Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


4. The Car Ride

Yessi's POV

We got into my car and I put on 'Take Me Home' we all looked at each other and laughed as I pulled out the parking lot.

"Live While We're Young!" We said it really loud as we sung along I looked at Mariana who was sitting in the passenger seat. She gave me a look and I knew exactly what it was for.

"lets go back the the olden days!" We all laughed as she took the c.d out and put it in its case and popped in 'Up All Night' what makes you beautiful came on and we just sung along. I looked threw my review mirror at jazzy.

"Jazzy remember when I told you they pratically saved my life?"  She looked at me with tears streaming down her face.

"Ya. Lets not talk about it I'm glad they did!" She wiped her face and we pulled into my drive way. I took my keys out and we started walking towards to door.

"Maaa we're home." I yelled

"In the kitchen." My mum yelled back

We walkd in the kitchen to see my family just sitting around playing shoots and ladders. I just sat down at the table laughing. The girls and Andy haha pulled up some chairs and sat around the table.

"So guys hows school?" My mom asked as she was cleaning up Ysmael. I grabbed him from her and started cleaning his face.

"Thanks hun" She said kissing my cheek

"No problem." She sat back down and continued to play with lei lei (my little sis sounds like lee lee just so you know)

"It's been good." I heard them say.

"And how have you been Mom" I heard the girls say. They all thought of my mom as another mom and so did I with theirs.

"I could be better since my baby girl is moving over seas I dont know how I'm going to survive?" I just laughed as I sat Ysmael on my lap and started making faces at him making him laugh I started taking pictures on my phone man I'm going to miss my baby! I gave him kisses and took as many pictures as possible. it was around 6 now and I took pics with my mom and my little sister after awhile I got up and sat on Andy he just laughed and wrapped his hands around my waist I got up and grabbed his hands

"Come guys lets go to my room and watch some tv and take as many pics as possible." We started taking pictures really random ones too us doing duck faces, kissy faces, smiling, throwing up hearts. I couldnt help but start crying.

"Awww Yessi Boo dont cry cause imma start crying!" Jazzy Love said.

I hugged her

"Guys we need to skype and text everyday I dont care if your in school text me and you know the time difference is going to be hard just text me and I will be sure to text back a.s.a.p!" We hugged again and we just wiped our tears even Andy was crying.. :(

"Promise!" They said. We let go of the hug and turned on my t.v

We sat there for like 4 hours watching The Vampire Diaries. It was a marathon so we just sat there our eyes glued to the t.v

(sorry but I love that show cant believe Elena is cyered to Damien I so want her and Stefan together .. Anyways back to the story)

About 30 min later my mom called us down for dinner.

"Coming!" We ran down staires we love my moms cooking. She made slamon my fav.

"yummm really good mom!" we all said. I looked at the time. it was 5 till 11

" oh shit!" I looked at my mom

"sorry. but I have to leave in like 30 min if I'm going to make it on time for my flight" I looked at everyone. there was one too many people.

"uh how are we all going to fit in the car?" I asked my mom.

"I know how to drive!" I heard Jazzy say

"You damage my car I will personally fly back and hurt you.. Plus I'm going to have her shipped over as soon as I get my driving license over there.!" I looked at her and she just laughed.

"Okay I wont" She said laughing I walked towards the stairs and looked at her.

"I'm serious!" She stopped laughing. I ran up stairs and grabbed my suit cases and everyone started helping I put some in my moms car and I got into my car and everyone hopped in.

I told my mom ill meet her there. I started the car and drove off.

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