Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


3. I Wish I Could Tell You

Justin's P.O.V

in those few minutes, it felt like everything was put into slow motion. at first she was telling me all the things the kids do to her at school and how much her mother meant to her, how she had no friends, it weird how she just trusted me with all this i mean for all she knows, i could be some kind of freak which i'm not but she doesn't know that. i was in the middle of telling her how i wish i could go back and change everything, how i wanted them to stop, that i want nothing more than her happiness when a loud beeping noise flooded the room making us both jump out of our skin, i was about to go on with my sentence she was when i saw her ripping the cords out of her nose and pulling them off her chest, before i could stop her she was on her feet and out of the room.

i sat there in the seat staring at the now empty bed, still confused at what had just happened.

in a matter of seconds i heard a scream coming from the next room. 


i was on my feet and out of the room before i could think anymore, i ran into the room which her scream came from and found Miley standing over her moms stiff body, she had a firm grip on each of her moms shoulders, shaking her violently.

"WAKE UP, PLEASE WAKE UP MOM." she screamed tears flowing down her cheeks. when she realized her mom wasn't going to reply, she slowly dropped to the floor, grabbing her moms hand in hers.

"mom, please please wake up, don't leave me here, you're all i have. please mom." she whispered loud enough for me to hear, "mom, you were the only person that i have, you were the only person i can count on you, please don't leave me, not like this, please. i need you, i love you." she managed to get out through all the tears. i only had just realized that i was still in the doorway, watching everything just happen.

before i could think twice about my actions i was sitting down on the floor with her in my arms and her head was buried into my neck, my top now soaked because of her tears but i didn't care, all i care about is her, not anyone else, just her.

a minute passed and  3 doctors came rushing into the room, screaming and shouting words me or Miley couldn't make out.

she cried harder as she watched them try and revive her mom with no response each time, they tried for at least half an hour before excepting the fact that she was gone and not coming back. i was still holding Miley in my arms, keeping her head placed into my shoulder so she wouldn't see them placing the blanket over the lifeless woman's head and pushing her out into the corridor. it was official, if it wasn't for me arriving at Glen View High and being introduced to her, she would be alone with no one to fall back onto, no one to count on. who knows what the girl would do to herself? 

i picked her up and carried her back into her assigned room, making sure she had no eye contact with the lifeless body that was still placed in the corridor, i  laid her down on her bed, pulling the hospital blanket up to waist and tucking her in, kissing her on her forehead even though she was still facing the wall. 

she hadn't said a word to me through out the whole 2 hours let alone even looked at me.

"Miley, look at me" i spoke up, she listened and faced me with tear stained cheeks. i looked into her eyes before i continued "you will never be alone, ever again, i'm here and i'm never leaving your side, you hear me?" i said, my vision now turning blurry, my eyes filling with tears as i looked at her, such a beautiful face but her eyes showed so much pain. she didn't deserve this.

she nodded in response to what i had just said, "t..thank you Tyler." she stammered. "you don't know how much that actually means." she said, kissing me on the cheek, i could tell she wanted to get her mind off what she had just witnessed. i sat back down in the seat i had slept in last night, still listening to her quite sobs.

i went to brush my fingers through my hair but stopped as soon as i realized i was still in my disguise, i had forgotten i was a completely different person to her, i wasn't Justin Bieber.

thoughts started rushing through my head, i'm lying to her about who i am, my eyesight slowly became blurry as tears gathered in my eyes because i had realized i'm no better then anyone else in her life. 

i wish i could tell her.

i dug around my jean pockets, grabbing out my phone and opening twitter,

'i wish i could tell you, i want to more than anything, but i can't. i'm sorry, please forgive me.' wiping of the tears that had fallen onto the screen i pressed the tweet button and within a matter of seconds my phone was blowing up,  i logged off before Miley noticed all the tweets and notifications coming in and asked what it was all about.

i looked up at miley, she must have realized that i was crying because she had a worried look spread across her face.

"w-whats wrong tyler?" 

"oh, nothing don't worry." i answered.

she moved herself to one side of the bed and patted the bare spot next to her, inviting me to lie down next to her. i accepted and fell down beside her as she snuggled up to the left side of me, nuzzling herself into my neck. i wrapped my arms around her comforting her as she continued to cry.

after a while her quite sobs changed into snoring and everything in the room fell silent, the only thing making a sound was her heart monitor. i rested my head on top of Miley's as i began to drift off. 

i still don't know why all this bullying had started, i know she said she told me everything there was to know, but i don't believe her...

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