Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


32. Meet And Greets

Justin's P.O.V

my whole body stiffened and miley stared at me speechless, of course she hadn't seen the message and i don't want her to ever see it but i guess she could tell by the way i'm acting that something was definitely not right. who was this? maybe it was just a crazy obsessed fan? oh well it couldn't hurt to ask..

To: Unknown

From: Justin

who is this?

blunt i know, but what else am i going to say i don't know who this person is or what they are capable of. i shoved the phone back into my pajama pants pocket and grabbed her hand. i didn't want to stand out here any longer, it was freezing and miley was shivering.

"who was that?" i heard miley speak up.

"just scooter reminding us of the time." i lied, i had to for her own safety if this person was serious and i also didn't want her to worry because as long as she's with me i wont let anything happen to her. she nodded her head and focused back on the foot path in front of her. the rest of the walk was silent, the wind was the only thing keeping this from being awkward. still no reply from the 'mystery' person.

every now and then i look down at miley, still unsure if she's actually mine or i'm dreaming. i didn't deserve to be forgiven but i had been and i am not going to question it, this time i'm going to everything in my power to not lose her because if it happened again and i lost her, this time i don't know if i would be able to cope. covering our heads once again with our shirts, we pushed our way through the crowd, some how they didn't recognize us but i guess that's because we looked like one of them with our pajamas and hoodies on. 

their face's when they found out that justin bieber had just been beside them once we got inside and pulled out hoods off and waved were priceless, i just had to take a photo. scooter walked up behind us, "hurry up kids, two minutes." argh, that's right i completely forgot for a few minutes we had to go and meet beliebers, im not complaining though because without them i wouldn't be here right now, along with miley they are my only reason for living. they remind me that i'm not a shallow popstar but i'm kidrauhl. we quietly made our way down the halls after waving goodbye to the fans, pushing the door open we maneuvered our way through the security and into the small room. my phone beeped again and i walked away from the crew so that no one else could see what the person had said.

To: Justin

From: Unknown

your worst
nightmare bieber.

haha, this is definitely a prank, too bad im not buying it, i walked back to the crew.

the first few groups people came in, took their photo and left without a problem, crying of course. i wrapped my arm around miley when we were told the next few people would enter shortly, "having fun so far?" i whispered.

she looked up and nodded at me but was shortly distracted by the sound of the door opening. my arm was still around miley. as soon as she got a look at the three girls that had entered the room, she tensed.

Miley's P.O.V

no this was a joke it can't be them, am i on punk'd? no it's just a nightmare and as soon as i pinch myself i'll wake up for sure and be safely at the hotel in bed. i pinched my arm only to reveal that i was fully awake and the three girls that had made my life torture were in front of me and i would just have to endure the next minute of my life. justin took his arm from around me and hugged kimberly, mia and brooke as they squealed of excitement. 

but wait why are they in paris?

oh that's right i forgot kim is rich as fuck and her parents will do anything to make her happy. maybe i should just play it like i haven't met them before, maybe they remember me but aren't going to say anything in front of their idol?

"oh my gosh it's really you two, i can't believe i'm finally meeting yous both, i'm a big fan of both of yous." Kimberly spoke. that's it, i'm not letting her get away with treating me like shit for years even if she didn't remember who i was, she went in for a hug and i dodged it making everyone look at me with confused expressions.

"you don't remember me do you?" i spoke calmly knowing i could burst at any second.

"i'm sorry?" 

"oh, that's right maybe you'd remember me if i had food dripping from every inch of me." they all looked at me in horror, that's when i knew they had realized,

"don't think i forgot you or ever will forget you for that fact, you made school a living hell for me. all i ever wanted was to fit in but you made that impossible for me, you made sure no one in the school would like me and that they would throw food on me, call me horrible names. you even hospitalized me more than once all because i made a few mistakes and because of my appearance.. well guess what, that new kid at school the one everyone thought was a nerd 'tyler', the one you didn't approve of, he was nice to me, he accepted me and now look, i'm dating him. yeah that's right justin bieber was dressed as tyler and you guys didn't give him a chance and shut him out, maybe now you wont judge on looks because you never really know who that person is or what they are capable of." i laughed as their mouths were wide open and justins arm was around me again because he knew it was hard for me to revisit the memories,

"mil-" i cut her off, i didn't want to hear her make up some bullshit.

"i tried over three times to commit suicide, i was about to give up my whole life because of you, you did this too me," i pulled up my sleeve to show them the scars, kim was trying so hard not to cry but she failed and so did the other two. i continued "but the funniest thing is, i stayed strong and i fulfilled my dream, i'm a pop star dating someone that loves me for me and you're still in high school bullying people" they were shocked that was all i could say, they didn't even have anything to say to defend themselves because they knew everything i said was true.

"that's what i thought... get a photo with justin, i don't want one with yous because clearly i really do not like yous." i went and sat down on the chair behind the camera waiting for justin to take a photo with them, i watched as he clenched his jaw and bawled his hands into fists,

"is that true?" he snapped

"uh - i- uhm" kimberley stuttered, surprisingly the other girls hadn't said a word but all in all it was mainly kim doing the shit to me at school so i really didn't give two shits about them. justin was getting more and more furious by the second, his fists still tight and his jaw still clenched.

"out, get out now." he hissed pointing at the door. they did as told, i didn't even feel the slightest bit guilty. it actually felt so good to see them cry and i know that sounds completely bitchy but honestly i do not care about being the better person or not because nothing i do can ever amount to the pain she caused me.

the rest of the night was amazing, i thought at least some beliebers would hate me or at the least be rude to me but they basically greeted me and welcomed me with open arms, honestly if beliebers had a problem with me i don't know what i would do because they basically own justin and i really don't want to get in between that. we were already back at the hotel we were all walking into our own rooms but funny enough there was still no sign of cody anywhere. i opened my door not bothering to ask the boys about his whereabouts.

after i took a shower i put on another pair of trackies, rolling stones tshirt and justin's hoodie and walked out onto the balcony taking in the view once again.

"beautiful, right?" justin wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me, it scared me at first since i didn't hear him come in.

"it really is."

"i wasn't talking about the view." i blushed as he kissed my cheek, "i brought you something," i turn around as he let go of me to find a tiny box in his hands, he grinned as i took it from his hands.

i was anxious to open it and when i did i found a necklace with a love heart charm with the words 'My Warrior' carved into it and a diamond in-crested next to the text. tears brimmed my eyes, i threw my arms around justin and kissed him sweetly on the lips before pulling apart. "you're a warrior miles but more importantly you're my warrior. but I don't ever want to see you cutting or harming yourself again do you hear me, you honestly have no idea how much I felt like crying seeing what those girls did to you. Promise me Miley." He looked me in the eyes before pulling up the sleeves of the jumper and placing tiny kisses on each oth my scars, "I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

"I promise I won't, thank you, it's amazing." i whispered.

"here, i'll put it on you." he took the box from my hand and walked around to my back, i lifted up my hair making it easier for him to wrap it around my neck and lock it.

"i love you." he spoke.

"i love you too." he grabbed my hand and walked us both inside, walking into my bedroom and lying me down on the bed as he got in beside me covering us both with the blanket and pecking me on the forehead.

"thank you for the necklace and for today with the girls, you didn't have to do that." i smiled.

"but i wanted to, those girls deserved it. now go to sleep, big day tomorrow and you look tired." he chuckled, he was right i was tired and as soon as i closed my eyes i drifted peacefully off to sleep.


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