Louis Tomlinson

Louis' back story!!!!

Blood Lust premieres March 21st 2013


1. Louis' back story

The day Louis' life turned forever.

(Authors note: this is more of like a third person story of Louis' 139 years)

Louis has lots of secrets he hasn't told any of the boys. Big secrets that could change a lot of things.
Will he ever tell them?
Now you know all the secrets behind Louis Tomlinson the 139 year old vampire.

January 17th 1873.

10:36 PM

The cold winter air nipped at Louis' chest he pulled his peacoat against his chest hugging himself.
He really should have signaled for a carriage, father would be waiting for him he looked around the streets pretty much clear. A women lifted up her skirts to enter a tavern Louis wished he was her. Able to go to a pub, father would NEVER let him go to one
"Don't you disgrace the Tomlinson name son, we Tomlinson men never go into taverns they are un classy and filthy" he had lectured Louis at age 19 now Louis was 21 you'd think he'd be free to make his own decisions but no he was still stuck in his fathers doll house.
The snow fell gracefully as Louis looked it over his snow boots making a weird sound everytime her stepped into the packing snow.
He cut through an ally way when he heard the sound of a can being kicked he looked behind himself. Nothing. A chill rose up his spine, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He turned back around quickly walking when he heard a louder sound. Closer. He started to run. He regretted once a patch of ice came into view but it was to late. He slipped on the slippery patch landing on his side crying out in pain he breathed and noticed a piece of glass in his thigh. He heard a "whoosh" sound he looked around he tried to pull put the glass but it didnt work. He felt tears come to his eyes.
Once when Louis was 13 he fell off his favorite horse Chavorlee and twisted his ankle and lightly started to cry when his father cam dot help him up he said to wipe away the tears men don't cry. But Louis was aloud to cry he was 13. But that doesn't count.
Louis clutched the glass and bit down on his lip and yanked it out clutching his thigh where the blood was leaking out
He heard clapping from behind him. Someone was applauding him? Who could be so sick?
"Who's there?" Louis called nervously looking over his shoulder he heard footsteps and a women appeared her dress expensive looking like a dress Louis' mother would wear.
"Great show, I was entertained" she said Louis was confused and disturbed
"Your sick." Louis said trying to get to his feet when he slipped on the patch again falling back down. He looked for the end if the ally it was quite far.
He clutched his leg again
"You might wanna patch that up" the women said a playful smile on his face
"Yeah, whatever" Louis said he took off his black scarf and tied it around his thigh stopping the bleeding. He used a garbage can to get to his feet only to slip once more landing on his back hitting his head the women became a blurring image. She kneeled down beside Louis
"Oh dear someone should get rid of that darn path of ice" she women said Louis looked at her
She put her hand on Louis' cheek and turned his head towards her she leaned down and kissed his lips Louis closed his eyes the essence of her kiss felt amazing. The kiss ended after a moment
"Are you ready?" The women asked
"For what?" Louis asked the women smiled and slid her silk glove off of her hand
"Don't chase me when this is over." She said
"When whats over?" Louis asked she but into her wrist and held it to Louis' lips he took gulp after gulp of this sour liquid that tasted like Nana's pomegranate juice.
The women removed her wrist and looked down at Louis
"What now?" Louis asked
"Step 2" she said elevating Louis head on her lap positioning her hands,
"What's step 2?" Louis asked then the snapping sound echoed in the women's chest.

-a bit later-

Louis shot up gasping for air.
He didnt know what happened. His leg was healed he felt better then he remembered the women he looked around for her sanding up. There was no sign of her.

