Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


17. The Label And The Makeover

Miley's P.O.V

"miley, wake up we have a meeting with the label in less then 2 hours get ready!" i fluttered my eyes open to see justin hovering over me with a grin on his face, "finally, has anyone ever told you that you're impossible to wake up?" he chuckled, pecking my cheek before getting up off of the bunk and heading out the door, locking it behind him so that i was alone to get dressed. i rummaged through my bags and found a light blue pair of jeans, a bright orange over sized knitted sweater and my doc martins, i used my phone as a mirror and applied a small amount of foundation and mascara before heading out into the main area of the jet where everyone was.

"morning miley." everyone said in unison, jeez it was like i was family already.

"morning guys." i replied, i walked further up the plane until i found justin sitting alone in one of the seats, i took advantage of his position and sat down on his lap, "morning babe." i said, looking out the window and realizing we were already in the air, "how long have we been in the air for?" i asked, curiosity got the best of me. "morning beautiful, when we fell asleep last night we took off, we are landing in about an hour and a half for the meeting with the label, are you nervous?" he asked, scanning my face for any sign of backing out, honestly i wasn't nervous at all, i just hadn't chosen what i was going to sing yet, "no, im not nervous, i'm just thinking of song ideas." i smiled, hoping maybe he would give me an idea which luckily he did.

"what about maroon five's song, 'she will be loved.'?" he stated, i absolutely loved that song so much so i nodded in agreement, placing a sweet kiss on his lips, " you're going to win them over i can feel it." justin stated.

"who's gonna win over what?" scooter interrupted our conversation although i didn't mind.

"miley will win the meeting over with her amazing voice." he chuckled, looking at me in the eyes, "have you ever written your own song?" he asked, i debated whether i should tell him the truth or not because i really didn't want to sing it for him, "yeah i have." i said with a smile on my face, his jaw dropped wide open, "i -peck- am -peck- one -peck- lucky -peck- man." i felt my cheeks heat up instantly, why does he do this to me? i hid my face in my hands trying to hide the fact that he had gotten the best of me but i failed, "you're so cute when you blush." he chuckled as i buried my head in his neck.

he pulled my head out and brushed a loose strand of hair out of my face before he kissed my forehead, "you're so beautiful and talented, they're honestly blind and deaf if they don't let you come on tour with me, i wont give up without a fight though."


we landed about twenty minutes ago and now we are on our way to the meeting, we were in justins black van with kenny who was driving us and scooter who was currently on his phone, i was sitting next to justin and our fingers were intertwined. i felt like i was going to throw up any second, i was so nervous i could tell i had made a mistake coming here with justin and agreeing to perform for them, "is it too late to back out now?" i blurted out, justin just started laughing beside me before i spoke up, "what's so funny?" i scolded which wiped the grin clear off his face, "stop worrying, you have an amazing voice okay?" he squeezed my hand trying to ease the tension, but it didn't impact me in any way what so ever.

scooter finally got off his phone after what felt like hours but in reality was only a few minutes, "good news kids, they decided that if they like miley, they are going to push the tour back a couple of weeks so that they can work with her and maybe get an album out before the tour starts." he exclaimed, justins had the biggest smile on his face when he heard what scooter had to say, "this is amazing news miley, aren't you excited?" he questioned, i nodded my head with a massive grin on my face, i wasn't nervous anymore, if the international pop sensation justin drew bieber said i had talent, i wasn't going to question it especially when im performing for the label that signed himself.

"we're here." kenny shouted from the drivers seat, okay scratch the part before about when i said i wasn't nervous because now i am and i have no idea what's going to happen in there, we stepped out of the car and immediately started rushing towards the foyer of the building, scooter introduced as and asked if they were ready for us, when she finally got the call she nodded in our direction and we headed for the elevator. there was an awkward silence as we waited for it to stop at our designated floor which eventually it did after a while. 

when we finally reached the room where the meeting was being held, there was three men and one woman sitting on a straight desk in front of a flat stage that consisted of a microphone, a stool and an acoustic guitar. i introduced myself to each and everyone of the 'judges', well thats what im gonna call them for now anyways and they introduced themselves back, "whenever you're ready Mrs.Cyrus, Scooter please come and take a seat and im sorry but justin, you and kenny have to step outside." this is not good, i needed justin, i really did. when he faced me i mouthed the words 'i need you,' and he mouthed back, 'you'll do great, good luck.' before walking out the door.

this was it and i was alone.

i picked up the acoustic guitar, no one knew i could play, but i had been teaching myself ever since i was young, i sat on the stool in front of the mic and instantly started strumming the guitar and within a few seconds, i was singing, putting my heart and soul into each lyric knowing that i only had one chance and it was make it or break it.

