Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


11. Promise Me Baby

Justin's P.O.V

the last bell of the day rung and students were running out the entrance to the school, eager to get home and considering that miley would accompany me tonight, i was the same.

grabbing my bag from my locker, i walked out to my car only to find Miley sitting on the hood, waiting for me to make an appearance probably.

a huge smile spread across my face as she hopped off my car and walked towards me but it quickly vanished when i went to put my arms around her but she stepped backwards out of my reach, i groaned at her stubbornness as i shoved my hands into my pockets and looked at her, waiting for an explanation.

"Tyler, we can't do this." she whispered, facing the ground as if she was too ashamed to look me in the eyes.

"why baby, why wont you just give me a chance, i'd do anything for you to be mine." i was so over her constantly rejecting me, treating me as if i didn't have feelings, i'm human, i'm just like her, why can't she see how much she's hurting me?

"because, i barley know who you are, we have spent a couple of days together, in the hospital might i add, but majority of the time we have spent together i was either drugged up, asleep, or crying."

"what about the aquarium?" i spat, grabbing her face in between my thumb and finger forcing her to look me in the eyes as a sudden realization spread through hers.

"that's not the point." she snapped back, "the point is that; how do i know that anything you say is true?"

"baby, do you honestly think that if i was lying about my feelings towards you that i would've stayed by your side for three days straight, i stayed with you that whole time just so i could make sure you were safe, i know i have only known you for four days but that's long enough for me, normally i wouldn't fall for a girl that quick but i fell for you..." i trailed off as tears were evident in her eyes. "miley what do i have to do to prove to you, that you're the one i wa-"

"tell me every thing about yourself." she said, whipping away the tears with the back of her palm.

this was what i was mostly afraid of, her wanting to know about me, her wanting to know the one thing i couldn't tell her.

not yet anyways.

"i can't." i whispered.

"i knew you were too good to be true." she spat, venom dripping from each word that left her mouth. she walked passed me, bumping my shoulder in the process.

"miley don't go, please." i begged, turning to face her back, i grabbed her shoulder, stopping her from walking any further away, turning around she looked me in the eyes, "give me one good reason why i should stay." she asked furiously, "i told you everything about me in the hospital, why cant you jus-" i took her hand in mine, ignoring her fingers digging into mine as she tried to free herself from my hold, "tyler let go of me." she shrieked but no one heard her, the car park was now empty, all the other students that attended glen view were probably already half way home. i yanked the door to the passenger side open and let go of her hand,

"get in." i spat, a look of disbelief spread across her face at my harsh tone, she shook her head.

"do you want to know about me or not?" i spat through gritted teeth, she nodded her head in response, "then get in the fucking car miley." she could tell how furious i was and did as she was told without any further argument.

slamming the door shut i ran across the front of the car before getting in the drivers seat, starting the engine and speeding out of the car park.

"w-here are you taking m-me" she asked, her voice shaky at my sudden harshness.

"back to my place, like our original plan, the one i made you agree too when you were shoving your tongue in my mouth, remember?" i said, glancing her way with a smirk on my face, knowing it would drive her up the wall.

"you're so fucking bipolar." i chuckled at her response as she rolled her eyes.

"i'm not bipolar baby, i just can't stay mad at you for too long." i shot her a wink as she groaned.

my eyes now back on the road but out the corner of my eyes i could see her face, she was bright red. 

"mhm sure whatever you say, you're still an asshole though." she giggled

"ouch, that hurt baby." i whined.

"good." she laughed as we pulled up outside of the house that scooter had texted me the address too, it was massive and it was gorgeous, "you live here?" she shouted.

"i guess so." i shrugged as i opened my door and met her outside of the car, we both walked towards the front door as i slid the key in and pushed the door wide open revealing the foyer that we walked into after i had shut the door, she stood there silent with her mouth hung wide open, admiring the view.

"wait here for a second, don't move."

"uh, okay?" was the last thing i heard before running out of the foyer in search of the bathroom.

once i found it, i locked myself inside of it, sitting down on the side of the bath tub with my head in my hands, debating whether i should just take my disguise off and show her who i really am or make up some bullshit fake past until i know for sure she likes me for me.

i finally came to the conclusion after about twenty minutes, chucking the wig across the room, wiping the makeup off and getting my contacts out, i walked out of the bathroom and back into the foyer where miley had her back facing towards me, i took this as an advantage and wrapped my arms around her waist.

this was the moment of truth.

"miley, before i am completely honest with you and i show you the real me.. are you going to give me a chance?" i bit my lip, regretting the words that came out of my mouth when there was a moments pause.

"tyler, being completely honest with you, i have liked you since the first day in hospital because i felt safe around you and i was touched that you would actually stay there for me and that you actually cared for me. i fell for you in such a short time because you haven't lied to me like everyone else thats been in my life, i hope..." a flash of guilt spread through my body at the fact i had lied to her and i had lied to her about the most important thing, who i really was. "so, yes tyler im going to give you a chance." she continued

"close your eyes." i whispered in her ear, hesitant at first she did as she was told, i whispered another instruction in her ear, "keep them closed and turn around for me baby." she obeyed and felt up my arms until she found my neck wrapping her arms around it, my knees felt like that could give in at any minute because i know that in a matter of seconds everything could get a million times better or everything could get a million times worse, i pressed my lips to hers and gave her a sweet kiss before pulling away, "keep your eyes closed and promise me something.. promise me that you will remember in the next five minutes that i never meant to hurt you, i never meant for things to happen this way and i never meant to tell you so early until i knew you truly liked me for me, i did this for your own good." i was stressing, i know i could lose her any second.

"tyler, you're scaring me."

"just promise me baby, please?" i begged.

"i promise." with that being said, i gave her the final instruction, me still being in her hold.

"remember what you promised, open your eyes baby." i spoke.

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