Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


35. Phase One?

Justin's P.O.V

i walked out on her, i lost her all because of the paparazzi. i don't know why but it think it's their mission to tear my life apart and to be honest, they're succeeding. my life is nothing without miley in it. i grabbed my keys from my pocket and slid into my car that i had used to get here, speeding off down the street i decided to go to tim h's because i was in desperate need to get everything off of my mind, how was i going to explain to dad that me and miley had broken up in the space of an hour?

i pulled up in front of the store and made my way inside pushing the paps out of my way, ordering my usual and taking a seat next to the window, pulling my hoodie over my face as the flashed of cameras were blinding me still. my phone started ringing immediatly after i got my order.

Blocked Number

i knew who it was but apart of me wanted to believe it was miley so i answered it anyways.

"ah-uh bieber, ready for the instructions." the deep manly voice spoke on the other end, it was familiar but i couldn't quite figure out the face to the voice.

"whatever needs to be done." i spoke darkly, picking up and drinking from the coffee,

"put the coffee down and listen carefully, you hear me." i placed the coffee on the table instantly and looked around to find anyone that was holding their phones or was matching their lips to the person on the phone, unfortunately i couldn't see past the paps, "you won't find me, so stop trying." he hissed sending shivers down my spine at the thought of him watching my every move, i gulped loudly causing him to chuckle on the other end,

"hurry the fuck up and tell me what you want me to do." i spat growing inpatient.

"patience is key." he stalled.

"too bad i'm running out of it then aye?" i snapped.

"you better watch yourself bieber, we have been keeping tabs on your girlfriend and if you want her to stay alive you better shut the fuck up and listen."

"obviously you have a lazy spy because she isn't my girlfriend anymore." i confessed with fury, all the customers and workers were now looking at me as though i was crazy.

"ah-uh phase one is already complete, looks like my job here is done already. by the way biebs, you need to work on your punch, you hit like a girl, thanks for the headache." he chuckled darkly.

"what do you mean phase one and it was you... you were the 'pap' that yelled those horrible things." i said with utter disbelief.

"aha, it's too bad you didn't get a proper look at my face otherwise you would know who i am, honestly i thought you would've figured it out by now but i guess i'm just lucky."

"you sick son of a bitch, just wait until i find you." i spat with disgust.

"i'm so scared JB but remember, step out of line with me or any of my team and your girlfriend is dead" and with that the line went flat.

wait, team? how many were there and what was phase two if phase one was for me to break up with miley?

"uh hey justin, i didn't know you were in town." my head shot up and met the familiar pair of brown eyes starring down at me. great just what i need right now.

"hey selena, and are you sure you didn't because i'm pretty sure the whole town does." i mumbled.

"well, i want to make it up to you for what happened, come over to mine and i'll make you dinner?" i shook my head, the last thing i needed was another 'Jelena' scandal.

"please," she whined, "no funny business just two friends eating a nice meal indoors."

"selena, we aren't friends, i don't think you remember what you caused between me and miley."

"but to be fair i had no idea yous were dating, no one did and niall and miley are friends again, she even set him up with her friend emily." she reasoned with me.

"hi my names miley," i said sarcastically reaching my hand out for a hand shake, she just rolled her eyes. "argh."

"fine selena, but we are still not friends. acquaintances more like it." i hissed with a sarcastic smile, she didn't reply instead she grabbed my hand and pulled me outside past the paps and into her car, immediately speeding off down the street towards her stratford house. once we arrived we both went inside and there was two steaming plates of food sat around a table.

"didn't know i was in stratford my ass." i muttered earning a roll of the eyes on selena's behalf.

"just sit and eat," she continued before ordering her butler around, "can you please get us a drink." she ordered giving him a sly look, curiosity tried to find its way into me but i brushed it off. seconds later we were both sat down at the table and he was bring in the drinks for both of us.


"arggh" I mumbled as I regained conscious, the pounding in my head was stronger then ever. I fluttered my eyes open until I was staring directly at the ceiling and the wind from the open window across the room was surrounding me causing me to shiver. I looked down and sprung up from my lying position once I caught sight at my naked self underneath a thin sheet. looking around the room some more, my clothes were sprung out across the floor in all different directions along with someone else's. I jumped as a soft moan left the feminine figure that was lying beside me. 

it was selena.

i nudged her not even caring about the fact that I was hurting her, I got up and pulled my black baggy jeans on and pulled my white v-neck over my head.

"selena you better wake the fuck up right now and tell me what happened last night." I hissed under my breath, she turned around still lying on her front but this time she was facing me.

"we'll by the looks of this, we made love." she winked at me.

"oh please, even if we did have sex I wouldn't call it making love because I'm pretty sure you have to be in love to call it that and if you don't remember I think nothing more of you than a childish bitch so i would call it a measly fuck."

"say whatever you want justin, you know you enjoyed it." she smirked, obviously last night she had completely forgotten about the drugs she had used in me last that were in the side table. I took a seat on the side of the bed and pulled my red vans on.

"Oh please, the only way I would ever get in bed with you is if I was totally unaware of my actions or drugged." I grabbed the wrapper for the drugs I between my fingers and stood up facing her once again, "which clearly I was, trust me if I wasn't drugged last night I would've passed up on having my dick smell like fish for the next couple of weeks." her mouth flew wide open at my blunt statement, "if you even open your mouth to anyone about what happened here last night, I will fucking ruin you and this time I won't hold back on anything babe." I winked at her as I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the house.

paparazzi were nowhere to be found which I was thankful for so I decided to walk back to my dads house seeing as it wasnt too far from here, I grabbed my phone from my jacket just to check the time when I was greeted by 7 text messages and 20 missed calls all from Miley.


all of the messages were her apologising and telling me that she didn't mean what she said and that did love me more than anything. 

i fucked up, big time.


my phone beeped once more.

To: Justin 

From: Unknown

looks like you did

phase two all on 

your own bieber.

wonder what will

happen if Miley finds

out. But don't expect

me to tell her now

it will come when you

least expect it. ;)

Miley's P.O.V

why wasnt he answering my texts and calls, had I pissed him off that bad? Maybe this time we are done for good, but maybe its for the best. 


WHO ELSE HAS HEARD WE CAN'T STOP OMFG I LOVE IT. Alright sorry for the spelling or grammatical errors I'm half asleep. Ilysm! Much love :* xo

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