Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


6. I'm Not Your Baby

Miley's P.O.V

"no wonder you have a good voice." tyler licked his lips, his face moving closer and closer by the second before he was roughly an inch away from my face, i was about to move closer into the kiss before my feet took me in the opposite direction. "uh- thank you for everything, but i gotta go get started on the videos." i could feel my cheeks heating up instantly before pointing to the door, stepping inside and shutting it so he could say anything to further the embarrassment of the situation, if that were even possible, i went to walk towards the kitchen before i was stopped by a loud bang from the other side of the wall.

"what the fuck?" i muttered to myself, as i peeked outside the curtain, tyler was still there shaking his now red and bruised hand, rolling my eyes and shutting the blind "fucking idiot." i spat silently, obviously he couldn't hear me but even if there was a slight chance that he did, i don't even care, it's the truth, i mean who the fuck hits a wall? this kid must have serious anger problems or just problems in general.

i made my way to the lounge room, turning on the TV and lying down on the couch, watching the marathon of Dance Mom's that was scheduled to run all day and before i knew it, the room was pitch black and i was drifting off to sleep.


"mmmm" a moan escaped my lips as i fluttered my eyes open to reveal the TV that was still airing Dance Mom's. 

fuck how long had i been asleep? i grabbed my phone out as fast as i could, to see that the time was 4:56pm, i had slept for 5 hours.

almost instantly all the memories from the past few days flooded my mind, i decided to let the rest of my overseas family know about my mom, no matter how much it hurt me or them, i had to. grabbing my laptop off my bed and sitting it down on the bench, signing into facebook on my mothers account, tears flooding my cheeks once again as i wrote a status informing everyone on the current events, instantly the whole family was responding to the status, and friends were sending their condolences, the commotion was too much for me to deal with. i was just about to log off before i saw a comment from my mother's sister that read;

"this is your fault, Miley. if you weren't so selfish your parents would still be alive."

instantly i dropped to my knees, burying my head in my hands, crying hysterically as the words written on the screen repeated in my head, i couldn't take it anymore.

i built up enough strength to stand up and walk over to the kitchen drawers, frantically searching through each and every one, looking for the instrument that would satisfy my needs, until i came across the perfect thing.

picking up the small blade between my fingers and placing it on my wrist, breathing in and out slowly as i lined it up perfectly across my veins, knowing that if i dug hard enough, my life would would come to an erupt end and no one would have to deal with me anymore, without a second thought, a groan left my mouth as the blade had sliced through my skin, dragging it across my wrist, retracing my previous scars, the burning sensation racing all the way up my arm, i relaxed my body. i suddenly felt as if all my problems had been lifted off my shoulders. i shut my eyes tightly retracing the open wound knowing i would have to go deeper if i wanted to draw blood. i winced at the pain rippling through my arm, the blade dropped to the floor along with the blood that was escaping my the cut, as much as it hurt, i could help but want to feel it more, i went to pick the blade again but was stopped by a loud knock at the door front door.

"well this is fucking great." the annoyance in my voice clear as i grabbed a wipe and cleaned the floor clean of my blood and ran back to my room to grab a long sleeve top to hide the cuts in my arm i had made moments before.

i was inches away from the door before another knock came, "give me a fucking second, would ya?" i yelled, pulling the door wide open, i stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of the person who stood in front of me, "w-what are you do-ing here?" i chocked out.

"just came to see my baby." he smirked

"i am not your 'baby' Josh." i spat through gritted teeth, "what's the real reason you came here?" he stepped closer, our bodies inches away from each others, "i want to hear you scream my name again, just like you did last year." he whispered wrapping his arms around my waist "that's never going to happen josh." i stated matter-of-factly, pulling me closer to his chest so that there was no space in between us "we'll see about that", i tried to push him off but it only ended in him tightening his grip. "GET OFF ME JO-" before i could finish screaming at him, he slid his tongue inside my mouth, pressing my hard against the wall behind me, leaving the door wide open to my advantage, if i could just get him off me, i could escape easily, he pinned my arms harder against the wall as i tried squirming and kicking my way out, but failed once more, i groaned at the pain shooting in my arm as he pressed on my wounds from earlier, he still hadn't pulled out of the kiss and knowing him, he wasn't going to anytime soon, he didn't even care that i wasn't kissing back.

trying to escape once more, but failing again i finally gave in, i was too weak to fight back and quite frankly it would be over quicker if i didn't fight back.

he finally pulled out of the kiss, allowing him to breath. "josh, please, i'll give you anything you want, just get off me." i pleaded, "no can do baby, the only thing i want is you." he went to grab the bottom of my top ripping it off, revealing my bare chest to his greedy eyes, he licked his lips hungrily at the site before him.

i finally regained control over my arms and when he was least expecting it, i punched him square in the nose and pushed him off me, running straight for the door, i was too caught up in the moment to realize he he was unfazed by my sudden action, with his hand on my arm he violently jerked it, forcing me to turn around and face him as he grasped each of my arms with both of his hands, "listen here you little bitch, you do what i say, you got me" he barked, lifting one arm and pulling it back, indicating that he was going to punch me in the face just like i had done to him moments before, i turned my face knowing what was coming next.

"what the fucks going on here?" my eyes shot open and widened as i faced the doorway, laying eyes on the person who had saved me from what was about to happen.

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