-February 8th 1876-

Louis walked into the fancy ball room area taking a glass of champaign he sipped it properly. He had left that old town behind planting evidence to make it look like a murder.
He moved on from his trapped doll house life. He was following the women who turned him into this extraordinary being. (Haha ExtraodinHARRY)
He had tracked her to this party. He looked over the crowds then he located her standing at the bottom of the stairs she idled her head for him to follow. He walked by handing someone his drink as he passed them, he walked up the stairs he walked down the long corridor before being pulled into a room.
"What are you doing here?" The women asked pinning him against the wall
"I came to see you" Louis responded looking at her lips
"You can't be here I told you not to follow me" she growled at Louis he bit his lip
"I wanted to thank you for my new life," he said she looked him over.
"Well your welcome, now be gone" she said
"But I want you" Louis said
"I don't want you" she said harshly towards Louis
He swallowed hard and looked her over he felt water come to his eyes he had never felt this dark pain before
"Why did you kiss me then?" Louis asked confused
She leaned in and kissed him roughly, the rough kiss Louis pulled her against him she put her hands in his face, the kiss lasted for several minutes the women ended it shoving Louis against the wall hard
"The same reason why I just kissed you.." She said
"Tell me the reason" Louis begged
"Because your kisses are something I want but you, I DON'T want you." She said
"Please tell me your name" Louis asked
"Chloé Qúilintino" (Quill-Lin-Teeno) Louis liked her French name. Louis smiled Louis' family was French but he never wrote the accents in his name. Lóuis Tómlinsón he could speak French perfectly his family on his mothers side was full French. The family on his dads side was full posh English.
"Your French?" Louis asked
"Yes I really have to get going" she said
"Wait Chloé" Louis said trying to grab her hand she took it away
"Leave me be. Haven't I made myself clear?" She asked Louis felt sad he didn't want it to end up like this. That was the last thing he wanted, but that was his results.

-March 28th 1878-

Louis wrote down in his journal the log of his day, it's been 2 years since Chloé shot him down. Se rejected him after changing him into this immortal being to walk the earth forever alone.
He hated her for it. He desperately wanted someone to love, and for someone to love him back.

He was working on a farm with a family a very kind family who had taken them in as if Louis was their son.
Louis sat by the window looking down at the leather journal he had just finished writing.
He looked out the window.
He saw something in the barn he quickly made his way into the barn to only see his boss.
"Oh it's just you Mr.Styles, you gave me quite the fight" Louis said with a kind smile
"Sorry lad, I didn't mean to I was just about to go for a ride would you like to join me?" He asked
"Father I'm ready" Louis heard the gentle voice. He turned around to see her the beautiful girl 18 years of age and just glowing with beauty.
"Oh hello Louis" Anastasia Styles the daughter of Mr.Styles was wearing fitted riding pants and riding shirt and thin brown leather jacket
"Hello Anastasia" Louis greeted
"Will you be joining us?" Ana asks patting the neck of her horse Zeus.
"I accepted your fathers kind invitation just as you walked in" Louis said she smiled brightly exposing the adorable dimples every Styles family member had.
"Pick a horse though I do suggest you pick George, he likes you and will surely behave well for you" she said I nodded
"I'm sorry to be a bother but Anastasia could you give me a hand?" I asked as I reached the stable for George. She pranced over in her knee high brown leather riding boots. I walked over and picked up the saddle Anastasia looked at me her mouth hung low
"How can you do that?" She asked
"Do what?" I asked
"Lift a saddle as if it was a feather?" She asked
"What can I say I'm strong" Louis said lightly putting the saddle on George's back.


They were slowly starting Louis has ridden a horse before even after he fell off of Chavorlee. He missed that great horse. George was much like Charvorlee.
They went into the Styles' meadow running around on their beautiful horses. It got chilly so they went back Mr.Styles went back into the house leaving Anastasia and Louis all alone in the barn as they finished brushing their horses.
Zeus' stable was right across from George's. Louis had some difficulties brushing George. Anastasia came over
"Need some help?" She asked her shorter figure standing beside Louis' he looked down at her staring at her beautiful face.
"What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?" Anastasia asked
"No, nothing but beauty here" Louis said stroking her pale cheek Ana reminded him of a porcelain doll, her brown eyes and pink lips and perfect heart snapped face and her long brown curls.
Anastasia went up on her tippy toes and kissed Louis on the cheek
"Your a sweet man Louis" she said
"I try my best" Louis said
"Anastasia! Louis!" Mrs.Styles called from the wooden porch.
Louis and Anastasia flashed back into reality and walked towards the house.

