Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


42. The Interview

Miley's P.O.V

"wake up my sleeping beauty." my eyes fluttered open to see justin hovering over me with his face inches from mine before he sweetly placed his lips on mine. i smiled into the kiss and i felt him do the same before he pulled away, "finally baby, i missed you" he chuckled.

"i missed you too, bit of advice, i wouldn't mind being woken up like that more often." i giggled as he hopped off and i pulled myself up right from my former sleeping position, these hospital beds suck. if you're wondering it's been a week, the tour delayed again because of this incident which sucked but oh well what can you do?

"anything you want." he placed his hand on my cheek and placed his lips once again sweetly on mine.

"i love you," i muttered as his lips slowly pulled away.

"i love you more than anything baby." even though i had heard him say that over a million times, seriously i wouldn't be surprised if i wasn't over exaggerating because he literally tells me every five minutes but anyways, it never fails to make me smile or make butterflies erupt in my stomach.

"how are the fans?" i asked.

"well, worried to say the least but they have pulled through," he chuckled.

he took a seat on the chair beside me and pulled out his phone as it beeped, he frowned.

"what's wrong justin." i spoke up after a while.

"uh-uhm nothing, it's nothing." i wasn't buying it.

"justin, i know you, somethings wrong, why wont you tell me?" i could tell by his next move that i had pushed it. he stood up from his chair causing it to tip over, his nose flaring as he tried to control his breathing.

"when i say it's nothing i mean it's fucking nothing miley, just drop it." i sighed knowing not to drag it on any further, instead i just changed the subject.

"so what was so important that you had to wake me up at..." i glanced at my phone on the table beside the hospital bed, "seven in the morning." i continued. his face seemed to brighten up a tad before falling back to his previous frown.

"i have an interview and i wanted you to come along..." he half hardheartedly smiled, it seemed as though he was being forced to ask me to go but i highly doubt that.

"yeah sure, am i allowed to leave?"

"yeah i asked them in advance, kenny will be hear to pick up your things so you don't have to take them to the interview and alfredo, scooter, mom and charlie are all there natalie wanted to be but she has finals, are you feeling alright?" he questioned.

"yeah much better actually, i should get changed now." he stood up, kissed my forehead and walked out of the room without an argument, unfortunately he took his phone which i was hoping he would leave behind so i could just get a quick glance at what had made him so angry.

i stood up without pain for once and walked over to my bag, i pulled on a plain black thick sleeved singlet, a cargo jacket, black high waisted shorts, stockings, a black bag that consisted of my phone and slipped on my doc martins aka my best friends and applied a small amount of foundation and mascara getting rid of the sick hospital look for once.

i started to pack my bag as justin walked back in with two hot chocolates.

"here babe, i'm sorry about before but are you ready to leave?" he asked me as he handed my drink, i zipped my bag up and nodded.

"it's okay, i pushed it too far." with his free hand he grabbed mine.

"no i shouldn't have lashed out at you like that, i love you baby." he kissed my cheek softly, "you look amazing by the way," he added as we started walking out of the hospital,

"i love you too," we walked out of the entrance and as per usual paparazzi, beliebers and smilers were EVERYWHERE you looked.

"did you try to kill yourself." "is it true that your suicidal." where the most frequent questions, but i ignored them and faced the floor until we got to the car that kenny had brought to the side, it was already loaded with my bags somehow, we hoped inside and took off immediately before either of us could get hurt.


"hey babe, how ya feeling." alfredo pulled me into a massive bear hug, me and him have become closer this past week seeing as nat had school and as much as he didn't want to be justin was finishing off the final touches to believe acoustic in LA and only got back this morning, alfredo had been the only one around to help me and or keep me company. 

"yeah amazing actually thanks alfredo." i giggled, pulling out of the hug and walking back over to justin who was about to go in and do his interview.

