Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


15. Crazy Ideas

Justin's P.O.V

"why would they do that?" i spat, i had just been given a chance with the girl of my dreams and now i had to leave her.

"i don't know, they think it would be better for publicity reasons you know because you just broke up with selena and you're single now..." he trailed off, knowing that that is still a soft topic, but honestly it didn't hurt anymore because i had found Miley.

"yeah scooter, about that..." i trailed off, hoping he would clue in on what i was trying to indicate.

"justin.." he sighed which made me realize he had gotten my tiny hint, "who is she?".

"miley, the girl i told you about, the girl that was in hospital, the one i'm crazy about." i chuckled, i was still whispering a bit because the last thing i wanted to do was wake her up.

"well i'm sorry justin but you're going to have to leave her.." he breathed out through the phone, i was about to agree with him until i got the craziest idea, it was a long shot but you'll never know unless you try.

"hey scoot, have you found my opening acts..?" i blurted, even though i couldn't see him i knew he was furrowing his eyebrows right at this moment, trying to figure out what i was up to.

"well we have one but we are still unsure about the other, one direction is your first opening act... why?" he asked, still curios to hear my plan.

"well, i have an idea, what if Miley if my second opening act? i heard her singing the other day, she's amazing scooter." i urged, praying to god himself for scooter to give in and say yes.

"i don't know justin, that's a pretty big ask and what if the label don't approve of her?" i could tell he was on the fence about this one.

"why not give it a shot, i mean what harm could it do if they say no, we'll just go back to a normal schedule." i was scanning my brain for anything to persuade scooter but from the sound on the other end of the phone, i had achieved what i wanted already.

"fine, when you wake her tomorrow, you tell her, she doesn't have to answer you right away, drop her at school, you give her a deadline of 10pm tonight, you give her the address of where our jet is, if she turns up then we will take her straight to the label and she'll perform for them and if they like her she can come on tour with us.. but if she doesn't turn up, we leave immediately." his voice was stern, i couldn't help but smile, my baby might be able to join me on tour and she would be opening for me which is a thousand times better.

"thank you so much scoot, ill ask her in the morning but its still pretty early so i'm going back to sleep, i'll call you after i tell her tomorrow." i was over the moon.

"no problem justin, remember what i said, deadline 10 pm and i'm being serious, not a minute late." and with that the other line went dead, i placed my phone on the bedside table and cuddled back up to miley, smiling like an idiot at the thought of me and miley singing on the same tour, i closed my eyes and i was instantly asleep.


"SHIT" was the first thing i woke up to, seconds later the blanket was ripped off of me leaving me naked in the middle of the bed, i looked to my side and saw miley standing up with the blanket wrapped around her body, covering her naked body from my greedy eyes.

"why are you covering up, its nothing i haven't seen before." i chuckled as her mouth dropped wide open.

"you're unbelievable."

"so i have been told." i winked at her as she stomped out of the room and into the bathroom with a fist full of her clothes, she was so sexy when she was angry and it was turning me on so much and she had no idea, i stood up and walked over to my wardrobe, i had no idea what i was going to find because this was only the second day in this house, damn one day in this house and i have already nailed someone, im good, i chucked to myself. i opened up the wardrobe and found rows of supra's and skinny jeans and v-necks, i swear i was in heaven. i chose red supras, black skinny baggy jeans, a white v-neck and a black leather jacket. nothing different compared to my usual.

moments later i heard miley come out of the bathroom, wearing the same thing she did yesterday. the red mickey jumper, the shorts and her doc martins, i bit my lip trying to hide how hot i found her but failed. "take a picture, it lasts longer." she teased. i walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me, i suddenly remembered the phone conversation and released my hold on her and went and sat on the bed, her classes started a little later on a friday so i had plenty of time to ask her.

"miley, i need to talk you." i wasn't going to waist any time.

"yeah what is it?" she said, taking a seat beside me, furrowing her eyebrows.

"well last night when you were asleep, scooter braun my manager called me.. now please don't get angry or upset, promise me?"

"i promise you i wont." she assured me.

"well, the label rescheduled my believe tour, i leave tonight and arrive in new york tomorrow, scooter told me i would have to leave you behind but then i came up with this crazy idea, i asked him if we had our opening acts, we only have one direction but we need two opening acts.. now hear me out..." i trailed off, looking into her eyes too see if she knew where i was going with this, she was clueless but i could tell she was hurt at the fact i was leaving, "i want you to be my second opening act," she opened her mouth to say something but i didn't let her, "he told me to ask you, he said you don't have to answer right away, i have to drop you at school and go to the tour bus immediately to pack my stuff,  but i had to give you this address, its the address of our jet, if you want to join me on tour, meet me there with your bags packed and we will take you to the label and you'll sing for them and they'll decide where to go from there, but if you decide against this, you don't have to turn up at all but i would appreciate it if you turned up and told me why you chose not to tour with me, so that i'm not constantly thinking about what i did wrong for the two years." i handed her the address of the jet, she just stared at the paper without saying a word to me.

she was speechless.

