Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


16. I'm Never Letting You Go

Justin's P.O.V

i can't believe she was leaving me, i found the strength to walk closer to her.

"why." i whispered, "why are you leaving me?" i was hurting and it was evident in my voice, she furrowed her eyebrows after the words left my mouth as though she had no idea what i was talking about. she wiped the tears off her cheeks with the back of her hand.

"what are you talking about?" she asked, i'm so confused, she hasn't got bags or anything obviously she wasn't coming with me, "tell me why you don't want to come on tour with me miley, please i don't want to spend two years thinking about what i could have done to change your mind." i sighed, licking my lips while bracing myself for the hurtful truth. i don't know how im going to react i have a feeling i'm just going to break down, i felt tears slowly building in my eyes, "please just... just te-" she cut me off, "justin, i'm coming with you," she squealed, 

"wait what do you mean, you haven't got bags?", she giggled before she walked around to the back of the taxi, opening the trunk and pulling out three large black bags, "if you would've waited a little longer, you would've realized they were in the trunk." she laughed, her smile was so beautiful and her laugh was the definition of adorable, i can't believe she's mine. thoughtless i picked her up by her waist making her drop her bags and swung her around, she placed both of her hands on either side of my face and wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing her forehead to mine making her hair drape around both of our faces, i pressed my lips to hers and smiled into the sweet kiss causing her to do the same, i'm not the one to get butterflies but this time i did, i wanted this memory to last.


and it would've if someone didn't interrupt us, "justin, i don't think she's comi- shit sorry bro."

"alfredo that fucker", i sighed pulling out of the kiss, placing her back on the ground and grabbing her bags. we started walking towards the plane, i looked down at miley she was fiddling with her fingers which made me realize she was nervous, "are you okay babe?", she nodded her head, giving me a smile which i could tell was absolutely fake. what was she worrying about? everyone's going to love her i can just tell.

Miley's P.O.V

"are you okay babe?" i nodded in reply, it wasn't the truth but i didn't want justin to know that i was nervous, i mean what if they disapprove of me, what if his mom doesn't like me or scooter doesn't like me, i feel sick but i can't back out now, we were at the entrance to the jet, justins hand intertwined with mine, he squeezed it and smiled at me, trying to comfort me, "they're gonna love you babe, don't worry." he reassured me which calmed me down a bit but not a lot, we started walking up the stairs and in a matter of seconds we were walking inside the jet to where everyone was sitting, my stomach was literally doing somersaults.

once they all saw me following behind justin, their faces immediately lit up. one by one they stood up and took turns introducing themselves, it wasn't really necessary because i was a belieber, i knew there names already. first was pattie then scooter, alfredo and kenny. they were just what i expected, kind hearted and caring. i, of coarse, introduced myself afterwards.

"uh, hey i'm miley cyrus, it's nice to finally meet yous." i said with a sincere smile on my face which they all happily returned, alfredo stood up from his seat and patted justin on the shoulder, "good job man, didn't know you had it in you. how'd you land that hot piece of ass?" he chuckled looking me up and down, justin playfully punched him in the arm and i couldn't help but laugh "i have no idea but what i do know is that i'm one lucky man." he said shooting me wink, i could feel my cheeks growing red under his stare so i focused back on scooter.

"thank you so much for this opportunity scooter, it means so much to me." he just smiled, "miley you are more than welcome."

after that, scooter sat me down going through all the events that were to take place tomorrow, i would be lying if i said i wasn't petrified to perform for justin's label. i actually hadn't sung in front of anyone apart from justin and nat.

which reminded me of her, in the end i figured that i wouldn't tell nat until i officially got accepted for the believe tour opening act, i didn't want her getting to worked up over something that is highly unlikely to happen so i just left her a note telling her i would be gone for a couple of days.

"hey guys if you don't mind, me and miley are gonna get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow with the label and all.", justin spoke up after a while of talking about random stuff, they all agreed.

"yeah hun, goodnight, love you." pattie said, kissing justin on the forehead "night darl," she said looking at me and pulling me into a bear hug, we all said goodnight to one another and me and justin headed up the back of the jet to the bunks. he locked the door and pointed to the top bunk that was ours.

as he pulled his shirt off, i couldn't help but stare at his perfectly shaped abs and his tanned body, argh he was so hot, i tried hard to tear my stare but i couldn't. "take a picture, it lasts longer." he mimicked me from this morning, i rolled my eyes and i opened one of my bags that contained my trackies and sweaters.

mindlessly i pulled my top off, and un-hooked my bra tearing it off leaving me bare chested, "why did you have to do this to me?" justin whined, i had no idea what he was talking about so i turned around completely forgetting to cover up, "what?" i said innocently still having no clue. "that" he shouted covering his face with a pillow and falling back against the bed, i looked down and gasped grabbing my over sized demi lovato top that i had received from her concert and pulling it on. i looked back at justin and saw the huge bulge in his pants that i had caused, "i'm sorry" i squeaked, my cheeks red as ever. 

"you're going to have to fix this, you know that right?" he said, sitting up and taking the pillow from his face, i was considering it but then i remembered that his family and friends were in the next room.

"think of someones grandma lying on top of you, naaaaked." i teased, laughing as the bulge in his pants slowly started lowering, justins face was serious.

"that's not what i meant by 'fix it'" he groaned.

"you get whats given." i giggled as i sat next to him, "i don't know about you but i have had an extremely long day and night so i'm going to sleep, night justin." i added, about to lie down until he spoke up,

"are you happy.. i mean with us?" 

"happier than i have ever been." i confessed, kissing him on the lips sweetly.

"good because, now that i have you, i'm never letting you go, i hope you know that."

"oh i know." i giggled, he fell back against the bunk along with me by his side as he pulled the blanket over our bodies and wrapped him arms around me, i fell asleep under his hold peacefully.

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