Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


40. They're Back

Unknown's P.O.V

"are we taking her?"

"are you stupid, she's probably seen our faces or heard our voices, hit her again, hit her hard."

"why don't we just take her?"

"because if you hit her hard enough she'll forget about us and this can just go out as a warning to justin to show him once again we mean business."

"i don't think i can do it."

"stop being such a fucking pussy and pass me the crowbar." they did as i asked and just as she was about to flutter those pretty little eyes of hers open, i hit her hard across the head knocking her out once again, blood spilling from the wound.

"do we call the hospital?"

"nah, we'll do one better. what's justins number again?" one person gestured the phone with justin's phone number already dialed and calling while the rest of them stared dumbfounded, he picked up almost immediately but obviously didn't check the caller ID. 

"miley?" he sounded tired and hurt but that didn't effect me at all i was quite happy i put him through shit after all he has done to me.

"no, don't you check the caller ID before you pick up, maybe you should." i hissed.

"what the fuck do you want now, you've practically already ruined my life fuck off." he barked through the phone.

"well i was calling to tell you that i know miley's whereabouts but if you're not interested..."

"you sick bastard what the fuck have you done with her."

"oh nothing..." i played innocently.

"seriously don't give me that bullshit." he snapped.

"you want to know so badly, you come and find out for yourself." i decided to make this a game, there was a slight pause on the other end of the call before he eventually spoke up.

"where is she?"

"she's on the corner of brisbane street near stratford cemetery,"

"who are you..." 

"wouldn't you like to know, bit of advice... you might want to hurry up and get back here, i don't know how much longer she can last." and with that i hung up.

"hurry up and let's go." i shouted, picking up the crowbar and heading back to the car along side with the rest of them. 

Justin's P.O.V

"MOM, SCOOTER, ALFREDO CALL AN AMBULANCE, TELL THEM TO MEET US ON THE CORNER OF BRISBANE STREET HURRY, IT'S MILEY." i shrieked running out into the cold winter air and jumping in the car, mom ran out with scooter and alfredo with his phone in hand and shouting directions for the ambulance to go in. i took off down the street in search of anyone that even remotely looked like miley.

a few minutes passed and alfredo dropped his phone in the back seat without a care in the world as my mom started screaming and scooter looked horrified at the sight before them, i looked to my left and sure enough miley was out cold on the side of the road with blood pouring from her head. i parked in the middle of the road not giving two shits about anyone else, jumping out of the car and running to her side, to my surprise she was still half conscious with her eyes open. 

"miley, b-baby, wake up, please stay with me." i begged,  i couldn't control my tears any longer, the sight of the person you love in front of you almost dead is something i never thought i would have to witness, not again.

placing her head on my knees and tapping the side of her lightly, her eyes slowly started to close.

"baby, n-no please don't leave me like this, you can't leave me like this. your smilers, my mom, alfredo, scooter, nat and e-especially me need you here with us, stay in there please." the sirens from the ambulance started to get louder as they were closing in on us, her breathing was slowing down.

"i know we aren't on the best of terms baby but i need you here with me and i need you to pull through this more than anything, i don't know what i would do if i lost you."

"miley, stay in there for me. i need you baby, i love you..." my mom and the two guys were by my side within a few minutes.

"hun, it's pattie, please please please stay with us, i love you like my own daughter, you cant leave us." they all started to tear up. the ambulance pulled up beside us, pulling out a stretcher and ordering us to stand back and tell them what had gone down as they pulled her near lifeless body onto it.

"what happened sir." she asked me.

"i don't know, i just received an anonymous call saying my girlfriend was near dead on the corner of brisbane street." i kept a strong front.

"well we need to take immediate action as she has lost a lot of blood, which one of you is family?"

"none actually, i'm her boyfriend, do you mind if i go?"

"no not at all sir, right this way." she guided me towards the car along side of miley who had a oxygen mask on and was drained from color all over, i almost felt like i was going to throw up right then and there all over the nice women, as soon as i find the sick fucker who did this, i was going to kill them and i couldn't give a fucking shit for how long i would be put in prison for.

the car started rushing towards the hospital and once we arrived she was rolled into the ER and that was the last i saw of her, i took a seat in front of the room she was in currently as mom, scooter and alfredo made it in.

"how is she?" they all said in unison as they ran towards me.

"i don't know, i haven't heard anything." i placed my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands, "this is bullshit." i whispered rubbing my face.

"whats bullshit sweety?" my mom spoke up rubbing my back for comfort.

"everything, i honestly thought after i changed my name and moved back to stratford everything would be alright but its georgia all over again, i mean miley even looks and acts like her, why must everything remind me of her, why can't i just be fucking happy." i cried.

"because she was your first love, you'll never forget her but for miley's sake you need to try too." she was right, i did need to.

"your righ-" i was cut off by my phone beeping, it was the unknown number. my blood started to boil and im positive my face looked like a tomato now, i read the message they had the nerve to send.

To: Justin

From: Unknown

it must suck losing
your first love but it
must suck even more 
to lose the second as
i told you we'd be back,

i stood up, my hands started to violently shake now that i was fully aware of who it was making my life hell, everything made sense now. i threw my phone at the wall in pure anger and screamed at the top of my lungs awakening patients and frightening others, scooter, mom and alfredo all looked at me gobsmacked.

"Justin what is the matter with you." mom scolded, i fell to my knees in front of everyones wandering eyes and whispered few words but i know they would understand,

"they're back."

(A/N) guys i was just fucking with you, this story is far from over hahahahhaha no reviews = no chapter! tysm! i love yous!

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