Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


25. Friends?

Miley's P.O.V

"what do you mean that one jets just for me and justin scooter, you know our current situation, is this some sort of joke." i spat.

"miley, hun calm down." pattie said, patting my back for comfort.

"i don't need this now miley, get on the jet as soon as we land we go to the hotel and then straight to the stadium." he shot back, walking into the jet thats obviously theirs, all of them followed except one, cody. i went to walk on the other plane when he grabbed my wrist. he passed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it i think, "here, text me if anything happens, i got your back cutie." and with that he turned around and walked onto his jet. why was he being so flirty and nice to me? i pinched the bridge of my nose knowing what was coming next, i grabbed my bags and walked onto the jet but there was no sign of justin anywhere. i kept walking further down the jet until i reached our room and i placed my bags onto the end of the bed, there was only one bed are you fucking kidding me.

justin probably wasn't on the plane so i decided to change into something comfier seeing how i was going to be on this plane for a while, i ripped my top off and was about to unhook my bra when someone spoke up beside me.

"aww not again miley, you did this the first time we were together on the plane." i nearly jumped out of my skin, i quickly grabbed my over sized black tshirt and covered my chest even though i still had a bra on.


"calm down, did you forget about me and you having sex, it's nothing i haven't seen or been in before." he winked, i pretended to throw up which only made him angry, "that's not how you reacted when it was happening, do you want me to show you the scars you left on my back?" he spat.

"yeah well that was when we were dating, we are broken up now get out so i can get changed." he walked out after speaking up once more

"i'll have you screaming my name again soon, just you wait." i just laughed.

"fat chance asshole." i finished getting changed and now i was in my fully red onsie and bed socks, comfiest fucking things ever. i walked out into the lounging area of the plane and saw justin eating a bowl of lucky charms while watching spongebob topless, he was so childish it made me smile, for a couple of seconds i completely forgot how much he had hurt me and instantly my smile faded. i took a seat on the couch opposite him, he furrowed his eyebrows like he had no idea why i had done so, placing the now empty bowl on the table in front of him he patted the bare spot on the couch beside him, "miley i need to talk to you and you said you would listen." i knew i had said i would listen to him so i got up and moved to the other couch beside him without saying another word, i nodded my head signalling him to hurry up and get on with explaining himself.

"miley, honestly i would never intentionally do something to hurt you, ever. yes i kissed selena and no i didn't pull out because i was being selfish and i admit this now, its only been like what, six hours and i have already realized my mistakes, actually i realized them right after i saw you standing there crying. i hate knowing that im the reason you aren't smiling right now, because all i ever want to do is see that beautiful smile of yours and i want to be the one that can walk around and say 'see that beautiful girl there, yeah she's my girlfriend.' i want all the guys to be jealous of me because i have you. if you gave me a second chance i would show you off to the world, i wouldn't hide our love, i would want to tell everyone that you're off limits and you're my girl and only my girl. when i saw selena after i texted her i thought i had feelings for her again and seeing you with niall made me think i had no feelings for you which was the complete opposite because i hate selena and i really love you, i really do.

all these smilers, jiley shippers and even beliebers and directioners are telling me how much of a fuck up i am for hurting the most beautiful girl int he world and honestly i agree with them, i had the worlds most amazing girl in the palm of my hands and i let her just slip right through my fingers, i regret it miley. even alfredo, my best fucking friend, told me i was a fuck up and that he didn't blame you for leaving me, ALFREDO THE KID THAT WAS NEVER MEAN TO ME ONCE YELLED AT ME AND I FUCKING AGREED WITH HIM. that was the hardest thing that i have had to listen to but yet i know it was the truth.

miley ray cyrus, i love you more than anything, i know you don't love me back and i understand if you don't want to give me another chance but please think about it. i don't love selena it was just a moment of weakness." he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand and looking me in the eyes, waiting for my reply. i wanted to cry but i couldn't, i wanted to speak but i was speechless.

"a-a" i didn't know what was happening but suddenly i felt a pair of plump lips smash against mine and keeping me in a passionate kiss erasing my mind from anything thought i had, i missed his lips on mine, wait what was happening? i quickly pulled out and looked at him, there were tears in his eyes, he knew what was coming.

"justin, i can't i'm sorry, how do i know you wont have another moment of weakness, how do i even know if i can trust you at all?"

"b-because, i love you so much miley and i know now not to do it again, when i'm not with you it drives me crazy. it will take a while for you to fully trust me again but i know if you put your mind to it and i work my ass off we can be together again."

"if you really love me as much as you say you do, prove it to me." he wiped the tears from his eyes and shook his nodded, he agreed.

"i'll do anything it takes." he breathed.

"friends for now?" i asked.

"hey i have seen you naked and i kissed you, i think we are best friends." we both laughed, i kissed his cheek and pulled him into a hug, staying there for a while but the sound of my phone going off tore us apart. grabbing my phone from my pocket i looked at the message, 

To: Miley

From: Unknown

hey gorgeous, hows
things with justin?
if there are any
problems remember
i could always be
your gentleman,
- cody

i giggled at my phone and started blushing which caused justin to ask;

"who's texting you?" he sounded concerned.

"just natalie," i lied, i had to we were just on good terms and even though he was the one in the wrong, i didn't want to screw this new friendship up and technically by flirting with cody i wasn't being unfaithful to justin, we were just best friends and nothing more and i doubt we will ever be more again, i texted cody back;

To: Cody

From: Miley

i'll hold you to that

i shut my phone off and placed my head on his shoulder while watching the remainder of the spongebob episode, trying desperately to get rid of the awkward tension between us too. i saw justins phone and immediatly got an idea, grabbing it and opening up instagram i yelled, "smilleee" and took a photo of us both, he grabbed the phone from my hands and decided to write his own caption which he wouldn't let me see so when he put his phone down i grabbed mine and looked at the caption secretly;

'this girl is my whole world, i stuffed it up the first time and almost lost her, believe me when i say i'm going to try and keep her this time even though we aren't dating but we are just close friends i won't stop until she's mine again, she's the reason for my smile, the reason for my happiness but most of all, she taught me how to love again, she's my favorite girl.'

i looked up with tears in my eyes as he had seen me looking at it from behind my shoulder, he smiled.

"its the truth, every single word of it." i smiled and kissed his cheek once again before he put his arms around me and carried me bridal style to the bedroom, placing me softly on my side and climbing in with me placing his hand around my waist, we both fell asleep together peacefully.


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