Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


9. I'll Never Forget You

Miley's P.O.V

"MILEY GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP, YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE." my eyes shot wide open just in time to watch a whole bucket of water being tipped all over not only me, but my entire bed.
"WHAT THE FUCK NAT, YOU COULD'VE JUST NUDGED ME WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT TO THE EXTREME." i snapped, she placed the bucket beside my bed before shooting me a death stare.
"don't you think i have already tried that miley, now hurry up." she snapped back, with that she walked out of the room, leaving me to get ready.
hopping out of my now drenched bed, i headed over to my wardrobe before being interrupted once again by Natalie  "by the way, i need you to take me to school." i rolled my eyes as she skipped down the stairs, giggling as she did so. obviously rehab didn't teach her about handling her bipolar issues.

i quickly pulled on a pair of light blue denim shorts, a red sweater with mickey mouse on the front and a pair of black doc martins and ran into the bathroom, straightening my hair long brown hair, brushing my teeth and applying a minimum amount of make up before rushing down stairs. 

pulling my phone out of my pocket checking the time, i gasped when i realized we had about ten minutes to get to school other wise we would be late, grabbing my keys and bag from the kitchen, i grabbed nats hand and pulled her outside, locking the door before she could get a word in, i opened the car door and pushed her inside, slamming the door in her face, i ran and got in the drivers seat, immediately starting the engine and speeding down the street.

"what the fuck miley, are you trying to get us killed?" she snapped, "slow the fuck do-"

"we have about five minutes now to get to school before we're locked out and get detention, that wont look good on your first day back natalie so i suggest you shut the fuck up." i spat, venom dripped from my words, my eyes widened, shocked at what had just left my mouth i took my eyes off the road and looked over at her, a look of fear showed on her face as she nodded her head. "i'm sorry but we just cant be late." she nodded her head in approval before i put my eyes back on the road in front of me.

it was silent the rest of the way there, as soon as i parked the car we both jumped out and sped off towards the entrance, praying that we weren't too late.

luckily we weren't.

soon enough we were at our lockers getting our books for our first classes like all the other students, i had history first on Thursdays, "fuuckk" i mumbled, i was not in the mood to sit through an hour and a half of listening to Mrs.Stewart go on about event's that happened who knows how long ago.

when i reached my assigned classroom, i waited for Mrs.Stewart to arrive and let us in.

after waiting about 5 minutes she finally turned up and unlocked the door.

"everyone please go inside and take a seat, remember no cell phones and no talking." she said, her voice stern and a face to match.

"let the torture being." i mumbled under my breath, only loud enough for myself to hear. i walked in and took a seat, no one sat beside me of course, just because i got knocked out, severely injured and sent to hospital for 3 days doesn't mean they are gonna care any bit more for me. taking a look around, i let out a sigh of relief when tyler was no where to be seen, the last thing i needed was the awkwardness between us after i had rejected him yesterday.

Justin P.O.V

"Justin, i have to talk to y-" i didn't have the time to have conversations about last night with scooter, i was already late enough for class because i forgot to set the alarm and he hadn't bothered to wake me up, i didn't need to be any later.

"scooter now is not the time, if you haven't realized i'm already late for school." i nudged past him, knocking shoulders with him in the process, i was just about to open the door to the bus before he reached out and grabbed my forearm, not allowing me to do so.

"justin, i'll call the school, you do know they know who you really are, they'll understand, just sit." he snapped, clearly running out of patience. i did as he said, not wanting to annoy him further, and took a seat on the couch looking up at him as he licked his lips, "look, i know i was way out of line last night, i shouldn't have said the things i did and i apologize for that..." he trailed off, taking a seat beside me, "i shouldn't have brought up your past, i know how much you have been trying to forget about it and what i said didn't help." i clenched my fist remembering everything from that night like it happened 5 minutes ago, cursing my 16 year old self for being so stupid, the thoughts took over my mind and i was unable to stop them.


i stepped out of the car, slamming the door shut not in the mood for anyone's bullshit. clasping the package to my side and feeling my back, making sure the metal object was fastened in between my belt and jeans just in case i was in desperate need of it, when i was reassured that i had my back up, i made my way across the street and into the abandoned house.

shutting the door behind me, looking around desperately for the familiar face of Georgia, the girl i loved, until someone spoke up, sending shivers down my spine as soon as i realized who it was, "well look who finally decided to show."  Chaz chuckled as he appeared from the back of the house, Ryan trailing close behind with the familiar face i had been searching for.

