Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


28. The Bonfire

Hey everyone as requested here is another chapter. :) I just want to thank you all who is reading. please don't forget to tell your friends and favorite and comment I'm open to ideas. its hard to believe that I started this story about what a couple months ago and it already has over 500 reads. so thank you all and as promised here is another chapter. :) ENJOY. oh feel free to kik me at Yessi_Boo. now ENJOY haha


** Yessi's POV **


Me and the girls shopped a little more. We all got matching jackets and shoes. I love these girls it's hard to believe that ME YESSIKA DEL AGUA is dating THE HARRY STYLES I'm so happy and I haven't been in a really long time. I officially am living the life NOT only am I dating the sweetest, coolest, caring, funniest guy in the world I have the best of friends and I'm going to be in a girl group. :) what else can I ask for??

"Hey you guys ready to go?" Mariana asked.

"Uh yeah let's go." Dani said.

"Let me call Harry to make sure they are ready." I quickly pulled out my iPhone 5s




"Hey babe."  A raspy husky voice answered. My favorite sound in the world.

"Hey babe. Are you guys ready? We are getting hot chocolate and than we will be on our way."

"Yeah we are almost done here. And Yay! I love hot chocolate."

"CHOCOLATE!! I WANT SOME!!" The loud Irish accent yelled

"Yes Nialler you will get some too. There is enough for everyone." I said into the phone giggling.

"I love you baby, see you soon."

"Be there in 10 min. love you too."


"Sooo." Ele asked.

"They are ready. lets get the chocolate and get out of here." I say grabbing my jacket. We were already in Starbucks we all had our matching jackets on of course they we different colors mine purple, Dani's turquoise, Ele's red, Mariana's pink, and Jazzy's black.

"Who's driving?" Jazzy asked.

"I guess I will. Who has the keys?" I asked. Dani handed me the keys.

I've been living in London for awhile now and I know my way around. We finally got to my house and we all ran inside.

"We're HOME!" We all yelled.

"In the backyard." Louis yelled. We walked in my backyard to find a beautifully decorated backyard. Candles and lanterns everywhere.

"Boys this is gorgeous. Did you all do this by yourselves?" Ele asked

"Uh ya. Well Andy directed us on what to do and where to put things at." Liam said as he kissed Dani.

"That's Andy for you. He always been good at decorating things." I felt a familiar pair of arms around my waist. Later everyone was around the fire sitting in lawn chairs me on Harry's lap, Dani on Liam's, Ele on Louis', and even Perrie was on Zayn's I didn't even know she was going to be here but of course I should have figured she is Zayn's girlfriend. Niall and Mariana were quite cozy.

"What's going on over there?" I yelled towards them. Everyone was looking at them now.

"Mate just ask her out already!" Andy yelled.

"Uw Andy learning the language now are we??" We all laughed.

"You learn a few things when you hang out with these boys." We all started laughing.

"Ya mate just ask her out already." Louis yelled. After awhile we all started chanting ASK HER OUT! really loud.

"Guys what if he doesn't want to ask me out? What if he doesn't even like me?" Mariana said totally freaking out. The thing that happened next totally shocked us all. Niall kissed her.

"Will you go out with me Mariana?" She just nodded her head yes and we all cheered.

"We all have a boyfriend in one direction." I screamed

"Not me." Jazzy said.

"Well that's cause you have a boyfriend so you don't count." I said matter-of-factly

"And me." Andy said.

"That's because they are all boys in the group. And your not gay." I said laughing.

"Jade is single." Perrie said smiling.

"She is a lovely girl. I'll give her a ring later and have her come over tomorrow so we can all hang." She said so nicely.

"Thanks she is really fit and gorgeous." He said.

"Fit? Mate?" I said confused I look at my boyfriend and than all the other boys and say,

"What have you turned my bestfriend into?" I said laughing. After a few nothing's and shrugs all the other boys started laughing too.

"Nice jackets." Perrie said

"Uh thanks we got them today when we went shopping I would have invited you but Zayn said that you were at the studio so I figured next time." I told her trying to seem sincere.

"Ya I was. It's okay like you said next time." She said smiling. I could tell it was fake though I wonder if the other girls noticed too? That's when my phone started to blow up with texts.

Dani: such a fake smile

Ele: she isn't fooling anyone

Jazzy: why is she being so fake?

Mariana: ugh I don't know why you even try.

"That's not very nice." My loving boyfriend whispered in my ear.

"I know but did you hear what she said about Ele and Dani a few years back?" I whispered back in his.

"Ya but Mari and Jaz don't even know her." he said again.

"Mari? Jaz? I know but I told them what happened and they think she is fake. I cant change their minds. It's okay atleast I'm trying. Isn't that all that matters?" I asked him.

"That's what I call them and ya that's true. Thanks love." He finished and than pecked me on my lips. Everything was going so well we were laughing and telling jokes. Everyone was cuddled up and just enjoying everything.

"I'm so nervous." Jazzy bursts out.

"Why?" I asked

"What if we don't get signed? What if Simon doesn't like us?" She is shaking now. I go over and hug her. Laim comes and hugs her too.

"Love everything will be okay. He already likes you. He just wants to hear you girls in person and decide on what to do and your sound. Nothing to worry about." He reassures her. He rubs her back and kisses her head. Once we calmed her down we started singing songs. Leave it to Niall to never leave home without his guitar. Later everyone left of course except Niall and Harry. They stayed the night and we all just watched movies in the living room.


sorry for the quick ending I have to go bye I hope you enjoyed the update. :)

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