Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


37. He's Just Gonna Hurt You

Mileys P.O.V

As I was walking towards the car justin hopped it and walked around my side of the car stopping me from sitting down, 

"hey beautiful, long time no see." he chuckled with that famous grin of his.

"yeah because half an hour is soooo long." I giggled.

"it's too long without you by my side." his grin didn't fade as he inched closer to my face until we were connected by the lips, I smiled into the kiss before pulling out for air. opening the car door for me he shut it once I was inside and walked around to his seat, before he opened the door my phone beeped.

To: Miley
From: Unknown
he's lying to you
he's just like every-
one else in your life.
why are you putting
yourself through this
you know he's just 
gonna hurt you in the
end Miley.

a tear threatened to fall but I forbid it as justin jumped into his seat and started the engine. I sent back.

To: Unknown
From: Miley
Justin knows what
I have been through,
he'd never hurt me
or lie to me and I 
know that for a fact.

I tried to reassure myself and convince myself that he wouldn't hurt me again, I know he wouldn't, look what happened last time he said he learned his lesson so i'm going to stick to what he says and not some unknown number that could be anyone that is trying to break us up like selena. I looked over at him, he looked like he was worrying about something or someone bad was on his mind. he caught my stare and forced a smile as he placed his free hand on my thigh, continuing to drive.

To: Miley
From: Unknown
too bad he already

that was all I got, no explanation, nothing. even though I thought I wouldn't I was starting to believe this person...

To: Unknown
From: Miley
what did he do?...

To: Miley
From: Unknown
you'll find out soon.
patience is key.
goodbye Miley.

I locked my phone and slid it back into my pocket, I looked over at justin again who still had the same worried face on as we pulled up to the Hard Rock Cafe. We both got out of the car and we were instantly crowded by paps but this time, i ignored everything they said. he put one arm around my waist as we walked into meet his family, they were already at a table, it was Pattie, Jeremy, Jaxon and Jazzy all sitting there waiting for us to arrive. Once Pattie caught sight if us she immediately stood up and ran over to me with open arms along with Jaxon and jazzy on my feet hugging each of my legs, I couldn't move.

"miweyyy" they both yelled and I giggled at their cuteness, "hi guys!" I said in the highest voice possible.

"Hey love, its nice to see you again," Pattie pulled out of the hug, "missed you hun"

"I missed you too mom." justin chimed in, she laughed and walked over to him leaving me with the two kiddies, I bent down so I was their height and wrapped my arms around the both of them and out each of the on one of my hips, "did yous miss me." I laughed.

"ywes," jazzy smiled, I kissed her on the cheek and did the same to Jaxon, "I missed yous too!" I smiled and jazzy unexpectedly kissed my cheek, I placed them back on the floor and walked over to finally greet Jeremy and just like yesterday he pulled me into a massive bear hug. 

"Nice to see you again Miley, Jaxon and Jazzy didn't shut up about you last night, they have really taken a liking to you and I can't blame them," he looked over at justin who was now sitting down at the table, "justin, she's a keeper don't fuck this up." he said quietly enough for just me and justin to hear and justin sat there smiling like an idiot at his dads word but the smile faded and he returned to the same worried justin from the car. We all sat back down at the table and ordered our meals.

I sat there quietly helping jazzy colour in the page that they had kindly given us when someone I could last a life time not seeing and still be happy, selena came in with Emily and Niall? what the fuck were they doing with her?

justin shot me a glare from the table that I returned, we were both as confused as each other. I looked over my shoulder to find them ordering when Emily caught my stare and her face instantly lit up and she got up from her table along with me, and ran over and hugged me.

"Uh hi em. I see you and Niall worked out.." I tried to play it like i didn't care about her and selena but it was annoying the fuck outta me.

"Uh yeah about that, we're kinda dating.." I squealed and pushed every bad thought out of my head, I was so happy for her I really was, I threw my arms around her but pulled out as soon as I felt that her clothes were wet, it must be raining.

"I'm so happy for you!" I giggled along with her, I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist as justin rested his head on my shoulder.

"thanks Mile's I gotta get back to them now, argh two hours with selena, the things I do for Niall." 

"What things do you do for Niall," justin charmed in.

"Wouldn't you like to know." she winked at both of us causing me to chuckle and turned on her heels back to her seat. I turned in Justin's hold and smashed my lips to his knowing it would send selena overboard, I grazed my tongue along the bottom of his lips and jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled me closer deepening the kiss as he smiled into it knowing exactly what I was doing and he was happy to play along.

we were so caught up on the moment that we hadn't realised she was walking towards us until she tapped me on the shoulder making me and justin pull apart, I jumped down back onto my feet with one arm around Justin's waist and him doing to the same to me.

"hey justin, thanks for last night. it was fun, we should it again sometime soon hey?" she said innocently like I wasn't even beside her, my face dropped along with my heart, it was true, he lied to my face and he was with his ex last night the one that split us up. The unknown number was right, I pulled out of Justin's hold and looked s straight in his eyes that were now filled with regret.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." he played dumb not breaking eye contact with me as he spoke to her.

"justin, stop lying! I know you lied to me about staying with your dad because I called there to make sure you were alright and you weren't even there so just stop." I whisper shouted trying not to attract attention.

"see juju, listen to your girlfriend or should I say ex girlfriend." she laughed, her laugh irritated me just like her music did, I let go and punched her square in the eye making her fall to the ground, I kneeled down and punched her once again in the nose, it was definitely broken, she winced in pain. I stood up once again proud of what I had just done and spat inches away from her face, looking around at all the people staring at us.

"if you want him so badly, you can have him. he means nothing to me anymore, you're both just as pathetic as one another." I hissed, she got back on her feet like nothing had happened even though there was a decent bruise forming around her eye. Justin tried to grab my hand as I walked off but I shrugged it off, "don't fucking touch me justin.. better yet, don't fucking talk to me again, we're through." once I finished my sentence, I was out the doors and in a taxi towards home.

Justin's P.O.V

She left me for good and its all because of selena, I looked at her and just turned around and walked back to the family, my dad was the first to say something.

"again? are you fucked in the head justin? you just let an amazing girl go and I'm positive you won't ever find another girl like that." he said sternly, "I know dad." I wasn't even gonna fight it our tell him I was drugged because it was my fault, I shouldn't have gone to her house in the first place. mom was next.

"justin, who are you? I don't even recognise you anymore." she shook her head.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUSTIN, GO AFTER HER, EXPLAIN EVERYTHING, SHE DESERVES TO KNOW." I heard Emily scream from behind me, she was right. I ran out the doors without even saying a single goodbye or thank you, I went to get into my car but couldn't get through because of the amount of paps, I ran and didn't look back I was going to make it to hers.

I was drenched but I didn't care, I stopped for a slight breather when my phone beeped

To: Justin
From: Unknown
I told you that
you'd regret it.

three comments and the next chapter will be up tonight I promise! ilysms!!! Sorry if there are grammatical errors, I'm so tired guys!!

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