During dinner Louis sat across from Anastasia as they ate sneaking glances and smiles down the large table. The Styles family consisted of 10 children. Clive 29, Daisy 26, Alexander 22, Sasha 19, Sebastian & Anastasia 18, Emmet 10, Emma 9, Sophie 6, William 3. Sebastian was Anastasia's identical twin brother. The one thing they all had in common was the dimples. William dropped his fork and started to cry, Louis bent over and picked it up for him wiping it off with a napkin and handing it back to William rubbing his back and whispering kind things to him as he slowly stopped crying Mr. and Mrs.Styles looked at each other. They have been trying to ind a suitable groom for Anastasia to marry and at that moment they thought they had found the perfect man for Ana but that's where they were very wrong. Louis couldn't provide babies to keep the blood line going. The only thing he could provide for their daughter was undying love. Emmet and Emma pushed their chairs out excusing themselves bringing their dishes to the sink and skipping off giggling. Clive eyed Louis, Clive was suspicious of Louis from the moment Mr.Styles brought him home. Louis looked back up from William and focused on his food again.

After dinner Mr.Styles called Louis into his office. Louis had a bad feeling this was going to be the goodbye he'd been doubting that might happen but Louis was surprised when Mr.Styles poured him a glass of his best liquor. Louis took it giving it a secretive sniff to see if it was laced with Bloodrose. Negative.
He sipped the alcohol swallowing it.
"So Louis me and my wife have been talking and we think you are a suitable husband for Anastasia." That was something Louis wasn't expecting.
"And why is that?" Louis asked politely.
"Anastasia wishes for a large family and you love kids, she enjoys riding and you can take care if yourself on a horse." He says
"Thank you sure" Louis says
"I have a ring for you, I think you should propose next week at the ball. I think Anastasia would love to have you for an escort." Mr.Styles says
"Of course shall I ask her tonight?" Louis asks
"If you would like" Mr.Styles said.

That night Louis stood outside of Ana's door. He knocked lightly she opened the door
"Come in" she said Louis shut the door behind him and walked in following Anastasia onto her balcony the wind blew causing her curls to dance.
Louis stood right behind her. He tossed Anastasia's curls onto her other shoulder kissing at her neck, Louis had just fed this morning he would be alright cravings wise. He kissed lightly softly being gentle. Anastasia turned around facing him her hands on Louis' bold jawline as she finally placed her lips on Louis' an action he's be anticipating since he met her. They're kiss lasted a few minutes they broke it off.
"Anastasia Styles. Will you be my date to the ball?" Louis asked she nodded causing Louis to smile and swing her around.

The ball was in full force people dancing champaign this was the night Louis would propose to Anastasia. Everything seemed to be going well...
Louis and Anastasia were waltzing on the dance floor their faces close
"You look beautiful" Louis said
"Thank you you look quite handsome yourself." She said
"No really you look dashing" Louis said Anastasia pecked him in the cheek.
Louis felt eyes on him this time it wasn't Clive or any of the Styles family members, it was someone else.
After the ball ended Louis took Anastasia to the fountain behind the deserted house.
They sat on the edge Anastasia's flowing cream dress her curls done up in a bum with a few popping out. Her matching gloves on her hands folded in her lap
Louis pulled a con out of his pocket
"Make a wish" he said handing it to Anastasia. She smiled he helped her up and twirled her around her back facing the fountain. She whispered something to herself and threw the coin back wards it landed with a little splash
"Close your eyes" Louis said she closed her eyes
"No peeking" Louis said she smiled
"I'm not peeking" she said
Louis got down on one knee and opened the box the beautiful ring shining in the moonlight.
"Open them" Louis said Anastasia opened her eyes and a look of shock and happiness flooded to her.
"Anastasia Jane Styles will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Louis asks
"Yes, yes yes!" Anastasia says Louis slips the ring on her finger and stands p they hug and kiss.

