No, Not Me.

Bridgette Tanner has just moved schools... AGAIN. She isn't happy with her life at all. She has switch 6 times in one school year. She just hates her life. But she meets this guy who seems really sweet, and her story starts here


2. #Team Loner


As I hurried off the bus I bumped into a tall man. "Sorry." I exclaimed with my head down not looking behind me. "Oh, it's okay love." The man said with a British accent. I have heard that voice before... Somewhere. I still didnt look behind me. Nobody noticed me,which is good!!! I scurried down the long corridor when suddenly, two tall blonde hair girls stood in my way, glaring down at me. "Um, excuse me." I whispered. "You must be the new kid." Called one of the blondes. "Um yes, now if you could please let me by that would be great." I said in a louder voice. I struggled to get by them. I eventually did. I ran through the halls to get to the office to figure out where all my classes and locker is. " 'cuse me." I called to the lady at the desk. "Oh sorry, hi there, I'm guessing your Bridgette Tanner?" She called out. I nodded. "Kay, well young lady you home room teacher who teaches you math and science is in Room 132 and your locker is #176 down this hall." She pointed down the hall I came from. 'Shit' I thought ' Those girls are down that hall.' "Thanks." I said while walking away. I don't think she heard me tho. '135,156,176. Ahaha, found you.' I thought. My locker's colour is orange. I hate orange. As I started to place my stuff into my locker i heard a bell ring. "Don't worry mate, it's only the first bell." A man with a British accent called out. Kinda sounds like the one I heard before. I looked up and saw this, this guy standing there with a smile on his face. "Derek, nice to meet you." We shook hands. "Bridgette." I repeated. "I think your in my class, Room 231?" He asked I nodded. He guided me to our class. As I walked in everyone's head turned towards me. Why me? "EVERYONE WELCOME BRIDGETTE!!" Exclaimed the teacher. Great. Now more people with notice me. When she said my name everyone clapped. I looked at her and she pointed me to the only desk that was empty. I placed my book bag down on the ground and grabbed my binder. When I placed my binder on the desk I felt a elbow nudge my arm. I glanced over to see this very stunning girl. She smiled and quietly said hi. I smiled back. About 2 minutes later the bell rang. A student came in late. He just got a warning, at least I think so. 2 hours later the bell rang and the girl beside me said "I can help you find your classes." She offered while she was bending over to pick up her books. I smiled and nodded.
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