No, Not Me.

Bridgette Tanner has just moved schools... AGAIN. She isn't happy with her life at all. She has switch 6 times in one school year. She just hates her life. But she meets this guy who seems really sweet, and her story starts here


1. Missing you.


"BRIDGETTE, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" Screamed Aunt Silvia. She was mad at something, well damn, she's angry at everything. I slowly slid out of my toasty covers and went down to see what's wrong. "What did I do this time." I said while rubbing my eyes. "The bus is going to be here any second and your not even dressed!" Silvia said in distress. Your probably wondering why I live with my aunt. Well my mother had been in a car accident when I was 2 years old. She lost so much blood that she passed approx. 2 hours after the crash. When I was 2 I didn't know what death was so I really didn't care. I grew up with my father before he had to go work for the army to support me and my brother. When I was 4 he has to stay there for another 5 years. I really didn't see my father often but we would talk on the phone lots. At the age if 5 he died. The cause is unknown but I missed him when I was little. So I grew up with my annoying 9 year old brother. "Holy Silvia! Calm you Tits!" I exclaimed. Aunt Silvia gave me the 'Oh no you didn't look' I really didn't care if I look like shit on my first day of school. But my aunt does. She's obsessed with looking good. "Bridgette?" Asked Dannel. "Yeah." I sluggishly replied. "Why are you always so tired?" "Dannel, I'm 14 years old. Teenagers are always tired." And his face darted back to his bowl of cereal. I didn't feel like eating breakfast today. Aunt Silvia pointed to bathroom trying to show me to go there so I can get my hair and makeup done. I nodded and glanced up at the clock before I raced upstairs. '7:10' I kept repeating that number in my head. '7:10' as I tossed my clothes all over the floor, my aunt entered the room. "Bridgette!" She gasped "Look at the clothes strun around the floor!!! Pick them up once your down getting ready!" She ordered me. Haha, why should I? I finally found the perfect top,jeans and shoes to wear to school. A pink airy top, white skinny jeans. And black converse shoes. As I roamed downstairs to fin my aunt if kind her in the bathroom getting everything ready. She patted the bottom of the chair. I sat down and waited. An waited. After it felt like ages my aunt was done. She had put a light white eyeshadow on me, she had outlined my eyes, and put a light pink lipstick on me. She curled my long blonde hai to match my outfit. Even tho, sometimes I hate my aunt, I still have her a great big hug and thanked her. Glancing over at the clock I read 7:59. The bus will be here any minute. *HONK HONK* I grabbed my white hello kitty backpack and bolted out the door to the bus.
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