Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


41. Butterfly Fly Away

Justin's P.O.V

"what do you mean 'they're back', how, when?" scooter looked at me on the floor with sympathy in his eyes.

"did they do this to miley?" mom whispered, i nodded my head slowly and got up off my feet.

"i don't think i can bare to lose miley mom, i love her." i cried, tears still falling from my eyes, i'm surprised there hasn't been any paps here getting this all on tape, my breakdown, me crying but i'm thankful that they hadn't.

"she loves you too, you know she's a fighter, she wont give up this easily." my mom reassured me as she wrapped her arms protectively around me, "don't give up hope, everything is gonna be alright."

"she's my warrior, if i lose her, i lose everything." i whisper-cried, all of a sudden the shouts of the doctors got louder and more and more ran into her room.

"CODE NINE IN ROOM 126." the service women yelled over the speakers and half a dozen doctors and nurses came running down the halls towards us, i wiggled out of my moms grip on me and approached one as fast as i could.

"what's going on, i-is my girlfriend going to be alright."

"sir, please step aside this is an emergency." he spoke.

"please that's my whole world in there tell me is she going to be alright!" i whisper shrieked.

"in all honesty, it will be miracle if she pulls through." and with that he walked passed me without another word to be said.

this can't be happening, she has to pull through she has to, my feet took off towards her room and once i was by her side i started screaming.

"MILEY LISTEN TO ME, STAY WITH US PLEASE." i cried, my hands on both sides of her face, my tears falling on her cheeks.

"PLEASE YOU'RE MY WARRIOR AND WITHOUT YOU I'M NOTHING PLEASE I NEED YOU... I LOVE YOU.." nothing but pure silence coming from her, she was pale like she was already dead. i can't believe this could possibly be the last time i see her, i loved her so much, she didn't deserve this.

scooter was ordered to come in and take me out but i refused, that only resulted in me being picked up by kenny who had just arrived and pulled out of the room by force and placed me on the vacant chair outside her room while the crew stood there staring at me crying and hyperventilating.

"y-you told me she was g-gonna make it, you s-said everything was g-gonna be alright.." i cried, "YOU LIED TO ME MOM." she tried to comfort me again but i just stood up and pushed her away,

"justin.." she tried to start one of those sympathetic speeches but i stopped her.


"justin, you know i can't tell the future." she stood in front of me with her arms out but i stood back, i wasn't in the mood for sympathy.

"n-no you can't, because if you c-could miley would be alright along with everything e-else and it's not... i-it's far from alright." realization dawned on me, "this is all my fault..." i whispered.

"WE'RE LOSING HER, KEEP TRYING." were the shouts from the room, everyone now had tears in their eyes and there were paparazzi everywhere you looked.

i'm so over this, i walked over to the windows and opened it a smidge, not enough that they could get a hold of me, just so they could hear me.


Miley's P.O.V

everything around me was white the only thing that was clearly visible was the door standing in the middle of the room, the only thing i could hear were the faint screams of the doctors fighting to keep me alive but i was slipping further away each second.

this is it, it's my time.

i took a long pause before finally moving myself closer and closer to the door, i twisted the handle and the door swung open freely, my mouth dropped open at the beautiful scenery but i didn't dare walk through, not at the moment anyways.

it was peaceful, butterflies and birds flying without a care in the world. tree's swaying in the warm air as the sun was setting perfectly on the lake just before the hills, i guess this is what everyone means when they say 'walking into the light.'

i lifted my foot off the ground ready to walk inside when their voices stopped me,

"don't go."

my head flipped around so fast and i started running in their direction, they stood there with tears in their eyes at their daughter running for a hug before them, this felt like i belonged, like i was meant to leave and stay with them.

"why are you here." i whispered pulling out of the hug and wiping my tears from my face.

"to stop you from making a mistake." i furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"what mistake." 

"walking through that door, once you leave you can't come back." dad spoke up.

"but i want to be with you, how are you back?"

"we have waited a year and a half in this room for you and you're too young to leave, you have something to fight for now, you can't give up." he pointed at my neck, following his finger i found what they were both smiling at, justin's necklace.

"but, he'll understand, you're my parents." i spoke up twirling the necklace in between my fingers, looking them in the eyes.

"miley, you need to understand that we can wait forever for you to come with us, we'll wait until your 100 if that means you get to live a full happy life, watching you perform and being happy with justin is all i can ask for, you can tell your children about us and how much we would love them, but please don't give up hope, you're his warrior, he needs you now more than ever."

"but i-i miss yous s-so much." they walked towards me together and wrapped their arms around me so i was in the middle of both of them, "we miss you too darl but you need to go back to him."

"C-aterpillar in the t-ree, 
how you w-onder who you'll be, 
can't g-o far but you can always dream,
Wish you may and w-ish you might,
Don't you worry, 
hold on tight,
I promis-e you there will come a day,
Butterfly fly away."  they whispered in unison,

"we are so so so proud of you miley, you achieved your dream." i smiled,

"it couldn't do it without justin though." i giggled.

"he's a keeper" mom laughed, "if he hurts you again tell him he'll be up here with us." 

"we love you miley." they said in unison, i really didn't want to leave them, a year without them is long enough.

"i love yous so much please don't leave me, don't make me go back." i cried.

"we'll wait for you..." was the last thing they said before i slipped from their hold, they waved goodbye while they were still crying. the force of reality was pulling me back fast and almost instantly the hospital room was clear in view again and they left without a trace.

"SHE'S BACK." they screamed as the heart monitor went from a deafening straight line to a curved beeping one, "shit" i muttered under my breath at the pain coursing through my head.

justin burst through the doors with puffy red eyes and tear stained cheeks, "MILEY BABY THANK GOD." he ran to my sides, i groaned as i sat up further in my seat throwing my arms around him, it hurt but i dont care i was in his arms again. i partly pulled out of the hug and smashed my lips onto his, i missed this, i missed him.

"i should've believed you." i admitted sheepishly.

"no it's okay, i shouldn't have left with her anyways." he was right but i needed to tell him.

"i missed you." i admitted,

"i missed you too, never scare me again, you were gone for so long." he breathed.

"i saw them, i finally saw them again.." i cried with happiness.

"you finally saw who baby?" he sounded confused.

"mom she spoke to me at the cemetery, she told me you weren't lying and i saw them just then while i was out, i was about to walk into the light when mom and dad stopped me, they told me to not give up on you, you're the only reason i'm alive, i love you justin drew bieber." his grip on me tightened and his smile grew.

"i love you too miley ray bieber." i blushed at the thought of us one day getting married and the thought of me stealing his last name, he kissed me once more.

in that moment i knew that he was the one i wanted to marry and no one else.

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