Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


14. My Day with the Girls

Yessi's POV

"So where are we going?" I asked the girls

"Wanna go get some Starbucks and than to some shops?" Dani said.

"Sure but I have no money?"

"Please we got you. We are taking you out. Oh I love your outfit by the way." Ele said

"Thanks I like yours and Dani"s too." Ele was wearing black skinny jeans with black normal shirt with the u or o collar idk what they are called and a black mini jacket and some toms and a bennie and adorable scarf. Dani was wearing a long sleeve purple, light grayish blueish jeans, black vans, one of those bennie girl hat things idk what the are called but they are cute haha, and also a scarf. its cold today but not hella cold.

"Thanks" They said laughing together. We got to Starbucks and walked in laughing.

"Hello ladies what can I get you?" The guy at the counter asked.

"The usual and what do you want?" She asked me.

"Uhm a frappachino with carmel no whip cream please"

"That's what we are getting but ours are mocha frap haha." She said I just laughed.

"Great minds think a like." I said we got out orders and they payed. We walked out and went to some store I dont even know what its called. When we walked in 'Kiss Me' By Ed Sheeran was on and I started singing as we were looking threw the racks. I noticed the girls were looking at me.

"What?" I said as I pulled out a boyfriend tee that said I <3 London and in the heart was the British flag

"Why didnt you tell us you could sing?" I just looked down at the ground and back at them

"I dont know it never came up. I mean I didn't figured it matter . I mean I'm not famous and you guys are either a dancer, model, or in a girl group. I'm just a normal girl who had a youtube channel back home who sung songs with her friends nothing major." I said looking at the rack again.

"Oh hunny just cause we're models, singers, and dancers dont mean your talent is less important cause no one signed you." Dani said hugging me.

"She is right. You are really good I'm sure the boys will love to hear you sing." Ele said

"NO!" I yelled.

"What why?" Dani asked

"I get nervous singing infront of a crowds" I said

"But you were able to singing infront of a camera?" Ele said confused

"Ya but no one was watching me. It was just me my girls and the my bestfriend the camera man. haha but I can't do it if you guys and the boys are all watching"

"Yessi you have to get over your fears and if you want me and Dani will be right there holding your hands or sitting next to you." Ele said putting her arm around me trying to reasure me

"I dont know."

"Yessi you got this. Come one they will love you." Dani said.

"Fine. I guess but you guys have to be there sitting right next to me!" They laughed and said definitely and hugged me.

"I love you guys." We just laughed

"Love you too boo." Dani and Ele said.

"Come on lets go outside and you sing breakeven for us. Please" Ele asked

"Ya sure." We bought some stuff and walked outside. We sat on a bench and they just looked at me. I took a deep breath and let it out and begun to sing. When I was done they just stood there staring at me.


"That was amazing you have to sing for them." Ele said

"I dont know you think?" I asked

"You have to sing one of their songs." Dani said.

" I sing What Makes You Beautiful but a slower version." I began sing.

"OMG you have to sing that song for them it gave me chills you were soo good.. sing that for them." Ele said shaking.

"Eleanor haha calm down your going to hurt the poor girl." Dani said as Eleanor let go of me

"But she is right you sung that song so beautifully you must sing it for them." She said with her beautiful smile showing her pretty white teeth.

"I guess but like I said you guys have to sit there next to me."

"Deal." haha they both said.

(sorry for all they both said's I'm just to lazy to write another responce haha but back to the story)

"oh I gotta take this." Ele said.

"Okay tell Louis I said 'Hi' and that he and the boys can come over around 7."

"How did you know?" She asked picking up the phone.

"The way you light up when he is around was the same look you got just now so I just figured it was him."

"It is I'll be right back"

"Ya and okay."

She left at that note.

"Liam gets that same look on his face when you call too." I told Dani as Ele left.

"Really how do you know?"

"Yesterday when they came to Nandos you called him and his face just lit up he was smiling really big. I told him to tell you hi." I laughed

"Oh well hello to you too." she laughed.

"But he did tell me but I gues he didnt tell you?"

"Nope and hello." We just sat there laughing when my phone started ringing

Heartbreaker is calling.

Ya I changed his name to that.

"Who is it?" Dani asked

"It's harry. I need to tell you something just let me take this."

"Okay go ahead."


"You invited the boys over?" He sounded mad

"Ya? And the girls. Why are you mad abou- OMG Harry I'm so sorry I totally forgot about dinner tomorrow I promise but you still should come over and stay after everyone leaves so we can finish The Notebook. Please." I said sadly.

He sighed." I guess I can make you dinner tomorrow."

"Awww your the best love. I'll see you later?"

"Ya 7 right?"


"Okay see ya beautiful"

I blushed "See ya heartbreaker."

And that was that.

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