-April 22nd 1878-

Louis and Anastasia have just gotten married it was honey moon time. Louis and Anastasia were aloud to stay in the carriage house at the back of the Styles farm. When they got in Louis carried Anastasia in his arms he set her down and they kissed once more.
He found the zipper of Ana's dress and unzipped it, it fell to the ground. She stepped put of her heeled shoes Louis undressed himself they laid in the bed Louis ontop of Anastasia. She lay under him. They looked into each others eyes
"I've saved myself for you, now I'm ready" she whispers Louis leans down and kisses her as he slowly enters his wife.
She grabbed onto the sheets whimpering in pain Louis wasn't a virgin and he knew it hurt the women the first time but he knew the pain turned into pleasure after a while and those theory's were correct because Anastasia's pain turned into pleasure soon after as they kissed she let moans escape onto Louis' lips. He knew that Ana wouldn't get one thing out of this marriage. Babies. Of course she would wonder why not and want Louis to keep trying but it just wasn't possible he was a vampire. After they finished Louis rolled off of Anastasia they were out if breath sweat coating them Ana turned towards Louis he turned towards her
"I love you" she said
You wouldn't love me if you knew what I really was. Louis speaks to himself in his head, or could she really learn to love a monster like me?
Chloé once spoke to Louis about secrecy it was important for vampires.
Louis embraced Ana in a hug their bare bodies warmed each other Louis and Ana's legs tangled as they breathed heavily
"I love you too" Louis whispered.

-June 12th 1878-

"Louis!" Anastasia called Louis ran to her clutching her sides looking her over
"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He asked
"No, I'm pregnant" she said
Louis stood speechless not able to move. Pregnant? How? Louis was basically a walking talking corpse, drinking blood to keep him going.
"Louis? Are you ok?" Ana asked him he nodded
"We're having a baby?" Louis asked
"We're having a baby" she said Louis hugged her tight.

-June 13th 1878-

Louis and Ana walked towards the main house hand in hand. They figured since the first time they had sex was April and that was the only time Ana was 1 month along out of her 9 months.
They walked into the house to see Mr. And Mrs.Styles having a morning tea.
"Mother, Father" Ana said they looked over at Louis and Ana.
"Me and Louis are having a baby" she said their faces brightened up.

-July 16th 1880-

Anastasia and Louis played with their beautiful son and daughter. In the last two years Louis and Anastasia have had 3 children Anastasia was holding the youngest one, Luther. He was only 4 weeks old then there was two year old Maxwell and one year old Zoey. Louis couldn't be happier 3 babies? Let alone 1? He was over joyed. The family was pressuring Louis and and to have another so they said they would try. Having babies was the most amazing feeling he could have ever felt.
He knew that his life was perfect and he loved every moment of it.

That night after Louis and Ana put the children to bed they stripped themselves of their clothing.
Louis laid ontop of Ana as the quiet moans and whispers left their lips. This felt amazing, but this was by far the longest time Louis and Ana have spent having sex. They never had time. Juggling their babies. Now they do as the babies were sleeping.
When it was over they didnt have their cuddle like they usually did where they would tell each other stories, they hugged each other and went to sleep.

-August 11th 1880-

"Louis were pregnant" Ana says they embrace and smile they hold their children in a close group hug.
Maxwell puts his small hand in Ana's belly Zoey cuddled up in Louis lap Louis placed his hand on top of Maxwell's Ana cradled Luther. In this moment everything was perfect.

