Baby I Would

Jiley Fanfiction.

Miley's Suicidal, Alone.
Justin's Undercover at Miley's School.
Will They Fall For Each Other?
What Will Happen When He Comes Clean?
Will Their Past Catch Up With Them or Will Their Secrets Ruin Everything Before It Has The Chance.


44. A Life For A Life

Miley's P.O.V

"but... but how? I killed you! you died I saw it with my own eyes!" chaz whispered, only loud enough just to hear, he was completely mind fucked at the sight of me before him. I rolled down my shirt covering the hideous scar before speaking.

"that's what you thought, you shot me in the stomach, I was well alive when you ran away and when Justin Mallette was crying and telling me how much he loved, I was incapable of moving, speaking and I could barley see so of course I looked dead, Justin ditched me as soon as he knew that the ambulances were outside because he couldn't explain what had gone down beforehand, i haven't seen him since..." i trailed off at my last in counter with Justin Mallette


"I know I didn't tell you this but I was waiting for the right time.." he sniffed as he took me onto his lap, all I wanted to do was throw my arms around his neck but I couldn't, "I love you Georgia Kelly... I'll never forget you." I was sitting here, a blurred vision of my best friend with a flesh wound in my stomach but what he said hurt more than the bullet, it was like a thousand knives being stabbed into your heart at one time, I loved him too but I couldn't tell him, I loved him more than anything but I was incapable of speech.

"g-goodbye Georgia." he whispered before planting a small peck on my lips making the pain in my stomach ten times worse, getting up and walking away just as the police and ambulances walked in, I gained a little control over myself and faced the direction he walked off into, his faint shadow still clear in my vision,

"I love you too, Justin." was all I remember before everything went black as I was lifted onto the stretcher.

*flashback over*

tears now falling from my eyes, I missed him. I wiped the tears away before looking chaz in the eye once more, "It's because of you I have this fucking scar and it's all your fucking fault that I lost my best friend. I had to fucking move and change my appearance, my name and who I lived with just to feel safe again." I hissed, I wasn't holding back, "you ruined my life and when I get the chance, I'm gonna ruin yours." I spat.

Ryan and chaz looked at each other, wide eyed "She doesn't know." was all they said.

"I don't know what," they both looked at me innocently, "WHAT DON'T I KNOW GOD DAMMIT." thinking fast, I wrapped my tied hands around chaz's neck and brought his head down to my knee, colliding with it. he fell over and winced in pain. I was pretty proud of myself until I looked up and saw four guns all pointed in my direction, my whole body froze over, nat looked at me and mouthed something along the lines of 'they aren't loaded' but I didn't know if I should trust her.

I looked at Niall and Emily and they mouthed the same thing.

"Get the fuck up you pussy." Ryan spat as he pulled chaz up from the ground dropping his gun, everything was silent as he recovered from his injury, all guns still pointed at me until Ryan spoke up again.

"looks like pretty boys got a secret life you have no idea about." Ryan chuckled darkly.

"oi it's been an hour Ryan, are we meeting mallette at the house or not." My head snapped in Ryan's direction at the sound of my long lost best friends name being mentioned, were they taking me to him, what was going on.

"yeah let's go." Emily and Niall grabbed both of my and restricting my movement and escorted me out of the room, making sure I wasn't going to escape and took me out into a black van where they placed a black bag over my head and shut the back door leaving me in the trunk alone with barely any space to move.

it didn't take long before the car came to a quick halt making me smack my head into the boot door as it opened, I had no idea where we were but the weather was warm. Someone grabbed my arm and forced me to walk forward. there was a moment of silence before someone spoke up.

"so mallette, it's been a while, did you miss us." my stomach felt as though it was doing back flips, my old best friend was obviously in my presence but they hadn't taken the bag off of my head so I couldn't see how the years had treated him.

"save it somers, you know what our deal was." I guessed that was mallette,hearing his voice made me feel happy even in the situation we were in now, he sounded oddly familiar though. he sounded like my boyfriend but that couldn't be, Bieber hates me, he said it himself.

