Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


39. Them

Miley's P.O.V

it's been three days since the incident at the hard rock cafe, its been nothing but sleeping, eating, crying my eyes out, missing him and watching chick flicks with nat and em, crying our eyes out with ice cream like i used to do with my mom, i delayed visiting 'them' because i knew i wasn't stable enough to go by myself but today was the day i needed to do it because in two days, i leave for two years on tour with justin.

i pulled the hood of my coat over my face to hide my from the publics eye, i didn't want any fans or paparazzi to see me especially not today. my phone hasn't stopped beeping for the past couple of days, justin wont stop calling or texting me trying to persuade me into believing him, deep down i really wanted to but i just can't risk getting hurt again i mean if nat wasn't at the house that day who knows what i would've done to myself. i wrapped the coat tighter around me as the cold winter air brushed across my exposed skin along with the rain drops that were falling lightly.

after an hour of walking the streets in stratford i finally reached the massive iron gates that i hadn't seen in what felt like years but in reality, was only months. i walked through and continued to walk straight to where i had originally planned to go. brushing my fingers through my hair and pulling myself together, i can't break down, not here anyways, not in front of them.

within a matter of seconds i found them in there usual spot underneath a giant willow tree with the leaves that had fallen surrounding them.

"hi..." i trailed off taking another deep breath in, "how are you's?" they just stayed silent like always, looking straight at me, the only sound was the wind blowing around us,

"guess what guys." silence..

"the bullying stopped, i'm not the school joke anymore. i'm free of that school for good just like you said i would be. natalie is here now so you don't have to worry about me anymore, are you guys okay and happy?" silence..

"i forgot to tell yous something but i'm pretty sure yous already know... i made it g-uys, i made i-t to the b-ig tim-e like i wished for, i'm livin-g my dream g-guys." i whispered through tears, "i j-ust wish yo-u were here by my si-de living it wit-h me..." i looked at them, nothing but silence. i kept reading the words in front of me regretting the day i snuck out, i kneeled down beside them.

In Remembrance Of
Tish & Billy Cyrus.
Loving Parents Of
Miley Ray Cyrus.
1967/1961 - 2012.
Butterfly Fly Away.

i traced my fingers over the last three words remembering why they put it there, i broke down instantly.

"i miss y-yous s-so much." I whispered, fiddling with the necklace justin had given me, yeah i know we aren't dating but it means too much to me to get rid of it. 

"mom, i n-eed you now more th-an ever, i wa-nt you to hug me a-nd tell me that t-his hurt in my heart will go a-way, i want y-ou to comfort me while i cry. i w-ant to sit and watch ro-mantic corny love sto-ries with you while w-e cry our eyes out e-ating ice cream like we u-sed to, i need my best frie-nd back.." tears falling now more than ever.

"dad, i ne-ed you now mo-re than ever too, i n-eed you to be protec-tive of me, t-ell me my r-ights and wrongs, i n-eed to do our usual pancakes for d-inner tuesday and baseball thursday, y-our special hot c-ocoa and i need you to t-hreaten e-ach guy i date to make s-ure they don't break my heart l-ike he has... most of all, i want to lie in bed as yo-u and mom sit on each s-ide of me s-inging the song that always h-happened to make things go away and make me happy..." i trailed off remembering every word to that small song,

"C-aterpillar in the t-ree, 
how you w-onder who you'll be, 
can't g-o far but you can always dream,
Wish you may and w-ish you might,
Don't you worry,
 hold on tight,
I promis-e you there will come a day,
Butterfly fly away." i whisper-sang through short breaths and the tears.

"i need to hear your voices again, i want to know that you're proud of me, i need you please answer me or give me a sign..." silence, "p-please."

"ANSWER ME PLEASE." i shrieked not caring who heard or witnessed me breaking down, i cried harder and harder as it grew more silent, i want them here with me now. i need them. i buried my head in my hands sobbing uncontrollably.

"i l-love y-you more th-than anything, i miss y-yous s-so m-much... i-im so s-sorry i did th-this t-too you, i'm a h-horrible d-daughter... y-you didn't d-deserve t-his, if an-anyone deserves to b-be up th-there it's me." i stuggled to get out because of the amount of tears leaving my eyes and how short of breath i was. i wrapped my arms around my knees and buried my head in them once again crying my eyes out, this is so unfair. i need my parents back, i want them back.

i finally pulled myself together and brought myself to look at them once more, "what do i do with my life." instantly there was a gush of wind, that sounded more like a womans voice.

'sweetie don't cry, i'm here.'

my head shot up knowing exactly who it was, how was she talking to me, how could i hear her, maybe it's all in my head.

"mom is that you?" i whispered.

'dont let him go,' was all she said back

"but-but he hurt me mom." i tried to keep my voice steady, this is some freaky shit but im not going to question it if it allows me to talk to her again.

'he's telling the truth.'

i started crying, everything hit me all at once, justin was telling the truth, i was talking to my mom and i had made a fool out of myself for not believing him.

'he really loves you & i can tell you love him too.'

"w-what do i do m-mom..."

'go to him, he needs you,'

i sat there in silence for a while taking everything in, "mom, i love you. i miss you."

'i love and miss you too hun, what are you waiting for, go!'

"i will." i said getting off my knees and brushing the dirty from them off, "tell dad i love and miss him too."

'he loves and misses you too."

i went to turn around but the sound of my moms voice spoke to me again but the time it was more of an order than a goodbye.


she sounded worried and scared, i started running as fast as my feet could take me. out of the gates and back onto the streets of stratford, towards tim hortons the closest place there was to here and if i was lucky, i might even meet justin there.

suddenly there was a sharp pain throbbing through my head, everything around my started to slip from my grasp. i lost control of my knees and feel to the floor.

"we got her." was the last thing i heard.

everything went black, the last thing i saw was their faces, the faces i remembered all too well.

why me.

(a/n) OoOooOoOooOo ilysm thanks for the support. :) this story is almost oveeeerrr!

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