-October 27th 1880-

Louis, Maxwell, Zoey, Luther and Anastasia walked together down the path it was getting dark do they were returning home.
When Louis heard something in the distance he got worried he didn't want anything to happen to his family.
He picked up Zoey and Maxwell holding them against his hips.
"Excuse me but I'm lost and I was wondering if you could help me find my way?" Louis breathed out a sigh of relief. It was just a lost women.
Louis turned around he almost gasped his eyes go wide. Standing before him was none other than Chloé he could not believe his eyes
"Why of course where do you want to go?' Anastasia says kindly
"I was looking for the cemetery" Chloé says my heart sinks I put Maxwell and Zoey on their feet getting ready to attack.
"Well your a long ways away the cemetery is down in Main Street London." Anastasia starts to explain. Chloé nods and looks at me occasionally. I see a flash of medal in Chloé's hand u was about to push her away when it was to late. She lunged forward plunging the knife into Anastasia's stomach Zoey screamed and lathed onto Maxwell.
"Shut it!" Chloé barked at her
"Run Maxwell take your sister take Luther and run!" I said I grabbed Chloé and pinned her to the ground
"Why?" I asked
"Why do this to my family? You said you didn't want me" I said we shoved me reversing me
"I might have changed my mind. Choose save your wife or your precious babies" Chloé said
"No I won't I'll kill you before you hurt them." I said
"Well little miss baby on board is dying now" she said I glanced over at Anastasia the knife right directly in her stomach surely killing Dyanne. (What they were going to name their baby girl)
"No Ana!" I said we reached for each others hands
"Save them Louis save our babies" she said I pushed Chloé off of me and ran for my babies when I got pushed and everything went black.

I woke up laying on the cooled pavement of the path way I quickly shot up looking for my family I didn't see them but I saw large amounts of blood and I started to sob once I saw Zoey's shoe and Maxwell's Glove. I also saw the gold bracelet Mr.Styles bought Luther when he was born. I started to cry I didn't need more proof to know that they were all dead. Chloé took my family away from me. They were torn away with out goodbyes I heard their screams echoing in my head I should have done better, I should have saved them. I looked to my side and saw a glass see through bottl with a crook as the kid and a piece of paper inside, I picked up the bottle by the nuzzle and smashed it off the ground and picked up the piece of paper I opened it.


Don't bother looking for them. They're all dead. Dead I tell you. Her family is notified and for all they know you died too. This is your chance to get out if that town, start a new life. Maybe in Chicago or maybe even go to extreme lengths and drop down in Canada?
Your free now. And if you ever re-marry or have more children ill come fir them only ts time I won't black you out I'll make you watch.
Your mine. Forever and always.


I ripped the letter into as much pieces as I could I threw it I got up and looked up into the stars.
"I love you" I whispered intending it for my family.
I then used vampire speed to get out of that town to start a new life.

-January 4th 1885-

Louis walked through the woods hunting for hikers.
"Fancy seeing you here." The voice Louis blocked out of my life since that night.
"Go away Chloé I have nothing to say to you." Louis said
"Oh I have a feeling you do have stuff you wanna say to me. I come baring gifts." She said
"I don't want you or your stupid gift." Louis said coldly
"Just take it and read it" Chloé said she handed him a piece of paper he opened it

"London, G17534" Louis glared at her but folded up the piece of paper and put it in his pocket
"Go to hell" He said before turning around, Chloé pushed him against a tree she started yelling at him about a bunch of stupid stuff shoving him into trees. Louis hated her so much. It felt like all of his hate was directed to her. But, he was ok with it.

-September 15th 1890-

Louis finished feeding on the hiker and dropped him to the forest ground
"Back in London?" That stupid voice said Louis sighed
"Go away Chloé" he says she didn't stop. She kept bitching at him fir random things Louis didnt pay attention he was busy getting rid if the body.
Chloé impatiently starts to shove him into trees
"You know I enjoyed killing each and every member of your pathetic little family starting with Maxwell and ending it with Anastasia." She said Louis felt anger boil up inside him.
"Anastasia was a love,y women but she just had that face that made you annoyed. I enjoyed her the most she was so....Tasty" Louis reached down as Chloé kept looking up and gushing about how delicious Louis' family was. Louis felt it would do the job Louis held it behind his back Chloé kept talking as she stepped closer he let his eyes trail over her dress. It was silk and a dark violet color her hair done up in a bun.
"Louis I think I've changed my mind about you..." She said sliding her hand down Louis' arm and holding his hand Louis clutched the weapon in his other hand
"I think I really do love you" she said Louis brought his brows together
"You don't and you've never did" Louis said angrily
"Oh but Louis I do" she said leaning in close to Louis she kissed Louis gently and slowly leaned away Louis raised his arm behind her and brought the stake down into her back she gasped loudly in Louis' arms
"What did you do?" She asked Louis breathing heavily
"I'm sorry, I'm not sorry Chloé. I don't want you." Louis said as she fell to her knees Louis backed away she landed stomach first. Louis stood there he felt something, freedom. He had just killed his maker, he was free.

