Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


2. The Hospital

Justin's P.O.V

"i-is she going to be alright?" i finally spoke up, breaking the awkward silence between me and the doctor.

"it was only on her cheek, not hard enough to break her cheekbone but enough to knock her out for awhile, the worst thing that could come out of this is she would have a serious headache. if the hit was any closer to her temple it could've done some serious and permanent damage.." he trailed off, resting his ear closer to the door making sure her heart was still beating at a normal pace.

he continued after being reassured by the beeping that she was still breathing, "she's only allowed one visitor on her first night, are you able to stay and look after her?".

i wasn't sure why he was asking me this, what about her family and friends?

"what about her parents and siblings?" i was concerned at this point, i actually hadn't even gotten an answer to my first question let alone been able to ask her about herself. 

"she hasn't told you... she's an only child, her parents were involved in a car accident late last year. her dad was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and her mom only just made it but she's in a comma, has been ever since. friends? she comes here everyday after school and on weekends, without fail, and sits by her mothers bed talking to her, every day it's the same story, 'some kid spilled lunch all over me' or 'punched again" and how she still has no friends. Us here at the hospital are her second family, we have even tried to end this bullying ourselves, but obviously it hasn't worked."  he said, you could hear the anger rising in his voice.

"n-no, she hadn't told me a-any of that, yeah i'll stay tonight if that's alright, i just have to go grab something from home to give to her when she wakes up." i choked out.

i turned around before the doctor could see my eyes slowly filling with water as it hit me that the girl that was so quiet, was the girl that needed the most attention and she had never gotten it.


I slowly and quietly opened the door to tour bus, making sure not to wake anyone up in the process.

there was no need as they were all awake, sitting around the dinning room table and all their eyes fixed on me.

"JUSTIN, where have you been, we have been waiting for you all night. tell us right now young man." mom spoke up before anyone else had a chance too.

"mom, i don't have the fucking time right now." i immediately stopped realizing i had just cussed in front of my mom, i looked back to see her giving me the glare every kid wanted to ignore, the 'i'm disappointed in you' look.

"seriously mom, i'm sorry i swore but trust me, i'll explain tomorrow, i promise." i looked her straight in the eyes, she could tell that i wanted to go more than anything and she nodded in agreement. 

the others still hadn't spoken by the time i had gotten to the back room, also known as my room. i grabbed a blanket, my favorite book, my headphones and headed for my car, giving the others a reassuring smile as i walked off the tour bus.

i stopped at the local florist, grabbed a bunch of purple flowers and then to the grocery store to grab some chocolate so she had a little treat to wake up too and drove straight back to the hospital without stopping anywhere else.

i took the vacant seat next to her bed, she was so beautiful and fragile, i don't understand what made that boy hit her, but i'm going to find out and i'm going to make him pay for it.

i'm never gonna leave her side, she's been alone for too long and i'm never going to let that happen again.


Miley's P.O.V 

i woke up to a bright light shining straight into my eyes, the sting still in my cheek and beeping in my ears.

well this is just fucking great, i'm in hospital. 


the only good thing about being here is that its peaceful and i'm a room away from my mom.

i nearly jumped out of my skin as a soft moan leave a male strangers lips, he had obviously slept the night, seeing as he had a book placed over his chest and a blanket covering every inch of his body. i nudged him slightly, a bit creeped out but curios to see who would even bother staying with me for that long. 

"Hey Miley, how are you feeling?" the male spoke up, i instantly recognized the voice.

"Tyler, what are you doing here?" i asked.

why would he be here, why would he even bother putting himself through this. if people at school found out, his reputation would be ruined even though he's only been here a day.

"i stayed the night, after what witnessed yesterday, i'm not going to leave your side until you tell me what happened and why he hit you." his voice stern.

without hesitation i told him everything there was to know about me, that i slept at this hospital every night that i could manage, that i told my mom everything and breaking down because i know she wouldn't be able to answer, everything that the kids do to me at school, every last detail.

i hadn't faced him, not one single time as i told him the fucked up story that was my life.

when i finally built up the courage to look at him, his cheeks were drenched along with his shirt.

"Miley, i'm sorry i didn't know, i'm sorry i was never there to help you, i really wish i could stop this, you don't deserve it, i will never leave you, i pro-" his sentence was cut short from the sound of a patients machine flat lining from the room right next to us.

tears flooding from my eyes to my robe as i ripped the cords from my nose and chest and jumped out of my bed as i realized that the machine could only belong to one person


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