"can you just drop me at school, please?" she whispered, she didn't even give me an answer or tell me that she was going to think about it, but i wasn't going to dare to pressure her, it's her choice and i can't choose for her even if it means i had to let her go for two years.

"sure." i sighed, i'm not going to lose her without a fight, she grabbed her bag and i grabbed my keys, we hopped in the car and the whole ride there was silent and awkward, she hopped out leaving me and my thought, i dialed the number of the person i really needed to talk to right now, she always knew how girls acted and honestly she was like my sister. there were a few rings before someone eventually picked up,

"hey justin bieber, hows life, long time no speak?" she asked, all cheered up, probably because i hadn't talked to her in at least two months.

"hey demi lovato.." i mimicked her voice, "i need help, meet me at tim hortons in five?"

Miley's P.O.V

i honestly have no fucking idea what im going to do, i can't just up and leave nat for two years, she'd never forgive me, let alone let me leave, she means to much too me and i mean to much to her, i want to go, i want to be with justin but i think we are taking our relationship too fast, its been five days now, i've fallen hard for him but that doesnt make up for knowing him for five days, i even had sex with him last ni-

"fuck" i whisper-screamed, i had sex with justin bieber, i completely forgot how the fuck am i suppose to tell nat this, she didn't even know tyler in the first place, how is she going to react to justin drew fucking bieber, he's her idol too. okay, i shook my head trying to clear my head from those thoughts and try to get it back on the main thing here, should i go with him or should i stay? i could go and start a profession in singing but what if i get rejected by the label, but on the other hand if they didn't reject me, i could become famous and make my mom and dad proud, but then again i could get rejected and be the laughing stock of the school even though i already am but its could make this a million times worse, i'll also have to live with the fact that im not good at anything and that when he leaves ill have no one again apart from nat but she's not going to be with me forever.

if i don't go my life will be normal, i'll be okay with tha-

"MILEY." nat yelled, disturbing my thoughts i mentally thanked her for that, "where were you last night? i was worried sick?" she shrieked, "i was just at the hospital again, i'm sorry, you know they are like my second family." i lied, i couldn't tell her the truth, no matter how much guilt was building up inside of me.

"well i missed you, i can't even last a day without you, i can't imagine what its going to be like when me and you permanently leave each other." she sighed, my head shot up at her, how did she know, did she know? playing it safe i went with the thought that she had no idea and played along

"well don't worry, i'm not leaving anytime soon i think." my mind was made and there was no going back, the person would just have to understand my decision because it's my life not theirs.


today was boring as always, nothing special apart from the countless and pointless conversations with natalie but now its, 9;55 pm, guilt was building up inside of me, i have a feeling i'm going to regret my decision.

Justin's P.O.V

i met Demi at tim h's after i hung up the phone, we talked for a while, she told me that i had to respect Miley's decision no matter what she decides, she said and i quote 'if you love someone, you'll do anything to see them happy, even if it means hurting yourself.' and honestly, i understood completely. after that i went back to the tour bus and told scooter and the rest of the team what happened, they weren't to happy, they were all looking forward to meeting her, but i reminded them that they still might have a chance to meet her, but i i don't think they will, not with the way she responded after i told the plan.

now i was all packed, walked towards the jet, Kenny was carrying my luggage and the rest of the team followed behind, i pulled my phone from my pocket and checked the time, it was 9;55 pm.

scooter spoke up, "do you think she's coming?" he asked, patting my back for comfort, he knew how much she meant to me and he didn't want to see me heart broken again and he certainly didn't want me to become bad again. "scoot, i don't know, i'm scared and i'm shaking but i have to respect her decision, you guys head on in, i'll be in soon." i said, they all nodded and jumped on the jet without any further questions.

i waited a while i was just about to walk inside, excepting the fact that she wasn't coming when i heard a car door slam shut behind me, my face immediately lit up knowing exactly who it was, i turned around and started running towards her, my heart beating faster than ever, she had chosen to come with me, i wasn't going to be alone and i was going to be with the person i loved, miley.

my feet stopped instantly and my heart sunk when i saw that she was standing there with tears in her eyes.

empty handed.


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