-December 25th 1896-

Louis walked around the snowy sidewalks of New York. Hands in his pockets the jacket that he didnt need wrapped around his torso. It's been 16 years since Louis' family was brutally murdered. He couldn't go by the name Louis Tomlinson for a while so he went as Lewis Thomas because Louis supposedly died along with his family.
He kept his head down as the snow got in his hair. He may have looked like a normal man but in reality he was a hunting vampire. He saw a couple go into a dark ally way he followed them he quickly pinned the man to the wall
"What are you doing?!" The women says punching at Louis
"Please don't hurt him! We're having a baby!" Se begs Louis Louis' heart sinks he lets go of the man he looks at them
"I'm sorry" Louis breaths out and runs away and climbs up the fire escape he sits on the side of the building hugging one of his knees to his chest and letting one dangle off the side of the building.
He missed his family he missed being human. He missed so much things that he couldn't get back. He was alone. Forever

-March 23rd 1900-

Louis laid in his bed drumming a beat on his stomach. Humming along
Being alone all the time was starting to be ok with Louis he was getting used to always being alone.
He rolled over on his side he sighed getting out of his bed, he sat at the desk and took put his journal he began writing.

"March 23rd 1990

The days are passing like a blur. I've spent 16 years alone. Alone in this horrid city.
I wish I could rewind to 16 years ago. Back when I had everything I could have ever dreamed of, a beautiful wife, 3 beautiful children and a baby on the way. I would give anything just to have them back..."

Louis closed his journal and rested his head in his hands. He was used to being alone but that doesn't mean he enjoyed it.

-September 13 1993-

Louis walked down the streets of s new home. Mullingar Ireland.
He saw a couple walk out of a house the women was in labour Louis smiled but frowned on the inside he wanted to be a Dad again he took one more glance at the couple.
"It's ok honey, now lets go meet baby Niall" the man said
Niall. What a cute name. Louis thought he kept walking
He hummed while walking down the streets what a peaceful night.
In good ol' Ireland.

-September 26th 1993-

Louis sat at a bar playing a drinking game with one men. A fedora hat on his head as his hair was swept to the side he wore his suspenders and long sleeve dress shirt with a bomber jacket on top.
Louis' friends and him laughed and talked loudly their voices flushing into the pub. For once in Louis' time of being a vampire he actually enjoyed himself well since 1880 when his family was murdered.

He still went out as Lewis Thomas, his fake name made him feel like he wasn't himself. That he didnt have a family that was murdered.
He was happy and ok.

-June 21st 1999-

Louis stood at the top of the effile tower in Paris he's always wanted to go here. He thought France was beautiful since he knew how to speak French he was prepared.
Louis walked down to a street side cafe he took a seat and a waitress came up
"Bonjour!" She said happily smiling at Louis taking out a pad and pen
"Bonjour Puis-je avoir un grand thé au lait avec deux un sucre?" (English translation: Hello, can I have a large tea with two milk one sugar?)
"Oui" the waitress said (English Translation: yes)
"Merci" Louis said (English Translation: thank you)the waitress came back with Louis tea and he kissed her hand as a sweet gesture.

Louis' past consisted of lots of ups and downs and lots of love interests and friends but there's one thing that was seen a lot in Louis' past.... Blood.

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