Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


26. Paris

Miley's P.O.V

the rest of the plane ride was either us sleeping or watching tv while eating food, we eventually landed in paris at 7am in the fucking morning, needless to say justin had to drag me out of bed and force me to get ready so that we could drop our shit off at the hotel and hurry up and start rehearsals, i'm surprised i even had enough time to pull on a pair of stockings, black short shorts, my doc martins, a white singlet and a green combat cardigan, i'm a fast dresser though and a lot of people complimented me on how i looked today so i guess i didn't look too bad.

"are you excited?" justin spoke up breaking the awkward silence between the crew in the limo on the way to the hotel.

"yeah justin, more excited about the rehearsals though." i smiled at him. scooter, cody, alfredo, pattie all looked at us with wide eyes causing justin to burst into laughter, they still had no idea that we were friends again and they were obviously shocked but i could understand because of the harsh things we had said about one another before this whole emergency jet plane to paris for the believe tour thing. after mine and justins failed attempt to get people talking the car fell silent again and stayed like that until we reached the hotel, it looked amazing. we all stepped in the car and ran through the crowd of beliebers, smilers and cody simpson fans along with the paps screaming about the previous 'jiley or jelena' incident and ran into the lobby scooter spoke up about the room arrangement once we were safely inside 

"justin, you're staying with cody and alfredo on floor fourty seven. pattie you're staying with me and kenny on floor twenty seven and just like you asked miley, you're staying by yourself but we couldn't get you on your own floor so you're staying in the room beside the boys one." i sighed in frustration, they would keep me up all night watching those shitty movies of theirs really loud or they would play their music as loud as the speakers would let them. "be ready for rehearsals and be at the stadium at 9am sharp, not a minute late."

"yeah okay, thanks scooter." i faked a smile grabbing my bags and walking towards the nearest elevator, waiting for it to arrive when i felt someone behind me before they whispered in my ear, "i could be your gentleman." my body stiffened when cody kissed my neck, he chuckled in my ear when he realized what he had done because i was finding it hard to breathe right and he could hear it. i looked around the room making sure the rest of the team hadn't seen what just happened, they hadn't and i was practically thanking god for that fact

"what are you doing cody." i breathed.

"treating a beautiful girl how she should be treated." he pressed his lips to my neck once again. instantly the doors for the elevator opened. it was empty, cody pushed me inside, immediately he pressed the button that closed the doors and pressed our stop so that no one had the chance to get in apart from us and once we were out of peoples sight he placed his hands on my hips pushed me up against the wall causing me to drop my bags and fall limp under his hold.

"you're so beautiful miley, justin was an idiot for letting you go, i would never, ever let you go if you just be mine... let me take you out after rehearsals, we'll go for a walk and get dinner and i'll prove to you that i can treat you ten times better than he ever did." i hesitated at first, but maybe he could treat me 'ten times better' than justin had.

"okay cody, but no one can know about this okay, we have to sneak out." he nodded his head and released me from his hold as the doors flew open revealing our floor, i kissed his cheek and said goodbye before heading into my own room and shutting the door, maybe i shouldn't have forgiven justin so soon i mean after all he cheated on me in front of my fucking face. anger built inside of me of me just remembering what he had done, maybe it was a bad decision being friends. placing the bags on the floor i got ready for rehearsals and ended up wearing trackies with a massive black t-shirt that used to be my dads with black converses. there was a knock at my door after a while of me just looking around the apartment taking it all in, i opened it not even bothering to check who it was through the peep hole.

it was justin.

"hey miles, you ready for rehearsals, i'm taking you in my car that just arrived" he said smiling.

"yeah im ready, but i'd rather pass on the ride, i'll fucking find my own way there justin." slamming the door shut, i grabbed one of my over sized knitted jumpers and walked out onto the balcony looking out on all the cars and people walking about and the shops and most importantly the Eiffel Tower it was all so breathtaking, i couldn't believe i was actually here.

i was so caught up in the amazing view i forgot all about the believe tour and how i needed to be there, i checked the time on my phone. 8:50am, i had ten minutes to get to the stadium, fuck.

i ran out of the hotel and signaled a taxi and gave the driver the instructions which he happily obeyed, he told me not to worry about the money because he knew who i was and was just happy i happened to stumble across his taxi, i took a photo with him and signed a piece of paper he had and then ran into the stadium when we arrived, i thanked him over and over again for getting me there under seven minutes but i guess we weren't staying far away from the stadium.

scooter sighed in relief as he saw me running through the doors and towards the crew, "where have you been, we thought you weren't coming."

"sorry i was just thinking things through."

"alright we'll we already had the dances set up and rehearsed in new york, you remember them right?" he asked

"yeah, what about them?"

"nothing, they need you back stage and in your outfit, now." he said pushing me towards the backstage. i was now running to my change room but was stopped when someone put their hand over my mouth and pulled me into a dark room and shut the door behind them, leaving me alone with them.


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