"I don't mind spending everyday,

Out on your corner in the pourin' rain,

Look for the girl with the broken smile,

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile,

She wiiillllll be looovved."

i was so into singing at the time i didn't even realize that scooter's mouth was hanging open along with all of the 'judges', once i finished the song one man who i forgot the name of spoke up, "from the look of everyone's faces here, we don't even need to have a conference, you're going on tour!" he exclaimed, in that moment i swear my heart stopped beating and i couldn't breath properly, "really!?" i squealed, unsure of what to believe at the moment, "yes miley, but..." i should have known there was a catch, "are you interested in a makeover, just to make your image as a singer better?" i didn't even have to think it through, as soon as the word makeover left his lips i nodded my head vigorously, eager to get on with the makeover, the female, known as amber, beside him dialed a number on the phone next to her, "send them in." was all she had to say and instantly hair dressers, clothes stylists and make up artist entered the room, shooing everyone and telling them to hurry up and exit the room, leaving just me and them, i didn't even have time to ask what they where changing before they had already started, "are you okay with a hair cut?" one of the hairdressers asked, "i'm okay with anything that will help my professional singing image." i admitted.

Justin's P.O.V

scooter came out about half an hour ago to deliver the good news;

"justin, you were right they loved her, her voice was amazing just like you said." he spoke up, "but why didn't you tell me she could play the acoustic guitar so beautifully?" he questioned, this was news to me, since when does she play the guitar?

"wait what? she plays guitar?" i honestly was blown away, she really was talented but her dad was billy ray cyrus so what do you expect

"yeah and shes great at it" he stated.

"well where is she now, why is everyone out here?" i asked, all i wanted to do was hold her in my arms, kiss her and congratulate her on the great news, "they are giving her a makeover to help her image, but they said there will be no drastic changes," i didn't like the fact that they were changing her appearance, she was beautiful the way she was and didn't need to be changed, but she's still going to be beautiful to me no matter what she comes out looking like.


two hours passed and she still hadn't come out, i passed impatient a long time ago, now i was needy.

"when is she going to be out." i whined, i was so over waiting i just want her lips on mine.

"she'll be out soon enough justin, just be patie-" he stopped talking and my head shot up as the door handle turned and made a squeaking noise indicating that someone was coming out and soon enough, out stepped the new and improved miley cyrus, 'no drastic changes' my ass, you could barely tell she was the same person, but she was so fucking hot and the only thing stopping me from having her right here and right now is the witnesses, i tried to hide how much she was turning me on but failed because scooter noticed and whacked me across the back of my head, snapping me out of my trance. she just giggled and did a full body turn giving me a better view of her new look, her hair was whitish/blonde and it was extremely short, it didn't even make it to her shoulders, she was wearing light make up with a bit of red lipstick, she was wearing tight  black leather leggings that showed off her long legs and her ass, a small black crop top that barely covered her chest and it stopped just above her belly button, a black and white striped blazer type jacket and big black bulky high heels, i bit my lip trying to control the words that were threatening to slip out of my mouth knowing my mom or anyone else in this room would disapprove of the thoughts running through my head,

"how do i look?" she spoke up, giggling as i walked toward her, slithering my hands around her waist and whispering in her ear the answer to her question in my deep and raspy voice making sure me and her were the the only ones that heard what i was saying;

"so, so sexy."


sorry for the grammatical errors i'm half asleep and i cant be bothered reading over it.

2 chapter in one night, yous are lucky ;), i'm so fucking tired anyways i hoped you's like this chapter and remember no chapter = no reviews. thank you so much for all the support it means so much!

Much Love :* xo

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