"good luck baby, have fun." i smiled placing both of my hands on his cheeks and pulling his face to mine smashing our lips together, still fireworks. he smiled into the kiss before he pulled out and furrowed his eyebrows, looking around as though he was checking who had seen what had just happened.

"just promise me you'll stay throughout the whole thing, no matter what?" he sounded pretty concerned.

"i promise, why wouldn't i?" i questioned.

"there are a few reasons but i can't tell you but remember i love you more than anything." hw whispered the last bit and with that he walked out of my hold and into the booth, i shook off the bad feeling in my body and sat next to alfredo as the radio host said his and justins introductions, i'm sure nothing bad is gonna happen right i mean, he loves me and that's all that i care about all i have to do is sit and listen to this for like half an hour and we'll be good as new, right? he can't hurt me, he won't, he wouldn't do that to me.

after awhile my name was finally mentioned, i was curious to see what he would say about me

i: 'so justin, whats the news with you and miley cyrus.'

Justin: 'nothing actually, absolutely nothing.'

i: 'what do you mean nothing, she's sitting in right behind that glass.'

J: 'theres nothing going on, me and her are strictly business, if it wasn't for her touring with me i wouldn't talk to her.'

i: 'i thought you loved her, yous have dated, yes?'

Justin: 'no i never really did, i only dated her for publicity.'

i: 'so you have absolutely no feelings for her.'

Justin; 'no, i don't, i never have.'

i: 'does she know this.'

Justin: 'if she didn't, she does now.'

i: 'so who is the girl in your life then if it isn't miley?'

Justin: 'if i'm being honest, it's always been selena and no one else, if you're listening selena, i love you baby.'

it was as though my whole body just had an instant reaction, i stood up and the tears started pouring uncontrollably, i picked my bag up and shrugged alfredo's hand's off of my shoulders as i walked out of the station, how could he do this to me? i loved him? he lied to me straight to my face minutes before the interview what is that fuckwits problem, i let him in, i let down my guard and trusted him and all he has done is fuck with me, im over it, im over him and this time that's the truth, it's like he was giving me permission to leave him and in which he has succeeded, it felt like someone had ripped my heart out a million times over and just continuously jumped on it, it hurt so much to know the person you once loved, never loved you.

and most of all, he loved the girl he cheated on me with even when he promised me he wouldn't.

i started running towards the nearest park, the one i always went to with my parents and when i got there i sat on my favorite swing in the peace and quite, thinking about my contract and thinking what would happen if i just left, quit, didn't perform again but i know i couldn't do that to scooter and charlie.

my eyebrows furrowed as i felt a trickling of some substance going own the back of my head and onto my back, i felt around my head until i found the source, taking a look at my hand i shrieked at the sight of a handful of blood, i must've been to caught up in my thoughts to even notice what had happened. i jumped of the swing and turned around to see them again, it was the same guys from the the other day.

i went to run but an arm around my was it stopped me from doing so, i tried to scream but a cloth filled with some sort of drug on it covered my mouth and nose. i lost control of my body and instantly my sight blackened.

this is just great.

Justin's P.O.V

Justin: 'if i'm being honest, it's always been selena and no one else, if you're listening selena, i love you baby.' out the corner of my eye i saw miley's eyes fill with tears and her get up and run away, i didn't mean anything i was saying, i loved her more than anything but that's exactly the reason im doing this for, this is for her own good.

i fought the urge to run out there and stop, knowing that if i did the consequences would be worse, i was getting death stares from my mother, charlie, scooter and alfredo all at once.

they had no idea, no one knew what i was doing.

i pulled my phone out of my pocket once again, completely ignoring the interviewer and read the message in my head making sure i did exactly as it said.

To: Justin

From: Unknown

hey pretty boy,
that interview today,

break her heart, tell
them it was all for publicity,
it meant nothing to you
and she doesn't mean
anything to you, you love
selena and selena only. don't
tell anyone what you are
doing, especially not her
and if you do, you know
what we are capable of
mallette, how is georgia
by the way? aha




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