Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


10. Hey Beautiful, Miss Me?

Justin's P.O.V

loosening my grip on the steering wheel, keeping my eyes on the road trying desperately to calm myself down.

"there's no way they can find you, you look completely different, you have a new last name and countless body guards that would not only look after yourself but any girl i was in a relationship with" i spoke to myself, reassuring that me and any girl i committed myself to would be okay also.

i shook my head trying to clear my mind of those thoughts, pulling over to the side of the road putting on my wig and placing the green contacts into my eyes, honestly, i still looked like Justin Bieber to myself but to other people they couldn't tell, "idiots." i mumbled before pulling off the side of the road and driving to school.


as i walked through the front entrance to the school the bell rang, the first two periods of the day were over and everyone was on their way to their next class, i continued on walking, trying to spot the long brown haired girl i so desperately wanted to be able to call my own.

Miley's P.O.V


the bell that indicated that the first 2 periods of school rang, i grabbed my books, getting up and walking out of the classroom making my way to my locker, my head facing the floor avoiding the stares of the other students.

still no sign of tyler anywhere, as much as i didn't want to see him today, i was worried as to why he hadn't attended school.

after all it's his fourth day at this school and he was with me in hospital for majority of those days which wasn't going to look good on his report.

the moment i reached my locker and opened it, placing my books inside before grabbing the books for the next period i felt a pair of arms find their way around my waist, i'm sure the person was able to feel my whole body freeze under their grip, gulping hard, i tried to turn myself around, but the arms tightened around me, forbidding me to do as i pleased.

a shiver ran down my spine as i felt their breath on my neck before they eventually whispered in my ear, "hey beautiful, miss me?" knowing exactly who it was, i could tell a smirk was placed on tylers face as he had heard my breathing hitch because of how nervous he was making me.

finally having enough, i broke free from his hold and turned around to face him, just like i had suspected a smirk was spread across his face as he looked down into my eyes, putting his hands into his jean pockets, i crossed my arms and leaned my weight onto one side of my body, rolling my eyes, clearly showing that i was annoyed. "n-no, no i didn't" i spoke, i inwardly cursed myself for speaking up when i had no control over my voice. he cocked a brow, not believing a word that left my mouth "really?" he chuckled, "doesn't seem that way.".

slamming my locker shut, i turned back to face him opening my mouth to speak but was stopped by the sound of his own voice, "what are you doing tonight?" he questioned.

searching my mind for an excuse, my mouth spoke before i had even chose one "i have plans." i blurted, pulling a fake smile.

i was the worst liar.

my eyes shot wide open as tyler slammed each of his hands on the lockers beside my face, trapping me between them, he leaned down into my ear, "you're lying." his hoarse voice spoke as he pulled his head back, inches away from mine, he looked into my eyes, licking his lips.

"so what if i am." i spat, annoyed at the fact he had caught me out. his face got closer with each word that left my mouth, trying to take a step back i bumped into the lockers, i couldn't go anywhere.

"come over tonight?" he asked, i bit my lip contemplating whether or not i should take him up on his offer.

moving my face closer his, biting my lip as his lips grazed mine, when tyler looked as if he was about to kiss me, "no." i breathed out. his face jerked backwards along with his hands that were now by his side, i sighed in relief at my sudden release.

"dammit miley." he growled under his breath as he hit the lockers with his fist.

turning on my heels, walking down the now empty corridor because all the students were already at class, i was stopped once again when his hands grabbed my hips, tyler pulled my body backwards making it clash with his.

"you're not getting away again." he said harshly.

before i could say anything tyler pulled me into the janitors closet, closing the door behind us he grabbed me again, placing a kiss on my jaw, trailing down my neck and stopping at my collar bone, my whole body fell limp in his hold, my books falling from my hold and dropping to the floor.

"tyler, stop.. please" i breathed out at a loss for words.

"shh" he said, starting again he placed several open mouth kisses across my neck once again making butterflies erupt in my stomach, before starting to suck on my neck finding my weak spot. grabbing my thighs in his hands he pulled me up around his waist before crashing his lips to mine.

i put my hands on each side of his face, deepening the kiss as his tongue scrapped the bottom of mine begging for entrance which i happily excepted, a moan escaped both of our lips at our sudden enjoyment.

groaning as he pulled away stopping our embrace, a massive grin plastered on his face, "i have" -peck- "wanted to" -peck- "kiss you" -peck- "since the" -peck- "first time" -peck- "i ever" -peck- "laid eyes" -peck- "on you." he admitted sheepishly, pressing his lips to mine once again for a longer time, "now, are you coming or not?" he asked, out of breath. i shook my head,

"no." i responded, his grip on my legs tightened as he placed another rough kiss on my lips.

pulling apart he spoke up again, "how about now?" he asked, nodding my head in defeat, i wanted him to hurry up and go back to what he was previously doing and if i had to go to his tonight, so be it. 

he loosened his hold letting me go, my eyebrows furrowed.

"meet me out the front after school." he spoke before placing his hands on the door handle, only to be stopped by my words "and what if i don't?" i teased.

"then i'll come find you, you aren't getting out of this." he stated matter-of-factly.

"i hate you." i snapped, curious to see his reaction at my sudden outburst.

"no you don't because if you did you wouldn't have stuck your tongue down my throat." he chuckled, my mouth shot wide open at his blunt sentence.

"fuck you." i spat, furious at this point. he turned around flashing a smirk in my direction, "you can do whatever you want to me tonight, be patient." he chuckled licking his lips and shooting me a wink before the door closed between us.

when he was out of my sight i fixed my sweater that had risen up in the recent activities that had take place and grabbed my books that were sprawled out all across the floor and headed out to my next class.

"what the fuck just happened." i muttered to myself, looking around hoping no one had heard me.

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