Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


18. Can't Be Tamed

Miley's P.O.V

it's been a month since i was accepted by the label, we have been working hard on this new album of mine that is set to come out the day before the tour starts which has been delayed 2 months so that we can get my album done which at the moment is being called 'can't be tamed' we have only written four songs and we only have a month left, fuck, scooter wasn't exactly ecstatic about the delay because they had packed all their stuff for the tour and in the end they didn't need it. i can't help but feel like i'm the one that made this happen but scooter assures me that it's got nothing to do with me when clearly it does. i released a single the other day called 'can't be tamed' which is the song that the album is based around and ever since i have been swarmed by paparazzi, i even have a fan base called smilers which makes me laugh. of course my fan base isn't massive because i'm only just starting out and i'm not that well known around the world like Justin is.

Justin and me have had barely anytime to ourselves and even when we do, either one of our managers will interrupt with something 'important' like a photo shoot, recording or an interview. the only time we get to see each other is late at night when we watch movies together in bed, but we have grown stronger as a couple some how in the short amount of time that we have spent together. the label and our managers hate us being together because they are scared that we will get caught, see we decided that we would keep our relationship under wraps because my manager, Charlie Simmons, doesn't want my reputation to be ruined or for me to become famous because i was  'Justin Bieber's Girlfriend', she wants me to become known on my own and for my own music. which i couldn't blame her the last thing i need is to be classified a fame whore because i'm an upcoming singer dating a successful one.

today's the day we get introduced to one direction because they are the second opening act for Justin and i would be lying if i said i wasn't nervous or excited, but for now i have to ring nat and let her in on what has been happening these past few weeks. nat has no idea that my family hate me so i just told her i was staying at my aunties house for a few weeks to clear my head, i have been putting off telling her the truth because i'm dreading her reaction, it's weird that she hasn't picked up that im mildly famous yet because it says "Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed" and it has been number one for a while but after my makeover i'm not so surprised, even my own parents wouldn't be able to recognize me. 

sighing i got up out of the bunk and grabbed my phone of the side table, its currently 10 am on Saturday so nat would be awake. i hesitated before dialing her number and pressing the call button, i was freaking out unsure whether i was going to back out, i didn't have justin for support either, he was off working on believe acoustic or something, i took a seat on the end of the bunk, holding my breath when i heard a sound come from the other end of the phone,maybe if i hung up now she wouldn't realize its me.

"miley, hello are you there?" fuuuccck, theres no going back now.

"uh, hey nat."

"what do you want miley, you know i like to sleep in on a saturday." she whined.

"i think you're going to want to hear this."

"miley, what is it?" her tone went from whiny to serious in a split second.

"please don't overreact or hate me from keeping this from you?"

"miley i'm sure it's not that bad now please hurry up and tell me." 

"well, i haven't been staying with my auntie these past couple of weeks, i have actually been staying with a close friend of mine..." i trailed off hoping she wouldn't ask who it was.

"who?" she gasped

"Justin Bieber." i heard her try to say something but i wanted her to hear everything before she had the chance, "you know the tyler the guy i talked to you about, well it turns out it was justin in disguise, long story short he wanted me to be the opening act for his tour because he didn't want to leave me behind for to years because we are dating, did i forget to mention that but anyways yeah so i audition for his label and they accepted me and i got a makeover and i have already got a song out, you know 'can't be tamed by MILEY CYRUS.' yeah well that's me and my albums coming out soon and i wont be home for two years, sorry." i took a deep breath in because i hadn't the whole time i was explaining it to her.

"ha nice joke miles but seriously, when are you coming home."

"i'm not joking, i wish i could prove it to you but justin's working on his new album and i ca-" i cut my sentence short knowing exactly what i had to do to show her i wasn't lying, i started singing can't be tamed over the phone and when i finished, the line was dead, you could hear a pin drop until nat opened her mouth

"MILEY HOLY FUCK WOMEN WHY DID YOU KEEP THIS FROM ME, YOU ARE DATING AND TOURING WITH MY IDOL WHAT THE FUCK MILEY YOU CAN SING AND YOU HAVE A SINGLE OUT AND YOU HAVE SHORT BLONDE HAIR AND WOW WHAT IS HAPPENING... am i being punk'd because this shit isn't funny." she shrieked, i laughed at her reaction because it was exactly like i thought it would be, dramatic.

i hadn't noticed that Charlie was standing behind me, "miley, justin's waiting for you out in the car with kenny and scooter, you have your meeting with one direction in half an hour." she said, tapping her finger to her watch indicating that i had to hurry my ass up, bitch's got an attitude.

"alright nat, im pretty sure you heard that and if you didn't i have to go because me and justin have to go and meet one direction now because blah blah blah." i couldn't be bothered finishing my sentence so i just hung up and quickly got up to get changed throwing my phone back on the bunk. after about five minutes i finally decided on what to wear, a simple black t-shirt with the gucci symbol on the front with a pair of white skinny jeans along with my doc martins of coarse, light make up, sunglasses and my hair just the way it is, that what i loved about this hair, you don't have to do anything to it.

i grabbed my phone back off the bed and ran off the bus and towards the van, dodging the paps while they shouted questions at me. everyone knew i was on tour with justin so it was safe to be seen coming off the tour bus but of course there were rumors but now that i'm kind of famous it was bound to happen anyways.

i slammed the door shut and sat inside the car, sitting next to justin intertwining my fingers with his after he kissed my cheek, thankfully these windows were tinted, kenny started the engine and we were on our way to meet one direction, well i was meeting them for the first time, justin was close with them already.

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