. Why is it.. is that in the shape of a heart?" I nod and say "Yeah not sure why it is like that." 

"When did he die?" 

"Seven months ago" I say my voice hoarse. 

"Okay, enough with the Hallmark moment." I say smiling. He nods in agreement as we drive down to a long road to the forest where I lost my daddy dearest.  

'You know what you are, Angel. Stop dragging people into it.' A voice that's been haunting me for seven months. "I know, daddy." I whisper.


We pull into the forest entry and I smile at him but I think it was more of a grimace.


A place that holds Memories, Pain, and Secrets.



Forget-Me-Nots. Things that never leave your mind. There imprinted there. Forever. Locked up in the back of your head.



A feeling that can be pleasurable or not so. It can be so beautiful it hurts, But I am no beauty queen.  Not in a pleasurable way. Its like pushing on a bruise. It can tickle or it can feel like being stabbed over and over, the knife being twisted into not only the bruise but your heart depending on how the bruise has came upon your body.



These are little whispers between best-friends. Almost silent thing that nags at the back of your head, telling you 'You know you want to tell...' but you can't. You mustn't tell anyone, and right now. I may spill one of my biggest secrets to the one person i least expected myself to. They go by Me, Myself, and I.



I pull off my helmet and shake out my curls. I use my Doc Martin combat boots to place the kick stand into the gravel and specks of grass. I was wearing dark wash jeans that had holes all up the ankle to the pockets. I had a black v- neck with the words 'Born to Party' across the front and a leather jacket wrapped around my torso. I hop off of the bike and see Derrick doing the same. I set my helmet on the seat and walk to the opening. "You coming?" I question. "Yeah, ill be there in a second"  

"Suit yourself." I state as I walk into the forest, the pitter patter of my boots hitting the frost covered ground. I don't hear Derrick so I keep walking, hoping he would find me. I spot the tree. The tree that almost took my life. "Daddy?" I call out. "Dad!" I run over to the tree and look around it. I see a hole in the bark and stick my hand into it. There is moss and at the bottom a feather. It was pure white. I looked into the hole to get a better look. I stuck my hand inside again and clasped it. Electricity shot up my arm as I pulled it out. It started to shimmer as the voice said. 'Open, let it through. Face it. Let the memories back in. You know how to use them.' And the feather turned into ashes as I heard the sound of ripping and I scream as my flesh tears. I wriggle and cry out in pain as my flesh tears even more as it expands. I curl up into a ball on the floor as I fell something wrap around me. They weren't arms. They were like a blanket as they spread out and wrap back around me in fear. 'You've found your wings, Angel, Daddy's job is done'

You likey? Yeah? No? If you are confused....well then i don't know what to tell you. Tell me what you think and if you think i should keep writing.

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