"not so fast mallette, looks like miley has something to tell you, then you can decide if you want to go through with it." chaz bargained, suddenly everything became bright causing me to squint my eyes, I took in the surroundings first, we were back at the house the one I was 'murdered' in.

"CHAZ YOU FUCKE-" I stopped mid sentence at my boyfriend standing in the middle of the room, they tricked me, it wasn't mallette.

"Miley... what are they talking about?" his tone serious and to be honest I had no idea where this meeting was going.

"I don't know justin, chaz what are you talking about?" I furrowed my eyebrows, this whole situation has confused me, "and I thought you said we were seeing Justin mallette or was that just another way to fuck with me." I scowled causing chaz to erupt into fits of laughter, the rest of their 'gang' standing behind us which didn't seem to effect Justin in anyway like it had with me.

"oh that is justin mallette baby." Ryan admitted, the sound of him calling me baby made me want to throw up but it didn't effect me as much as the information he said before it.

"Justin Mallette... are you...?" I whispered looking him in the eyes, I could tell he was confused as ever, he slowly nodded his head in approval to my question before he finally said something to me,

"how do you know who I really am." we had been together for over months and we never knew that we'd met already and were once in love.

"yes tell him." chaz continued, "this shall be entertaining."

"would you shut the fuck up." Natalie spoke up, I mentally thanked her. Swallowing the lump in my throat I began explaining.

"we've met before, not just met but we were best friends... the best of friends, we did everything together... Any idea so far?" I asked before he shook his head looking clueless, "I don't look the same as I did, after the incident I had to change my name and appearance, I loved you actually and you admitted to loving me before you left me..." I continued but he still had no idea, I went to continue but was stopped,

"how dumb can one person fucking be." Ryan muttered before stepping closer to me and pulling up my singlet revealing the scar in a rush to get this over with.

Justin's P.O.V

"how dumb can one person fucking be." Ryan muttered before stepping closer to my girlfriend who was confusing the fuck outta me, and pulling her singlet up slightly, jealousy took over me as i thought this was going in a completely different way until it revealed the scar on her stomach.

"Georgia..." I mumbled under my breath, it was like my whole world came crashing around me, it couldn't be. "no, this isn't true. it isn't your lying." I started to break down, tears threatened to fall but I forbid them to escape. she shook her head.

"I'm not lying justin, I remember this house exactly, you confessed that you loved me before you ran away, you thought I was dead, I thought I was dead..." she trailed off now crying, "I thought I'd never see you again," it was like miley was a whole different person now, she wasn't the girl I met undercover at school, she was the girl I fell for when I was eleven, she was the girl that was murdered because of me, she was my first love and now... she's my last.

"but... oh my god... I missed you" I dropped the gun and ran over to her with my arms wide open, her hands tied so she couldn't hug me back but I don't care, Georgia was here with me. I smashed my lips on hers eager to feel them against mine once again, it was passionate, not rough but romantic, I was so caught up in the moment that i completely forgot about the deal I had made with the boys until chaz pried us off of each other, I didn't want to let go of her, but I had to.

"now you have had your moment with your girlfriend, it's time for the rest of the deal." I nodded my head and kissed her lips once more before stepping away from her.

I stood in the clear with my gun in the floor beside me ready to take what I had agreed too, chaz raised the gun and aimed for my chest as a gasp escaped from miley or Georgia's mouth, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" she shrieked.

Chaz gave her a smirk before saying, "a life for a life, right bieber." I looked at miley with sympathy in my eyes as hers started to water up.


chaz erupted in fits of laughter again, "I remember this situation all to well but I think Georgia was the one with the gun to her stomach and you were pleading for me to take your life instead of hers... I guess the same rules apply then." my jaw tightened, I knew exactly what he was talking about, "sorry Georgia, I don't like beggars." and with that he focused back on me with gun in hand ready to fire, he clicked the back of his gun as I tightened my eyes and said, "I love you Georgia, always have, always will." with that a loud bang erupted and filled all of our ears.

I opened my eyes in shock that I hadn't felt anything only to realise I didn't feel anything because,

I wasn't the one that got shot.

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