Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


3. The Video Challange

Jazzy Love's POV

I just stayed silent while Yessi and Mariana talked. I gotta say she was crazy but I love that about her she is determained to do something when she already has her mind to it.

"Okay lets start here." She sat down and pat the seats next to her.

We sat in our normal positions and Andy did what he normally did. He said ready? And we did our normal 'Hello Im Mariana, Im Yessika, and im Jasmine. and we are M.Y.J'

"Okay we usually do a video like ever other week but sadly im leaving. Like moving leaving to London so these will be the last videos in a long time. Awww I know so me and the girls here decided to do as many as we can before I go to the airport. So here it goes ladies what was the most requested song?" She looked at us and Mariana started scrolling threw our youtube channel and I went threw the twitter feeds. When me and Mariana finally go to a song we liked we showed her. Yessi doesnt mind the camera and thats great concidering I dont like talking infront of it singing I'm okay with but talking I get nervous and Mariana well she gets shy and she will talk very low.

"Breakeven by The Script. Okay."

We started to sing the song and people were staring at us it was funny. After a couple of hours and a hell of a lot of songs we ended the day with like over 30 videos. It was time to go. Yessi Boo invited us to her house and to come with her to the airport. How could we turn that down? Man im going to miss her like crazy! I known her since I was born haha. No really my dad knew her mom and when my mom had me we would always play. She was just 2 but we became bestfriends. I remember a time when my boyfriend I had my freshman year broke up with me she was there. She told me after that she went up to him and broke his nose. Haha she told him if he broke my heart she would break his face. We just didnt think she really do it. I love this girl. It's going to be hard not being able to hang out like this! We went a little more shopping before we got into her car.


Andy's POV

We got to claires and I just thought 'Ugggggggg girls!' haha but I ended up buying a braclete anyways. The girls started singing and some lady that worked there I guess told them that they should go on one of the singing shows and that they sung really good. I yelled and told her that, thats what I tell them which it was everytime we made a video. even some people thought that too on our YouTube channel. But they are too scared! When we left the store one of the girls asked how were we going to make videos? Yessi the crazy person she is suggested we we make as many as possible right now. So we did all around the mall. It was around 4ish so we stopped and she told us to come over. Man im going to miss her! She is my bestfriend and she has always been there for me and I love her. But not like that like a older mexican sister. haha.

"Andy!" I heard Jazzy say.


"Did you hear Yessi?"

"Oh no sorry what?"

"Jeez andy sometimes your just in your own little world. upload them every once in awhile." Yessi said laughing

"Okay will do."

After we bought a few more things we left the mall and headed towards her car.

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