Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


31. The First Week.

** Yessi's POV **


Me and the girls have been nothing but nervous the boys telling us that its going to be fine, that we will do great, that it's nothing but fun.

"Babe what if i fuck up a note?" I asked totally nervous.

"You won't, you are always on key even the day when you were nervous to sing to us in the limo." He said squeezing my hand to reasure me. I smiled and kissed him lightly on his lips.

"What if one of us mess up." Jazzy said looking at me with worry in her eyes.

"You won't you guys are amazing. If you can sing for youtube knowing hundreds of thousands people will see it, than you can sing in a studio." Laim said to us but directing the answer to Jazzy.

"Just pretend its just all of us around the fire singing random songs." Niall said pulling Mariana on his lap. She giggled as she kissed him on the lips lightly as well.

"I'll be there all the time, I'll take pictures and it would be just like normal." Andy said hugging us one by one. His phone rang and he left to answer it.

"Yeah and when any of us aren't recording we will be in there watching you guys too." Zayn said smiling his perfect whites at us.

"Okay that's fine. Can we come watch you guys too?" I asked directing the question to Harry but waiting for Liam to answer.

"Of course you can. The girls will be there too, I'm sure they will love to come and watch you girls too." Louis said. They were all over my place waiting for the girls to come so we can have a movie night. Andy than came back to the room with a big smile.

"Why are you smiling?" Me and the girls asked laughing.

"Oh no reason guess who is dating 1/4 of little mix?" He asked.

"Zayn?" Harry asked laughing.

"No smartass. ME! I go out with Jade!!" He yelled hugging Zayn.

"Uh. why are you hugging me?" Zayn asked laughing.

"Because .. because of your girlfriend my girlfriend is Jade." He said laughing. We all just laughed, about five minutes later everyone came and we sat around just laughing and watching 21 jump street, Andy and Jade kissing threw the whole movie.


sorry for the short chapter and horrible one too but the JANOSKIANS ae doing a twitcam in like 2 min and i have to get ready. night

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