Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


33. I Don't Fuck Around

Justin's P.O.V

it was 1 am and i still hadn't gotten any sleep, what if this person was serious about everything, what if they were actually going to hurt her. it was like god knew what i was thinking because while these thoughts were running through my head i got another text from the same unknown contact but this time it was a video, i opened it unsure of what i was going to find but when i did the video was of me lying beside miley in this hotel room, when i told her i loved her and when she thanked me. that was just under an hour ago. when i looked closer it looked like it was being shot from the closet in her room across from where we were now lying, chills ran down my spine instantly.

what if they were still in there watching my every move and every breath and more importantly, hers?

i slipped out of mileys hold trying desperately not to wake her and slowly made my way over to the wardrobe with my phone in hand. i opened the door as fast as i could not making a sound and was instantly relieved that it was empty but immediately kicked back into my scared self. how'd they get out if we hadn't left this room for a second and i hadn't fallen asleep. my phone vibrated once again causing me to jump, although this time it was a message,

To: Justin

From: Unknown

just a little
something to
show you i don't
fuck around.
do as i instruct
and your poor 
little girlfriend
doesn't get hurt.

To: Unknown

From: Justin

what do you want
me to do?

To: Justin

From: Unknown

you'll find out in
the next couple
of days.
patience, bieber.

Miley's P.O.V

i twirled the necklace in between my fingers as i sat in the back of the limo waiting for justin to arrive and join me on the way to the airport because it was our week off before we left for dubai and he had a 'surprise' for me, i don't even know if he's taking me somewhere anymore. ever since that night at the hotel two days ago he's been off, he isn't performing so well, he's stopped speaking to majority of the team and i'll rarely get a hug or a kiss depending on how he's feeling. he's become more and more secretive with his stuff, i touched his phone the other day and he went psycho at me, in some ways i can't help but feel he's cheating on me with selena again but i know he wouldn't do that to me -- or would he?

i waited another half an hour before justin finally arrived, he pecked me on the cheek as soon as the doors closed and fell back in his chair without anything to be said as we took off towards the airport.

"why are you so late," i snapped.

"none of your business."

"you are over an hour late justin, that deserves an explanation." i spat.

"you don't need to fucking know everything miley."

"i'm your girlfriend, what is with your fucking attitude late-" he placed his hand on my cheek and pressed his lips to mine in a sweet embrace.

he pulled out with a sincere smile on his face, "i'm sorry baby, there's just a lot of stuff to handle lately." 

"i'm sorry for snapping at you." i leaned my head on his shoulder without saying anything else because i didn't want to further this argument.

he brushed his fingers through my hair, mumbling the words to nothing like us in my ear, i drifted off to sleep.


my eyes fluttered open, i caught sight of my surroundings, how did i get on the helicopter and how long had i been asleep?

"hello sleeping beauty, how was your long ass nap." justin chuckled, tightening his grip around me.

"uhm, good i guess, how did i get o-"

"i carried you, i didn't want to wake you, you looked too peaceful and beautiful." he smiled, i pecked his cheek and sat further down in my chair, looking back up at him he had his famous pouting face on.

"what?" i laughed.

"do i get a kiss on the lips baby?"

"no." i tried to stay serious making it look like i was angry but he could tell i was joking.

"that's not nice," he countered. 

"you get whats given." my smirk grew.

"well that just wont do." he grabbed me by the waist, undoing my seat belt and pulled me onto his lap so that each of my legs were at his sides and i was sitting on his thighs. i looked at him in disbelief.

"let me go, i'm too heavy, i'm probably breaking your legs." his grip tightened around me and his jaw tightened, "ouch justin, that hurts."

"don't you dare say anything like that again, you're so beautiful and perfect miley ray cyrus, if i find you saying stuff like that again i might have to punish you." he chuckled darkly, pressing his lips to my neck and placing sloppy open mouthed kisses everywhere.

"what do you think you're doing." i hissed.

"just giving you a sneak peek of what will happen if i find you saying stuff like that again."

"oi, love birds." kenny yelled from the front seat, making me jump off of justin's lap, "we are landing in five guys, glad to see you're awake miley."

"shit." i cursed, "how long was i asleep for?" justin chuckled as i tried to get the seat belt into the buckle but failed miserably.

"like ten hours, when you fall asleep, you really fall asleep." 

"where are we going?" i questioned, completely brushing off the fact that i had slept for ten fucking hours.

"it's a surprise."

"justin just tell her, we are already landing anyways." kenny rolled his eyes.

"fine, we are going back to stratford, i want you to meet my dad and my brother and sister, plus you need some girl time with nat." he laughed, i squealed and threw my arms around him in excitement, i hadn't seen nat in ages and i missed her loads, i pulled back once his words repeated in my head.

"i'm meeting your family, what if your family doesn't like me." i blurted.

"they'll love you, just like i did the first time i met you and my mom loves you!" he reassured me.


justin took my hand in his as we approached the door to his fathers house, i was nervous as ever.

"calm down, they are going to love you, especially jazzy." he placed a small kiss on my lips, i wanted to stall him for as long as i could so i stuck my tongue out deliberately and pinched his arm gaining access, he pulled out before things could get heated.

"ah-uh, you're not stalling this any further." he knocked on the door before i could have my say and in a matter of seconds the door opened.


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