Too in Love, One Direction

All she ever wanted was Hazza! But all Hazza and Zayn ever wanted was her... What will she ever do having to choose between such AMAZING guys???


2. The Best Date Ever

"Dear Diary

Harry asked me out about 3 hours and 47 minutes ago ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!and of corseI said yes why would I not! OMG! We are going out later tonight and I am excited but I gotta go buy a new dress so c ya!...Sincerely meee:)))"

Omg I have bought the cutest dress ever! It is yellow and has tiny pink poka-dots!I am so excited for our date! We are going to see a movie called The Flower Garden which is supposed to be a romantic horror film! Now is my chance to snuggle with him when a totally scary part comes on! I put on some yellow high heels and a pretty pink little over coat grabbed me white purse and ran to the theatres. When I got there I saw Harry standing outside of the theatre in an amazing fancy suit and a rose in his hand waiting for me. As I approached him, he smiled hugged me and gave me the rose. In the middle of the movie, he did the cheesy yawn then put your arm around the girl thing but it was too adorable! This one part of the movie, this little scary girl randomly pops out of the flower garden and runs after the 13 year old...well I screamed just as every other girl and covered my eyes. Harry grabed me and closed his eyes with me saying it was all over but I didn't want him to let go and he didn't! I looked up and found out he was already looking at me with that adorable stare that I could not get over! He grabbed my chin and pulled me closer barely touching my lips to his! Before he let go I put my arms around his neck and kissed him like I have never kissed anyone before! He smiled and grabbed my hand. Next thing I knew we were in his car going to a restraunt.All we did at the restraunt was talk and laugh and it was the best night of my life! Next morning I woke up on the couch and Liam had his face right in front of mine with a silly smirk! Zayn and Liam both laughed as I went up stairs to go to bed. I looked in Harry's room and he was still asleep. I went in his room and lied down with him. When I woke up I found a note slipped under the door from Zayn.

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