Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


20. The Game Begins

Justin's P.O.V

scooter opened the door to the conference room and once we were all inside he shut it behind us, leaving me, miley, scooter and one direction in the same room, no body guards, nothing. miley and niall were still holding hands as they walked over to their chairs but instead of taking her own seat she sat down on niall's lap and niall wrapped his arm around her waist, everyone else's attention was on scooter while he walked through the steps and the timing for their acts to be on, miley glanced my way smirking at me, she thought this was driving me up the wall which it was but she not going to know what fucking hit her when i play the same game as she is. just the thought of my plan made me chuckle under my breath darkly. of course we were still dating but no one knew that so we could do what ever we wanted in public and the other one couldn't get angry or confront the other because then it would blow our 'undercover' love.

i haven't been paying attention to what scooter and the other boys have been saying, no matter how hard i try my attention always comes back to miley and niall. every couple of minutes or so she looks over at me and smiles, "bitch." i mumbled under my breath, earning a death stare from scooter out the corner of my eye but he soon realized why i said it and rolled his eyes before continuing on with what the meeting was really about, the believe tour.

"so first will be one direction, you'll perform three songs then miley will come on and perform her three and then justin's countdown will begin as soon as she's off the stage.. miley and justin, you have to do a duet together, any thoughts on the plan guys?" scooter spoke up, niall leaned closer to miley's ear and whispered something i couldn't make sense of which sent me overboard.

"niall, whatever your telling miley, you can tell everyone else." i spat, he furrowed his eyebrows, confused at my sudden harshness.

"he was telling me what he's going to do to me later," she teased winking at me, "if-you-must-know." she let out a loud laugh along with the rest of the room apart from me and scooter who were anything but pleased.

"i just asked her if she would like to go bowling with me after the meeting, like on a date..." he trailed off.

"is there a problem justin?" miley asked innocently.

"yes, there is." i spoke up, the smirk instantly vanished from her face, "i forgot to text my girlfriend." i pulled out my phone.

"you have a girlfriend." they all said in unison.

"yeah," i smirked as miley eyed me.

i sat there for about five minutes contemplating if i should go through with the plan or if i should just leave it be, i finally dialed in her number and typed the message, pressing send without second thinking.

To: Selena

From: Justin

baby, we need to talk. i miss you.

the plan was to get back with sel, but i wouldn't tell selena about the game me and miley were playing, i would make it seem like we were actually dating, just like miley with niall. it's a dog act to play with someones feelings but at the moment i don't care, miley's gonna get whats coming for her. a beeping sound brought me back to reality

To: Justin

From: Selena

what do you want justin?

maybe this was going to be a little harder than i thought.

To: Selena

From: Justin

a second chance. please? :(

i rolled my eyes at this text because it was complete and utter bullshit, i didn't want anything to do with her apart from this plan not after what she did to me, why did i even say a second chance, i did nothing wrong.

To: Justin

From: Selena

baby, that's all i ever wanted to hear,
i miss you too, of course i'll give you
another chance, i love you boo. <3

i chuckled at how gullible she was, seriously i called her a number of things and told her that if i ever saw her face again i would personally ruin her career, that of course was after she publicly shaded me a million times, the bitch will get put in her place as well as miley.

To: Selena

From: Justin

i love you too baby, <3 gotta go
i'm in a meeting with one direction
and miley cyrus but let's go bowling
and catch up, i'll pick you up after
the meeting yeah babe? :)

To: Justin

From: Selena

sounds good boo, see you after
your meeting, have fun <3

i put my phone away only to see everyone staring at me with disbelief spread across their faces. "what?"

"are you going to tell us who your girlfriend is?" miley spat, emphasizing the word girlfriend.

"it's selena, don't act like you didn't know miley." i made it look like she was hiding it from everyone as well, scooters mouth was still hanging wide open from the mention of selena's name.

"actually i didn't know." she snapped, "niall, lets go." she said grabbing his hand and walking out of the room "THE MEETING WASN'T OVER MILEY" scooter screamed, no one in the room had any idea of what was going on between me and miley, they were too afraid to ask and too be honest, i couldn't blame them. the other four boys just stayed silent along with scooter

Miley's P.O.V

argh, that fucker had the nerve to actually contact selena to make me jealous, he has no fucking idea whats coming for him, if he thinks im just gonna let this slide he's got serious problems. "asshole." i muttered.

"what was up with that?" niall asked.

"oh nothing, he just knows how much i hate selena." i said, my hand still in his as we signaled for a nialls driver to come and get us, we couldn't take the car i came in because that was justin and scooters car and as much as i wanted to take justins ride, i couldn't do that to scooter. we climbed inside the car and the ride to the bowling center was silent and awkward until my phone unexpectedly beeped.

To: Miley

From: Justin

& so the games begin, lets just
see who wins this shall we?
just a heads up, bieber never
loses anything, ever.

have fun ;)

what a fucking asshole.

To: Justin

From: Miley

looks like your winning streak
is about to end babe because i don't
give in easily.

To: Miley

From: Justin

'i don't give in easily' really?
because i'm pretty sure i fucked
you after only knowing you for 4
days, ;)

"ARGH." i screamed out of frustration, this kid does my head in, niall looked at me from where he was sitting, "justin's just being a grade A fuckwit." i sighed, he nodded, "i know, he can be a total jerk sometimes miley."

To: Justin

From: Miley

you're unbelievable.

To: Miley

From: Justin

you're not the only girl that's 
that's told me that, ;)

"we're here." niall said, opening the door of the car, i hopped out before sending justin one last message.

To: Justin

From: Miley

yeah but i'm the only girl that
hasn't used you for fame.
anyways, it's time for my date with
goodbye, bieber.

harsh i know but he fucking deserved it, my phone beeped one more time.

To: Miley

From: Justin

you're gonna wish you never said
seeya soon, bitch.

i sighed and put my phone in my back pocket, what the fuck did he mean by 'seeya soon'?.

just as we were about to enter the bowling place, paparazzi were screaming and taking photos of two people over the other side of the parking lot.

no it can't be them.

can't i have one fucking break, ever?


and so the drama begins hahaha, hope you liked this chapter and remember, no reviews = no chapter, thanks for all the support guys!

Much Love :* x

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