"Justin Mallette, you got the stuff?" ryan asked, his voice hoarse. i lifted my hand, revealing the package to both of their eyes, not even daring to speak up. "hand it over, Mallette." ryan snapped, impatient to get the money they both so badly needed and the money i owed them for the drugs. 

the words left my mouth before i was able to stop them "hand her over first.", they both bursted out laughing, "did you hear that ryan, 'hand her over first.' who does he think he's dealing with?." continuing to laugh for a couple more minutes, they finally returned to their previous, serious selves. clenching my fists to my sides, trying hard not to let my dark side over come me but failed miserably, "look you little fucks, give me the girl and you can have the fucking money, you got it?" i walked over to chaz, grabbed him by his shirt and kneed him in the stomach sending him crashing to the floor, wincing from the pain shooting through his body. without even thinking about the outcome, i pulled my gun from my jeans and pressed it to chaz's forehead, if it wasn't for the next thing ryan said, i would've shot him right then and there.

"kill him and i'll kill her, your choice." my head immediately snapped upwards, my face falling and my heart felt like it had just been repeatedly shot at as i saw ryan now holding georgia in a headlock and the gun firmly pressed into the side of her stomach. without hesitation i stepped backwards, dropping my gun and the package in the process, tears threatening to fall but i forbid them to. "please take the package, have my gun, just please let her go, kill me instead, just please, let her go." i fell to my knees, holding my hands up showing that i surrendered and that they had won, "please.." i begged. looking into georgias eyes, tears falling from her eyes uncontrollably, guilt slashed through me. if i had just given them the money in the first place, she would be safe, but she wasn't and it's my fault.

Chaz was now on hit feet with his gun in his hand, "sorry mallette, no can do, i don't like beggars." he laughed hoarsely.

the click of a gun's trigger was heard and in a matter of seconds a loud bang was ringing in my ears, georgia's lifeless body was lying on the floor in front of my knees and the sirens of police car's in the background.

"GEORGIA" i shrieked, they had just killed the love of my life, right in front of my eyes and what's even worse was that this was my fault entirely. 

"you little fucker, you called the police didn't you." Chaz screamed as ryan  grabbed the package and ran out of my sight, the gun now pointed to my head, his finger almost on the trigger before i spoke up, "do it, shoot me, see if i care" i laughed hysterically. "i have no meaning here anymore, she was my everything and she's gone..." tears now falling from my eyes at a fast pace, "s-she's gone forever and i-it's my fault... just shoot me, p-please." i begged, having trouble getting my sentence out through all the tears, the sirens getting closer by the second.

"you know i would love to kill you, but like i said, i don't like beggars. plus it would be better seeing you live with yourself after this, but just remember this isn't finished, we will be back, mark my words." he spat, turning around and bolting out of the house, just as the police arrived.

i lost control of myself and broke down, pulling georgia's body onto my lap placing her head in between my hands, "i'm sorry i did this to you, you didn't deserve this, i wish they could've killed me instead.." i trailed off, pecking her lips with mine numerous times as my tears fell onto her cheeks, "i know i didn't tell you this but i was waiting for the right time.." i sniffled before continuing "i love you Georgia Kelly... I'll never forget you."

*flashback over*

that was the last time i was myself, after that i entered a deep depression drinking, drugs and fist fights were the only way to release my pain, i was being held at countless mental hospitals but none of them worked, until i went to rehab last year and found another way of releasing my pain.

through singing.

one of the nurses over heard me in my room once and called her uncle which just happened to be scooter and now here i am.

"justin... are you okay?" scooter interrupted my thoughts, bringing me back to earth. 

"uh, yeah sorry scoot, i got a bit distracted." i pulled a fake smile, blinking frantically to get rid of the water building up in my eyes, i wasn't going to let scooter see what i was feeling because the first thing he would do was take me back to rehab and that's the last thing i need.

a look of sincerity in his eyes, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a set of keys, starting to play with them in between his fingers, "so i got to thinking and because we are going to be here for a couple of weeks, i brought you a house to stay in whenever you want to be alone, or you want to kick back with friends or whatever you kids do these days."

"thanks scoot, it really does mean a lot." i responded, not being sure of what else to say, i pulled him into a hug before patting him on the back and pulling away.

"no girls, that's the only rule." seriousness took over his face.

"i'm not promising anything scoot." i teased, taking the keys from his hands, getting up and running outside the tour bus, im not going to lie, im a good actor when i needed to be, if it wasn't for scooter being right inside the bus, i would be beating up everything in sight right now.

"I'M BEING SERIOUS JUSTIN, WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER PREGNANCY SCAM." he screamed, his voice fading in my ears as i took each step closer to my car, hopping inside blocking him out completely, starting the engine and driving towards the school.

clenching the steering wheel really hard to the point my knuckles turned white as his voice replayed in the back of my mind.

"but just remember, this isn't finished, we will be back, mark my words" 


IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND justin was into drugs (before he became famous and yes his name is Justin Mallette because he's not famous, i describe it more in chapters to come.) and chaz and ryan got them for him because they had 'connections' and justin forgot to pay them back and then he delayed it to long that they held georgia for ransom (his best friend and first love but he never got to tell her how he felt), and then yeah the rest you know :) i hope you's liked it bc it took me ages to write!! i thought it was about time you's got more drama ;)

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