This is my journal about daily life :3


2. 3-8-13

I HATED IT. It started as a normal day. We went trough 1-6 periods normaly. Then, we got to math. We I sat down next to Reagan. Than a dude named Terrell got on an rolly chair. Since their was only one everyone pretty much ambushed him. Then Xaiver got on it and Makayla pulled him around the classroom very pissed off.Then she yelled at the top of her lungs "SHUTUP" and started to choke Reagan.Then mrs.m walked in a saw her and told her to sit down. Then out of noqwhere Reagan slipped me idk why. So the class got up in her face. And we had to go to the office. We almost got written up .But we forgave eachother. And then me and Makayla just ignored eachother and she wrote about me in her journal and it said Ashli's hair has been died two times and it is not styled at all and she is copying my hairstyle. Her hair is not cool 

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