Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


13. It's A Surprise

Miley's P.O.V

after our sob stories, confessions and a make out session, we decided to sit down and watch TV for a while, i was sitting by myself and had been for a while because Justin had left to go make some sort of dinner for the two of us and had yet to return, i sighed picking up the remote in one hand and brushing the other through my hair, relaxing my body and crashing down on the back of the couch flicking through different channels trying to find something interesting. i stopped flicking when i caught sight of 'awkward' which just happened to be one of my favorite shows.

ten minutes passed, i was just about to get up and go see what the fuck Justin had gotten up to that could possibly take this long when he called my name, i had only been here for about an hour, or three... i had no idea where to walk and what room to enter to get to Justin but in a matter of seconds my sight blacked out and i felt two hands cover my eyes, "Justin what are you doing?" i squealed.

"it's a surprise baby, you're just going to wait and see." he spoke, sending shivers up my spine. although i had been here for quite a long time and he had revealed that he was Justin to me about three hours ago, it still hadn't sunk in that i was, i hope, dating the person i had idolized and the person who had kept me alive, i spent every waking hour of my life wondering what it would be like to meet him and now i have, i didn't react like i thought i would've. i thought i would've blacked out or screamed or cried in a happy way but instead, i yelled at him for lying to me and i cried because i was hurt but unlike everyone else in my life, he had a reason.

i was too caught up in my thought that i hadn't realized we were already walking towards my 'surprise', it felt like my stomach was doing back flips, i was excited to see what it was but i was also nervous, my thoughts were interrupted once again when he spoke up, "ready?" he asked.

"i think" i giggled, biting my lip waiting for his hands to move from my face, when they did my mouth flew open at the sight, it was a massive room that looked like it was for parties with him and his crew, the only source of like were the candles all around the room, in the middle there was a small round table with chairs and candles lit up on top of it and two large plates on either side, rose petals were scattered across the floor leading up to the table and soft slow music was playing in the background.

he grabbed my hand and led me to the table, pulling out my chair and as i took a seat he pushed my chair in and walked around to his, "Justin," i breathed out, "this is so amazingly beautiful, but why?", a smile lit up on his face at my words before he replied, "it's the least i can do to make up for my wrong doings, i really am sorry for lying to you." he took my hand in his and caressed it with his thumb "it's okay Justin," i let a sincere smile pull at my lips, my head snapped in the direction of the door when i heard someone enter, i could only see their clothes, it looked as though they had just come from a waiting job.

when they stepped out into the light i realized who it was, Alfredo Flores.

"hello Mrs. Cyrus and Mr. Bieber, my name is Alfredo Flores and i will be your waiter for this evening, can i get yous anything to drink?" he said smiling, Justin laughed "man, please just bring out what i cooked and the drinks i made, thats all i asked you to do, you didn't have to dress up like you're attending a wedding."

"funny," alfredo let out a sarcastic laugh before walking out to get the food that justin had 'made'.

"so you can cook now can you justin?" i cocked a brow while crossing my arms.

"yes babe, just one of the many talents i have..." he said sticking his tongue out, moving it around as he winked at me.

my whole body froze at his recent movements, "n-nice one justin." i stuttered.

he let out a loud laugh, "i was joking miles, lighten up babe.", my muscles loosened when he confirmed that he was only joking, "or was i?" he cocked a brow like i had done before and let out another loud laugh, "but now i want to show you another one of my talents." he got up from his chair and held his hand out for me to take which i gladly did.

he placed his hands on my hips and i put mine around his neck, he nuzzled his head into my neck placing light kisses all over it as we rocked back and forth to the music, "i hate to admit it, but you're really good at dancing." i smiled, he pulled his head from my neck, "i told you babe, i don't lie about my talents." he whispered before placing his lips on mine, capturing me in a sweet kiss that eventually grew into a passionate one within a matter of seconds, his hands lowered and he squeezed my butt making my squeal and open my mouth against his, giving his tongue clear access into my mouth, we stayed in the embrace for ages with no sign of letting out for air.

"if you guys are done eating each others faces, your actual food is here." alfredo said making me and justin pull apart, but we didn't break eye contact, instead he placed his forehead on mine "fucking hell" justin mumbled, the sweet smell of the food filled the room, i was starving.

he tore his gaze from mine and met alfredo's "yeah, thanks for everything dude, you can go home now you probably don't want to be here for too much longer, your moneys on the bench." he spoke, trying to sound a little happier towards alfredo.

"see you alfredo." i managed to get out between heavy breaths, inwardly cursing him from interrupting me and justin.

"see yous." he grumbled, walking out and shutting the door.

"lets eat" i spoke up after a moments silence, moving towards the table before being stopped by Justin hands slithering around my waist, i felt his hot breath on my neck as he spoke, "i have a better idea."

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