Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


45. Baby, I Would

Justin's P.O.V

my mouth hung wide open at ryan standing there with his newly fired gun firmly in his hands and his 'best friend' lying lifeless on the floor with a bullet through the back of his head, this was working out better then expected 

"sick of being the sidekick and following his lead, never really liked him anyways." he shrugged it off like it was nothing, miley stood there fine because it was nothing she hadn't seen or felt before but with tears fresh in her eyes as i was still alive before her but natalie, emily and niall stood there looking at me with smirks planted on their faces.

"now where were we?" ryan chuckled darkly, before raising his gun once again faced at me this time, i knew what i had to do to kick this into action.

"ryan, i know you never wanted to do this, chaz made you do it, you were pressured into this life but you can have a new start now, he's gone..." i trailed off, is gun not moving an inch away from its target.

"you better shut the fuck up mallette, now." he spat.

"you were always the goody two shoes, never disobeyed your mother or the law, you'd never even dream of doing any of those things but look at you now." i shook my head, trying everything i could to get him worked up.

"don't you dare talk about my fucking mother." that sentence gave me the idea i needed.

"why not, i mean, it is your fault she died isn't it? don't you remember?" i countered, licking my lips.

miley could see that he was getting angrier by the minute and had a worried look on her face as she stood still, "justin stop" she spoke, i ignored her.

"no it's not, YOU SHOT HER." he shrieked, the gangs mouth dropped along with mileys.

"now ryan.. you and i both know that's not how it happened, just admit it.. you murdered your own mother." i said with a disgusted tone.

"IT WASN'T MY FAULT." he shrieked as he dropped the hand with his gun to his side and put his head in his other head ashamed, "it wasn't my fault..." he trailed off, "she wasn't suppose to be sitting there," i probably had a look of sympathy on my face as i walked towards him but i quickly wiped it off and had my famous smirk on again.

"it was chaz's fault, i know for a fact he made your mom sit there, he made you shoot her thinking it was someone else and you did it, you killed her because of chaz, but chaz's gone, you don't have to follow his rules anymore, you don't have to live in the shadows, you don't have to be bad. go out there and start a new life, forget about the past because its gone, over and done with and theres nothing you can do to change it." i got within a metre of him before he looked at me with his now black eyes, i backed away immediately walking over to miley and standing beside her just to let her know that she's safe.

"i can't do that mallette, you see once you get the hang of killing people, you get addicted. it's like your drug and you can't stop no matter wha- hey heres an idea," he licked his lips, looked at me and then at miley who wasn't paying attention or registering what he meant but i knew what he was going to do, instantly, i pulled miley in front of me so her back was facing him and she was looking in my eyes,

"georgia or miley whatever you want to go by now i just want you to know that i love you so so much and if it wasn't for you i probably wouldn't be here..." i brushed a loose strand of hair out from her face and behind her ear before continuing, "you have no idea how happy i was before when i found out that my second love turned out to be my first i'm still overwhelmed, you're my best friend and you're the only one i have ever loved, back at that radio station i didn't mean anything i said, everything was a lie, if you don't believe me that's okay, because i know it's not the truth and some how i hope this proves to you that you're my one and only and someday i wished that we would be married and have children together and die alone together but i guess fate has a different idea for us, i love you Georgia Kelly, I love you Miley Cyrus, please stay strong for me..." her eyes were watering at my words, she didn't know what i knew. ryan lowered his gun still with a smirk on his face which confused me but then thats when she walked in, selena blew a kiss in my direction and just to piss her off i bent down and kissed miley sweetly and passionately before pulling out , "you and i are forever, remember that." i muttered loud enough for everyone to hear, my heart plummeted straight into the ground when ryan threw the gun to selena and she held it to the back of miley "just remember that if i could prevent this from happening, baby, i would." quickly switching our positions, she screamed as the gun fired and the bullet struck me in the back and she started to cry hysterically, i didn't move, i didn't scream, it didn't hurt i just smirked and turned around.

it had gone according to plan.

selena and ryans faces instantly dropped when my plan unraveled before their eyes, my uncle who worked for the police stepped out from behind one of the house walls with his 'back up', before the gang got here i set everything up, they heard everything.

"Ryan Butler, you are under arrest for the murder of Mrs. Butler and Mr. Somers, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you." he was handcuffed and walked out into the police car, my uncle then made his way over to selena who was already hand cuffed, "and you, Miss. Gomez, are under the arrest for ATTEMPTED murder of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus."

"you sick son of a bitch." she spat at me, we all just erupted in fits of laughter at how stupid she was, apart from miley as one of the police men were untying her hands.

the back up guys made there way out to the car with selena.

"thanks man, couldn't have done it without you." i laughed, pulling the bulletproof vest off from under my shirt and handed it too him. he just smiled, "glad you're not dead man, thanks for the call, stay safe." and with that he walked out leaving me with miley and the rest of the gang, i hadn't even looked at her, i was too scared.

i finally brought up the courage to turn around, she stood there speechless whereas natalie, emily and niall were all cheering as our plan had worked, ever since i found out it was chaz and ryan, they all said that they'd do anything to help and that's exactly what they did.

"what the fuck just happened here?" she whispered, "didn't want to let me in on this little plan of yours you fucking bastards, i thought my best friends hated me, I THOUGHT MY BOYFRIEND WAS DEAD." she shrieked, running her hands through her head and pulling at the ends.

"we couldn't, if you knew it wouldn't have worked out the way it did, we didn't really expect it to happen today, we had it planned for quite a while but it just happened that you were captured today, we had it all set out for anytime." natalie explained, "i could never hate you, neither could any of us, we did this for your own safety."

"you know that week i was suppose to be recording believe acoustic, yeah thats when the plan kinda evolved, you were in hospital and couldn't take the news so we just kept it a secret." i blurted, "we got a couple of surprises along the way though... georgia." she just stood still like a statue and took in everything we had to say. 

"did they text you this morning, is that why you were angry?" she questioned, i just nodded my head, "so that means, no more angry justin?" she mumbled before walking slowly over to me.

"no more..." i whispered as i snaked my arms around her waist, "i promise.." i whispered against her lips before attaching them to mine sending a spark through my body, she wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck not breaking the kiss once, her tongue grazed the bottom of my lip and i allowed entrance, tasting every inch of her mouth before pulling out for air, "oh god i missed that."

"it's only been like what.. five hours?" she laughed, still wrapped around me.

"that's way to long." i chuckled before re connecting our lips.

"I missed you Justin Mallette." she admitted.

"there wasn't a day that went by where i didn't think of you, Georgia Kelly." i admitted sheepishly, kissing her again.

"if you guys don't mind, we're still here and i'm fucking starving, i want food." emily whined causing me and miley to pull apart.

"mcdonalds?" niall asked happily.

"mcdonalds." we all replied as she jumped off of me and we walked out of the house, leaving it behind for good this time, leaving it behind with the memories that came along, some not so bad anymore, i was just happy that it was over and i had my first love again.

niall, emily and natalie were all a mile in front of us as we were walking towards the nearest mcdonalds.

"georgia, why didn't you try to find me." i asked.

"i thought it would be better off you thinking i was dead..." she admitted.

"so you thought it was a good idea to let me think my best friend and the girl i loved was dead for the last two years?"

"when you put it like that no, but remember, if i did you wouldn't be famous..." she played back.

"it wouldn't matter because i'd have you, you're all i need." i confessed.

"well if i could go back in time and do it all over.." she trailed off.

"baby, i would." 


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