Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


31. B&J's And A Surprise

Miley's P.O.V

you'd think this kid would be able to get changed in under 5 minutes but no he has to make everything perfect, hair and all. after what felt like hours he finally walked out wearing a massive black YMCMB hoodie and cookie monster pajama pants and black supras.

"where's the clothes i gave you and why are you wearing pajama pants?" i giggled.

"it's too hot for leather and since you're wearing my black trackies what else am i suppose to wear?" he countered.

"i'll take them off and -"

"as much as i would love that, i'm comfy and i'm in the mood for ice cream. let's go." he grinned, i got up off the couch and opened the door for both of us to walk out. he took my hand and dragged me to the back entrance of the arena,

"justin, what are we doing, the cars out the front?"

"well when we were born, we were born with what scientists and i like to call legs and we use-"

"seriously we can't walk, are you crazy their are paps everywhere they'll spot us for sure" i whisper-shrieked pulling my hand out of his.

"trust me." he spoke calmly like he had done this a thousand times, "i do this after every show." and he had. taking my hand he pushed the door open and covered our heads with our shirts in hope that nobody would notice us as we escaped, fortunately no one did and there were barely any paps around.

we talked as we walked to to the nearest shop that was selling ben and jerrys or any other form of ice cream, as we entered it was safe to pull our heads completely out of our shirts and confront the person who showed people to their seats. she had her head faced down in the guest list as we approached her.

"mrs, do you sell ben and jerry's here?" justin spoke up politely, the women looked up and acted as though she had no idea who we were.

"yes we do sir, would you like a table for two?" he merely nodded his head and she grabbed two desert menus and showed us to our seats all the way up the back of the restaurant, justin ordered us both chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, "will that be all for today mr. bieber?" she asked sweetly. so she did know who we are.

"yes thanks."

"pleasure to serve you and miss cyrus." she walked off and we both sat their looking at each other speechless until he finally broke the silence,

Justin's P.O.V

"i'm the luckiest man alive... you know why?" i spoke up.

"no, why?" she asked, licking her lips and intertwining her fingers together.

"because i have the sexiest, most beautiful-est girl in the world sitting right in front of me and i am able to call her my own." she blushed and tried to turn her head to hide it from me, "don't be shy, look at me." i chuckled. she forced herself to look me in the eyes as she bit her lip, "that is such a turn on." i muttered absent minded.

"what is,?" she giggled.

"when you bit your lip." i admitted sheepishly.

"like this" she bit her lip again.

"that's not funny."

"if you find that a turn on, what about this." she leaned her head forward over the table, placing her hand on the back of the neck and pulling me closer to her face until our lips were molded together, her tongue grazed my lip and i granted her access to my mouth, our tongues exploring the insides of each others mouths and just as it was getting more and more intense she pulled out with my bottom lip between her teeth and released it.

"you're such a tease." I spat playfully, if only we weren't in public...

i sighed as the waitress came back over with our orders and left immediately after we thanked her. Miley ran her fingers through her hair and picked up her spoon shoving a mouthful of ice cream in her mouth, she really doesn't hold back.

"hey miles, you have ice cream on your nose." 

"no I don't, my nose would be cold then justin, you can't fool m-" I dipped my finger in her ice cream and smeared it all over her nose, her mouth dropped wide open, he face was priceless so I let out a loud laugh causing people to look our way, luckily no one bothered us,

"I wasn't trying to fool you, you-" before I could finish my sentence she wiped ice cream all over my lips,

"justin, you have something on your lips." she spoke innocently with a massive grin plastered on her face.

"oh really?" 

"yes," she leaned forward in her chair, "would you like me to get rid of it" 

"please do." she leaned in closer and just when I thought she was going to smash her lips onto mine, she wiped it off with a napkin in her hand.

"there you go jb." She fell back on her chair, proud of what she had just done.

"you tease, you forgot about your nose though." I leaned forward and wiped the ice cream off her nose with my thumb as she looked me in the eyes, "I love you." I blurted quietly but i didn't mind because I loved her and as far as I know, she loved me back.

"I love you too." I placed a sweet kiss on her lips, not wanting to pull away I placed my hand on the back of her neck deepening the kiss. In this moment I swear I knew I wanted her to be the mother of my children but I know I couldn't tell her that, not so soon.

I got this crazy Idea and pulled out of this kiss,

"in two days, we have a week off before we head to Dubai, can I take you somewhere as a surprise?" I asked.

"depends on the surprise."

"if I told you then that defeats the purpose of the word surprise" I laughed along with her.

"yeah justin, I'd love that." we finished up our ice cream and walked hand in hand out of the restaurant and back towards the arena for our meet and greet, we didn't say anything but it wasn't awkward, the brisk cold night air brushed our exposed skin, miley shivered, before she could object I pulled my hoodie off and gave it to her, 

"are you sure, aren't you going to be cold I mean you're only in a singlet." It's cute how she worries so much.

"I'll be fine just put it on babe, you need it more than I do." she didn't bother to argue and pulled it over her head as we continued walking.

"you look extremely sexy in my clothes." I confessed, she blushed at my sudden compliment. 

just as she was about to speak up my phone beeped in my pocket, knowing it was probably scooter reminding me about the meet and greet I sighed and pulled out my phone letting go of mileys hand. 

the message wasn't from scooter or anyone I knew for that fact, it was unknown.

To: Justin

From: Unknown

better keep an eye on

that girl of yours bieber,

would hate for something

to happen to her,

unexpectedly of course. ;)

(a/n) this story has only just begun ;) 

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thank you for the support guys, I love yous.

Much Love :* xo

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