Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


8. Best Friends Back

Miley's P.O.V

"miles?" i fluttered my eyes open, catching someone waving a hand in front of my face. i sat up immediately now face to face with Natalie, my mouth fell wide open at the sight of my best friend before me, i threw my arms around her and hugged her tightly without even thinking twice about my actions, making sure this wasn't a dream.

she pulled away before breaking the silence between us, "hey miles, how are you feeling now?" she asked, i furrowed my eyebrows trying to figure out what she meant until i caught sight of the room we were in.

looking around frantically trying to make sense of the scene around me, there was blood sprawled all over the floor along with my top and the house phone, nothing came to mind.

finding the strength in me to finally stand up and brush myself off, "uh, yeah, i'm fine... i think. what happened?" i asked.

"you don't remember?" before i could answer she continued, "well.. how do i put this..." she trailed off with a long pause, running her fingers through her hair.

"can you hurry up and get to the point!" i snapped, running thin on patience at this point, her head shot up taken back by my sudden outburst, glaring back at me.

"you were almost raped by Josh Fucking Delaney Miley, but luckily enough i walked in at the right time and stopped it before calling the police, you then fainted for some unknown reason and now here we are." she yelled, licking her lips, she continued, "look i'm sorry i snapped at you, i'm just worried about you, that's all?"

as soon as she finished her sentence, it finally snapped and i remembered everything, Josh forcing me against the wall, ripping my shirt off and almost punching me in the face, nat walking in pushing his against the wall and knocking him out, both my hands instantly reached up to my mouth covering it as my jaw had dropped wide open, my whole body shaking as tears fell from my eyes soaking my cheeks.

Nat pulled me back into a hug, gently rubbing my back, desperately trying to comfort me and calm me down but only making it worse, "miles, please, please calm down, you're okay just remember that and i made sure the police wont be bothering you anytime soon with their stupid questions, okay?" she whispered in my ear, she released me out of the hug before shooting me a reassuring smile. i wiped my tears away with my fingers before walking over and picking up my shirt and pulling it on, "lets just forget about everything that happened today, i know it's big and its going to be hard, it could've happened but it didn't so lets just put it in the past? plus, this is the first time i have seen you in almost a year and in my books that is way too fucking long" she chuckled, this is why i loved her, she always knew how to make me smile even in then worst of times.

"ceciliano, i've missed you so much." i admitted, she smiled "i have missed you too, cyrus."

"why did you leave anyways? you never really told me, you just said that it was apart of your dream?" her face immediately fell as soon as i finished what i had to say.

"miley.." she trailed off, obviously uncertain to whether she should continue to tell me or not, but obviously decided to get it off her chest, "i went to a rehabilitation center because my parent's found out about the drugs, they forced me to go..." she whispered only loud enough for me to hear. "i lied to you because, i thought you would think less of me if you knew the real reason.. like my parents did." tears now building in her eyes but she managed to keep them there, she kept her emotions together, i just stood there, frozen to the new found information before replying, "nat, i couldn't think any less of you, even if i tried. like you said before, it's bad but its in the past, you're better now and that's all that matters." her face brightened up instantly, "miles how do you manage to always make me feel better about myself?" i giggled, "I'm amazing," pushing my hair back over my shoulder to add attitude.

"speaking of amazing..." i stood back getting a proper look at her for the first time, i mean with all that has happened today i hadn't really realized how much she had changed, "you've completely changed since the last time i saw you, rehab did you good." letting out a loud laugh she did a complete turn, showing off her new look and outfit for the day, tight dark blue skinny jeans, with a black t-shirt and white converse, her brunette hair falling nicely over her shoulders and ending at her hips, she was still gorgeous there was no doubt about that.

"how long was i passed out for?" i suddenly asked.

"uhm, i don't know, felt like a fucking year though." still dramatic as always obviously, i pulled out my phone checking the time, "shit" i thought to myself when i saw that it was 10 pm, after my 3 days in hospital i couldn't afford to be late or to miss anymore classes, i was just about to leave the room to go get ready until i spotted bags.
"so i'm guessing by the bags at the front door, you're staying here?" i cocked a brow and crossed my arms, trying to make it seem like i was pissed at the fact she hadn't even asked me, when i actually wasn't, i was the exact opposite.

"uh, yeah miles, i hope you don't mind, it's just until i can find a place of my own and then i'll be out of your hair i swe-" i cut her off, "nat calm the fuck down, i'm just fucking with you." i laughed at her confused expression, "but wait, you're staying for good?", i squealed with excitement when she nodded her head in approval "i even called GlenView High and they already have my locker picked out..  but i think i should get ready for bed and so should you, both of us can't afford to be late tomorrow." with that she walked out of the room, and so did i, walking into the bathroom, brushing my hair and then my teeth before walking back into my room and pulling on anything even remotely comfortable to sleep in. setting my alarm and lying down, my eyes slowly shutting until i was completely asleep, my mind finally at ease.

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