Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


23. TMZ & Twitter

Justin's P.O.V

i fucked up and this time there was no way of getting out of it. i took a seat at the end of what use to be mine and mileys bed and buried my head in my hands, letting the tears fall. i was never honestly the one to cry but today and all the events that have happened in the short time span of the last twenty four hours had taken their toll on me. i didn't care about anything right now i just wanted to be left alone and if anyone got in the middle of me and my peace, i wouldn't hesitate to beat the living shit out of them.

"JUSTIN WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM." alfredo screamed busting open the bedroom door, if i wasn't so close to him i would have knocked him out.

"what the fuck do you want." i shot back.

"so im guessing you haven't seen TMZ's latest update, you're a fuck up justin and i honestly don't blame miley for leaving you, get your shit together." he left straight after he finished his sentence making me grab my phone and log onto twitter, sure enough they had a new post;

Miley Or Selena?

so we all had our thoughts on Miley and Justin or as Beliebers and Smilers like to call them 'Jiley', majority of us thought they were dating because of the amount of time they have been spending together and the cute things they do together but they claimed they were 'just bestfriends' but you could see from the look in justin's eyes they were either more or he wanted them to be more.

but i think that options out the door now, Justin Bieber really should have told the owners of the ten pin bowling alley that him, his former girlfriend Selena Gomez, one of the one direction boys Niall Horan and 'best friend' Miley Cyrus visited today, to double check the area before they entered because little did they all know that someone (who want's to remain anonymous) caught the whole thing on tape. apparently miley only went on a date with niall to cover up the whole jiley incident and same with justin & selena.

the video shows miley and niall in one lane and selena and justin in the one beside them, niall starts to get a little flirty with miley, kissing her neck while she stood there ready to bowl until she dropped the bowling ball causing them to break apart, justin pulled out his phone at this point and moments later miley's phone went off which only means justin had sent something to miley. from what it looks like they exchanged a few words before justin basically made selena give him a lap dance in front of miles, we think this is his way of getting her back but little did miles know what was coming next, lets just say things gotta little outta hand between sel and jb which resulted in them sucking eachothers faces.
justin didn't seem to mind at the time it was happening or after until he realized miley had witnessed the while thing and she was standing there in tears and eventually ran out after justin tried calling her name numorous times, justin ran after her and begged her to open the car and let him inside while he was standing there crying in the pouring rain, something tells us that he forgot there were paps watching the whole thing, well needless to say miley refused to let him inside and insisted that kenny (their driver) ride off without him.

we don't know about yous but if justin really did cheat on miley in front of her face, which her last couple of tweets basically prove that this is true, we are on mileys side for this, sorry jaybiebs, you stuffed it up, big time and i don't think there's anything you can do to get yourself out of this.

vote below, jiley or jelena and whose side your on, Mileys or Justins. 


i was furious, not at the fact that they were using polls or anything but at the fact what they said was right, i was in the wrong and i was an asshole. i could only imagine miley's thoughts while reading this. i decided to check mileys twitter profile and saw the last couple of tweets she had posted;

'@MileyCyrus: you broke your promises, you were unfaithful to me but hey, i got a new song for my smilers out of this experience and @ddlovato helped me write it, she may even feature, be excited. ;)'

'@MileyCyrus: i guess theres no way to deny it now that theres a video, Jiley was a real thing but it is no longer and you have @justinbieber to thank for that.'

'@MileyCyrus: can't believe you, and then you apologize to me and scream at me, the tell me you could've stopped if you wanted to, at least i have the best fans in the world to get my mind off things. thank you #smilers.'

i felt like throwing my phone across the room.

'@justinbieber: i fucked up, i made a mistake and because of it i lost the most important thing in my life and i'm sorry, but just like you i'm writing a new song for my #beliebers, love u.'

'@justinbieber: please don't think differently of me because of my mistakes, i'm only human.'

i instantly got a lot of replies and it would be an understatement if i said that the jiley shippers and smilers were angry. i decided to tweet some back.

'@QueenMiley: @justinbieber i can't fucking believe you, you know everything miley has been through and you go and do this to her, #disrespectful.'

'@justinbieber: @QueenMiley i can't believe myself either.'

'@MileyAndJustin: @justinbieber, there is no excuse for what you did, i'm sorry but i was just down right disgusting, you're gonna regret it in the long run.'

'@justinbieber: @mileyandjustin i already regret it, she was the reason for my smile.'

'@JileyForever: @justinbieber you're an idiot, you let the most beautiful girl go for you're own selfish needs.'

'@justinbieber: @jileyforever i know.'

but one particular tweet caught me eye;

'@JileyFeels; i want to try and get yous back together, yous were perfect, notice me so i can dm you please @justinbieber?' 

i did as she said and instantly i got a dm from her telling me what i should do, it was an amazing plan, i couldn't stop thanking her over and over again for her ideas and i told her she had no idea how much it meant to me, we decided to make it our little secret. hopefully miley's okay.

i tweeted one more thing before logging off;

'@justinbieber, i love you @mileycyrus, i'm sorry about everything, i'm going to prove to you just how much you mean to me.'

"SCOOTER." i screamed, "WHEN DOES THE BELIEVE TOUR REHEARSALS START?" scooter came rushing in.

"i was just about to come and tell you the good news kid, they moved the believe tour and we start in 3 days, pack your stuff, we are going to Paris."

i want jiley back together, if i used your twitter name i didn't mean to i just thought of random ones, forgive me :) i hate writing their arguments, thanks so much for the support guy i love yous :* xo

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