Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


24. Meeting the Guys

(sorry for not posting yesterday i wrote a whole chapter and i did something and it deleted everything i did! sad face haha)


** Yessi's POV **


I woke up this morning with my legs intertwined with Harry's, naked, I had forgot the events that took place in my room last night. A smile grew on my face as I took in all the details. I looked to the side at my alarm clock it was 9 in the morning. I looked up at Harry to see him smiling in his sleep, he must be having a good dream. I laid my head back on his chest and tried to untwine my legs out of his when this pain took over and I pulled it out hella fast. He must of felt me move cause his head shot up.

"Are you okay?"

"No I got this unbearable pain in my legs and uhh down stairs." I announced quitely

"Aw baby I'm sorry." As he started kissing my legs. A spark of tingles spread through my legs. I started to get up and go take a shower when the pain started hurting again.

"What do you need?" He asked as he put on some boxers.

"To take a shower." He just looked at me than he swooped me up, walked me to the bathroom, sat me on the toilet seat, and he started the water.

"Do you need anything else? Like oh I don't know someone to wash you up." He said with this tint of sparkle in his eyes making them a little darker. I just smiled

"Actually now that I think of it." I told him causing his smile to grow showing his dimples.

"You can get out that's all I need." I said laughing while his face formed a frown. He turned on the water and kissed me on the cheek causing me to blush a bit.

"If you need me I'll be out there." He stated as he walked out the bathroom. I got into the shower and let the hot water run over my body washing away all the pain. I started soaping my body when I looked at my arm to analyze the cuts that are permanently on my arm for life, I let out a small sigh of relief being clean for almost 2 years now I was proud of myself and so was my friends. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Harry came back into the bathroom.

"Babe Simon is on the phone." He handed me the phone, I quickly dried my hands on the towel that was hanging on the rack and grabbed the phone.


"Hi Yessika, your friends are on their way in about 2 hours they should be here. I'm sending a car to pick you and the boys and their girlfriends so they can all meet them. Is that okay?" He asked nicely.

"Oh shit! I forgot they were coming. Yes simon that is fine Harry and I should be ready by then." I said as I turned off the water and pulled a towel around me.

"Okay so You and Harry huh?" He asked shocked.

"Yes, will that be a problem?" I asked kind of confused.

"No, no that's fine he needs someone like you to keep him in check." He stated and I just laughed as I came out the bathroom.

"Okay Simon I will and thanks for everything."

"Ya no problem I'll let you go see you soon. Bye" I said bye and than hung up.

"Go take a shower babe. A car will be here soon to take us to the airport to get my friends." I told him as I went to the closet to get something out to wear. He kissed me on the cheek and quickly went into the bathroom.

I decided to wear my white long sleeve shirt, my black letterman jacket, washed out blue skinnies, and my black, white, and grey plaid vans. As I finished getting dressed and started putting my rings and necklace on Harry came out the bathroom this time in a 'Rollin Stones' tee and some jeans.

"What's the story behind the rings? I know the story of the necklace since Eleanor and Danielle have the same ones ." He looked at me his eyes piercing threw mine.

"Uh well one is from my grandma she had the same one as me." I said trying to fight the tears starting to form in my eyes.

"Had?" He asked

"Uh ya she died last year now my sister has the other one."

"I'm so sorry baby" He said kissing me.

"And this one my ex gave it to me cause his mom told him to give it to the girl you love and when we broke up I tried to give it back but he said to keep it that he wants me to have it. I felt wrong just throwing it away or whatever cause his mom gave it to him before she died." I said kind of fast waiting for him to get mad and make me take it off, all though if he did I wouldn't.

"Oh okay babe. So when I get you a ring are you going to wear it forever?" He asked very calm.

"Uh yeah." I exclaimed as I started doing my make up

"I prefer it when you don't wear make up." He said as he kissed my cheek.

"Thanks" I was almost done curling my hair when the door bell rang.

"Babe can you get that if it is the driver tell them I'd be out in 5 minutes."

"Ya okay." He walked off and by the time he came back I was done.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

"Yup just let me get my purse and phone." We walked to the limo hand in hand.

"Yessi!" Everyone said together

"Hey guys ready to go?"

"Yup." Niall said. It was Me, Harry, Niall, Zayn on one side of the limo than Eleanor, Louis, Liam, Danielle on the other side. The limo was filled with laughter and chatter. I texted Eleanor and Danielle.

(im too lazy to do a text message like i usually do.)

Me: Me and Harry had sex yesterday. x

They both looked up at me with her eyes popping out.

Ele: Shut up! dont lie. was it good?

Dani: OMG told you

Me: ya but I'm hurting still. does it look like im hurting?

Me: Ya Dani I guess haha

Ele: no you look fine. details later?

Dani: tell us everything later girls day?

Me: tots but we have to tell my other girls too.

Ele: ya girls day and okay no problem

Dani: ya no problem .

"Who are you texting?"  Harry asked. I looked up at the girls than at my phone

"Uh Andy." I said smiling.

"No your not. Why are You, Ele, and Dani texting each other when you guys are in the same car?" Fuck he cought me.

"Cause we are girls that's how we are." I told him trying to make it seem like we weren't talking about last nights events.

"Sure. I'm on to you guys." He said laughing. We finally got to the airport I ran inside looking for terminal 4 when I got a text

Andy: Hey we are going threw baggage claim. be out in a few

Me: okay I'm wearing my white long sleeve and my black letterman jacket.

Andy: okay be there in a min.

I looked around trying to see if I'd see them.

"AHHHHHHH YESSI BOO!" I quickly turned around and saw my three bestfriends. I quickly ran to them and hugged them. We were there I swear for like 5 10 minutes. I grabbed there stuff and they followed me to the car. I stopped and let Joe take their bags. Andy reached for the door and I quickly slapped it.

"OWWW what was that for?" Andy asked

"There are a few rules." I began to tell them.

"Okay" They all shooked their heads insync

"1. DO NOT SCREAM. They are normal people. 2. Don't stare at them and ask them hella questions. Okay. And 3. This is the most important rule. DO NOT under any circumstances FALL IN LOVE WITH ANYONE WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND! OR BOY FRIEND ANDY." I told them making sure they get the picture.

"Yes we understand." They all said. So with that we went into the limo.


Sorry this would have been uploaded earlier but its easter and I was trying to get money so I can catch the bus to see little mix at my mall. So far i got $2 need 1 more to go. haha well hope you like this chapter i fixed all the mispelled words in the others. thanks for reading. i might write another one in a bit or tomorrow. look out for my new story idk what the name might be but ill let you know as soon as i can

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