Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


29. The Big Day

** Harry's POV **


She looks so beautiful while she is sleeping. I quickly look at the clock, 10:30 I should probably wake her up or she will be late.

"Babe Wake up. Your going to be late." I coo her gently shaking her. Her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes flutter open her long eyelashes brushing against her cheeks everytime she blinks.

"Hey there sleepy head it's 10:30 and I know how long it takes you to get up. I'll make some breakfast and tea. I'll even wake the others up too, just go take a shower." I told her. She slowly nodded her head and she yawned, kissed me on my cheek and jumped out of the bed.

I got out of bed grabbed my shirt and walked to the guest room.

"Hey girls wake up you are going to be late for the meeting if you dont get ready now. I'm making breakfast so hurry up." I yelled as I turned on the lights and threw the covers off. They did a bunch of hey's and what the fuck's but I ignored them and went to Andy. haha he sleeps with his finger in his mouth I have to get a picture of this. I grabbed my phone and pushed camera.

"Don't even think about it Styles." He shot his head up just as I took the picture. Yes! Thank the lord for fast cameras.!

"Holy shit how did you know?" I said acting as if I didn't take the picture.

"Nooo. delete it or I'll get you back." Was he threatening me??

"Fine." I quickly sent it to my email and than deleted it.

"Here.Better?" I showed him

"I dont know I guess it will have to do." I just laugh.

"You want some eggs?" I ask as I head to the kitchen to pull some out.

"Sure. I'm going to get dressed." He got up and left. I quickly posted the picture on twitter

"@anday_ you look so adorable. :) wonder how you plan on getting me back. haha good luck. are you going with the girls to the meeting?"

I started cooking eggs when I heard a yell.

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES! YOU DID NOT TWEET THAT PHOTO, GAME IS ON." Andy yelled I just laughed he than came and sat at the table.

"And yes I am going with them aren't you?" I wasn't, I haven't told Yessi but I had an interview.

"No I can't" I said setting a bunch of plates full of eggs and bacon and sausage.

"What your not coming?" My beautiful girlfriend sat down and had this really sad puppy dog face. I went behind her and kissed her cheek.

"I would but I have an Interview in 30 minutes. I have to go. I love you but I will be there after to pick you up." I quickly kissed her on her lips

"I love you too babe. okay"

I walked out and got into my Range Rover. We were going to be on the Chatty Man for the 4th time in the world. Don't get me wrong interviews lately have been a bore always the same questions after awhile it just gets annoying, but chatty man I don't know he just knows how to make us laugh of course he always askes me who am I or aren't I dating. I'm happy to say I'm taken by the most wonderful girl ever. And little does she know she will be on the chatty man soon to promote their new single. That is once they record it.

"Ready Harry?" Lou our make-up artist said stopping me from my train of though.



** Yessi's POV **


"Guys come on we are going to be late. The car is waiting." I yelled as I grabbed my purse

"Okay we are coming" Andy said soon him and the girl ran down the hall and out the door.

"Alrighty than let's go" I quickly locked the door and headed to the car.


okay i know boring again but im uh on the monthly and i need to take a shower i feel icky. i promise i will update soon. :) enjoy.. night

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