Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


15. Telling Dani and Ele

Dani's POV

Uh okay one this is for sure I love this girl she is my new bestfriend so now it's me her and Ele ya and some times Perrie but its us three all the way. Honestly Perrie is a nice girl but I just dont like her eversince that day

Flashback: 3 years ago

"Ugh Zayn I cant stand her or Eleanor they are so fake and they act like I dont even exist."

BITCH. MAYBE if you talked to us and stop giving us hateful looks we wouldnt be doing things like that to you.

"Well maybe if you stop looking at them like you hate them and actualy try babe. maybe you guys will be friends."

"Ugh are you really siding with them?"

"No babe I'm just telling you, your telling me they dont like you I'm telling you why. just try babe please for me these are my best mates girls please." Zayn kissed her and she just sighed.


End of flash back.

Don't get me wrong I love that Zayn finally found someone that makes him happy but she is just a fake bitch.

I'm glad Yessi is here now we have a trio and we are going to be unstoppable.

"What did Harry want?"

"Oh he was mad." She said. Somethings up.

"Why whats going on?"

She took a deep breath and let it out.

"Okay remember yesterday when Harry asked to go to the Lou?"


"Well he told me he liked me alot and I told him I do too cause Dani I really do but I just dont wanna get hurt."

Oh my

"Did you tell him that?"

"Ya and he said he would never hurt me. Dani I'm just scared."

I grabbed her hand

"Oh hunny scared of what?"

"Imma tell you what I told him cause its true. I'm scared of being in love cause cause I've been hurt too many times and all though he said he never hurt me thats what everyone says before they do it. My ex the guy I loved for real cheated on me and I took him back. Than he cheated on me again. I promised myself after I broke up with him that I will never fall inlove again." She whiped a tear from her eye.

"Oh hunny don't cry its okay you want some advice?" I asked her she just nodded her head

"Harry's a heartbreaker no doubt so I understand why you are scared but he is only a heartbreaker to the girls he meets at clubs and shit. Like the people he takes home and never calls after that. If he truely cares he would do everything and beyond to prove it to you. If you dont want to fall inlove with him I understand."

"Thats the thing I think I am. I mean I barley know him Dani. How can I be falling in love with him?"

"Oh babe love has no time limit. Just do what feels right to you. So why was he mad?"

"Okay and oh cause this morning when we walked to Nandos he told me that tonight he was going to cook me dinner and than I invited the boys over cause I totally forgot but I told him he can still come over and hang out after the boys leave." She said smiling.

"You really like him dont you?"

"Ya. A lot." Thats when Ele came and sat down next to us.

"So what did I miss?"

Me and Yessi just laughed.


" Awww booo like what just sum it all up." Ele asked.

"Okay well basically Yessi here is almost in love with Harry and he is in alomst love with her too but she is to scared to be in love again cause her ex cheated and she thinks that Harry might hurt her too. He called her and got mad cause she invited the boys over and they were supposed to have dinner just them two at her house but she told him tomorrow and that he can still hang out at her house after we all leave. Is that it?'

"That about sums it up haha"

"Wow Yessi. Second day here and already has Harry sprung. It's okay love he is a really sweet guy and if he really likes you he would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. Just do what your heart say to do. Okay." She said hugging her.

"Ya I will but is it wrong that I make him work a little longer for like 2 or 3 more days?" We just laughed

"Please I fell in love with Liam after the third day but didn't say yes to going out and being official till the 6th day." I said

"You. I fell in love with Louis around the same time Yessi is with Harry and I didn't say yes to him and me going out till the 10th day." Ele said we just laughed.

"So to answer your question no babe its okay to make him wait a little longer." We just got up and started laughing.

Ele's POV

Wow. Well that was a shocker. Harry loves Yessi and Yessi loves Harry but she is to afraid to fall for him but with the look on her face, she already is. I'm pretty sure if she knew Harry's track record with relationships she would know he is just as afraid of falling as she is. When he was 17 he went out with this girl named Caroline yes Caroline Flak and he was completely inlove with her and when he told her she just basically told him he was nothing more than a fling and broke up with him. He was crushed he cried for days. Than he started going out with girls for a couple days he take random girls home and have sex and than tell them he would call and never did. I felt bad for those girls cause I knew he was going to do it. Every once in awhile he'd take one out and than have sex and than dump her. I just hope Yessi isn't one of those girls.

"Well come on girls we got about 2 more hours left to shop till we drop." I said

"Omg I cant let you guys spend your money on me." Yessi said

"Yessi we went over this. Take it as a house warming presents." Dani said.

"Fine." she agreed. We went to my favorite store where I got my absolutely fav jacket at.

"OMG I love this story I want this jacket and this shirt. Omg guys look at this cute ass hat and this scarf. I love these shoes and" I had to cut her off.

"Next time we are getting you decaf. Calm down I'm glad you like the store haha just get what ever you like." I said calming her down

"No don't get me decaf. haha I'm just really happy I guess its just now hitting me that I'm shopping with THE ELEANOR AND DANIELLE haha but I'm calm now."

"Okay. Hey grab a really cute dress cause on Monday at like 8 we are going to a premiere. Okay?" I said

"Ya wait what? I cant walk on the red carpet I'll freak!"

"Yessi it's okay we will be together and we will show you some catwalks okay." Dani said

"Okay how about this?" She pulled out a beautiful dress it was strapless it had jewels on the top half and was plain on the bottom it was purple and it had a black ribbon that tied in the back.

"thats perfect. and we should get one in diff colors." Dani said.

"Thats perfect and that way her first premiere wont be scary if we did it together." I said

" Sure. There is one in pink, baby blue, yellow, and black with a white ribbon." She called out the colors.

"What color do you think we should wear?" I asked her.

"Uhhm here Dani" She handed her the pink with Black ribbon

"This goes good with your skin tone."

"Here Ele this makes your eyes pop." She handed me the baby blue one with a black ribbon aswell.

"Okay lets grab some jewelery and shoes." I said. After we got high heels closed and round and ours were matching our dresses and had a little black bow on the top of it and we got matching necklaces they were puzzle pieces and it said b f f and it matched our dress it was going to be our little thing and we are to always wear them. When we were done shopping it was 7.

"Come on girls lets go to Yessi's house and get ready for tonight." I said

"What do mean we are just doing what we did last night except with out all the litte mix girls." Yessi said

"Ya but we wanna put our stuff away and change." Dani said.

"Okay lets go."

"Can we get a cab? My feet hurt." Yessi said

"Sure come on little one." We grabbed all our stuff and left.

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