Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


5. The First Date

Miley's P.O.V

an hour had past and we were still in the car, i hadn't looked at Tyler this whole time because i was afraid that he would be able to tell that i had been crying. after a couple more minutes i built up enough courage to look at him, "Thank you Tyler, for the clothes and everything else you have done for me in the past couple of days, it means a lot." i truly meant everything i said, i hadn't had a real friend since the day Nat left me because ever since the night my parents were involved in the car crash, i pushed people out of my life, i slept with any guy i could get my hands on and i eventually got a name for myself, and the bullying started there and still hasn't stopped, i regret everything i have ever done and i have even tried to commit suicide a number of times but i hadn't succeeded, of course Nat was willing to stay with me and look after me but i would hate myself even more if i let her give up her dream for me.

"it's okay miley, seriously." an awkward silence followed his words, it only lasted a couple of minutes because one of my favorite songs came on the radio, 'fall' by Justin Bieber.

"let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy." i hadn't realized i was singing along with the radio until i looked over at tyler, his eyes wide as he stared at me in disbelief, "miley, you can sing!" i always use to hate when people told me that so my natural instinct was just to ignore him and keep going, "he fell in love with his best friend when she's around he feels nothing but joy.." i kept singing until it reached the chorus when tyler butted in "WHATS GONNA MAKE YOU FAAAAALLL IN LOOOOOVVVEE" tyler belted out as loud as he could, he wasn't trying, i could tell.

"stop it" i giggled, he just continued and ignored me like i had to him before.

"I KNOW YOU GOT YOUR WALL WRAPPED ALL THE WAY AROUND YOUR HEART"  he looked at me with a massive grin on his face, i could tell he thought he was annoying me but really, he wasn't, i decided to sing along with him. "BUT YOU CANT FLY UNLESS YOU LET YOURSELF FALL." he looked at me as he sung this, i dont know if this was suppose to come across as a message, i didn't think much of it, i was probably just overreacting like usual.

the song finished and he turned the radio down before speaking up, "you know miley, you should seriously go into a talent competition or upload videos to youtube, you have serious talent and you shouldn't let it go to waste." is he being serious, i'd be the laughing stock of youtube. "i'll think about it." i lied.

"no, promise me." he said with a serious look on his face.

"fine, i promise." i didn't lie this time, i'll do it but its not like anyone's gonna watch the town slut on YouTube, we continued to talk about random stuff and usernames for my account and what would be my first song, the butterflies had already started to rise in my stomach just thinking about it.

after a while and a lot more talking, we finally pulled up in front of a large building, it took me a while to realize we were going to the aquarium, i jumped out of the car excited to get inside. i had never been to an aquarium, strange confession but true. i ran over to the other side of the car, as soon as tyler got out of the car i pulled him into a massive hug, "thank you." i whispered into his ear, "you're welcome baby." my body stiffened as his hot breath was on my neck, the butterflies in my stomach returned and my heart beat was now clear as day in my ears.

was i really falling for someone i had only known for 3 days..?

Justin's P.O.V

i pulled her into the foyer, i made her stand a few meters away as i brought our passes, i had been here so many times it's a miracle that the receptionists hadn't recognized me, "hey guys, its Justin, is the room ready?" i whispered, pulling my wig slightly off my head to prove i was who i said, they nodded and gave me the key. i had called in advance, asking them if they could set up a picnic in the shark, stingray room, they agreed.

although i know what was behind the door i was excited to see miley's expression, i grabbed her hand and started to walk towards the room. i pulled the curtain back to reveal a room with a blanket and a picnic basket in the center with fair lights all over the ground. i looked over at miley who was now speechless and her jaw was wide open, before she had time to get anything out i picked her up and carried her bridal style over to the blanket and gently set her down so that she was lying down, looking up at all the fish.

we didn't speak for at least an hour, all i did was stare at her while her attention was on the fish, she hadn't stopped smiling this whole time, she was so beautiful, her body so perfect and fragile and her smile so rare, i couldn't take my eyes off her even if i wanted to.

she finally tore her eyes away from the fish and looked up into mine, in that moment i finally realized that she was the one i wanted, i loved her. i sat up, she followed, "what are you doing?" she asked breaking the silence.

"i have something to ask you.." i trailed off, praying that she hadn't heard the nervousness in my voice, "i know you hate them and think they are overrated but, will you go to the masquerade ball with me?" i immediately regretted asking her when the only reply i got was silence, i knew it was too soon. i balled my fist up, furious at myself, of course she wouldn't go with me, i had only known her for 3 da- "of course i will tyler." she spoke up, interrupting my thoughts, her cheeks red again. "i would love to." she continued.

another hour went by in silence as she admired the fish and i admired her, we both then decided that it was time to go home.

as we pulled up out the front of her house we both got out and i walked her to her front door, she unlocked it and pushed it open wide, showing off her whole first floor, my jaw dropped in amazement, she giggled when she realized i was speechless. "my dad was billy ray cyrus, you know, 'my achy breaky heart' singer, yeah, not many people know that but isnt my last name a bit of a tip off?" she laughed.

"no wonder you have a good voice." i admitted, she went all shy on me again. 

i leaned in, ready to give her a kiss until she stepped back, "uh- thank you for everything, but i gotta go get started on the videos." before i could get a word in she stepped inside and shut the door in my face. furious, i slammed my fist into the brick wall which was keeping me away from miley. i jumped inside my car and sped of down the street in the direction of the tour bus, i was determined to make her fall for me and if this sweet, sensitive side of me wasn't going to do it, then i'm going to have to show her a completely new side of me.

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