Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


10. In My House

Harry's POV

So she was made fun of all her life that sucks she must be insecure. I guess I'll have to find out the hard way

Yessi's POV

We sat there just laughing.

"So danielle how is the dancing?" I was wondering

"It's good I'm on a break for about 6 months." She said.

"That's good so that means we have plenty of time to hang out. And Eleanor hows modeling?" Danielle laughed

"Ya we do." She said giggling

"It's good. I have to work next week. But other than that I'm on vacation." She said smiling.

"Well thats good."

"We should all hang out tomorrow." Perrie said.

"Ya we should." Dani said

"Wanna Yessi?" Ele asked

"I would love too. But I can't I gotta work tomorrow at 11." I said sadly

"Awwww well what if we come around 4 and you can get off then and we could go shopping?" Jade said.

I didnt say anything I was just sat there thinking.

"Ohh comeYessi Boo. It would be funny." Harry said winking at me.

"I guess I can get off work around 4"

They all smiled and said yes. We sat there talking for hours.

Liam's POV

Im glad Danielle is getting along with Yessi they're even going to hang out later tomorrow with Eleanor and the Little Mix crew. Speaking of Leigh-Anne hasn't said anything at all.

"Leigh-Anne are you okay love?" I asked she quickly looked up

"Eh ya I'm just not feeling good. I think I'm going to go home." She said a little sad.

"Oh okay babe. See you tomorrow? Here's my number text me if you need anything." Yessi said. She is so nice, she gave Leigh-Anne a hug and she quickly left. So did jesy and jade.

"So how do you like London."

"It's cool. I love it. The wheather is a little bit cold for me but I'm sure I'll get use to it." She said so nicely.

Louis POV

The whole time I was with eleanor I love her. I'm happy she is hanging out with Yessi tomorrow. I really want them to be friends. I think Ele likes her.

"Eleanor babe. Make sure you take her to that store you like that has that jacket you love so much."

"Oh I'm so going to take her there first." She said so egarly. Haha I love her.

Niall's POV

Haha I like Yessi I think me and her are going to be good friends. Her house was nice.

"Hey love do you happen to have anything to eat I'm starving."

"When aren't you hungry Niall." I heard Zayn say.

"Zayn shut up. He can be hungry. Uh ya Niall in the fridge." Said I couldnt help but smile at her.

"Sorry Zayn but it's okay if he eats my food." She giggled.

"It's okay. That was kinda of rude of me."

Zayns POV

She told me to shut up. Everyone expected me to blow up. And usually I probably would have. But I like her she is really sweet and isn't afraid to say whats on her mind. Niall came back with everything that was in her fridge.

"So Perrie are you ready to leave? I'm tired." I asked Perrie.

"Ya sure come on. Bye Yessika it was nice to meet you. See you tomorrow" She gave everyone a hug and we left.

Harry's POV

Her laugh is so gorgeous.

"Hey Yessi wheres your bathroom?" I asked she quickly got up.

"It's this way her I'll show you." She got up and I followed her. She showed me the bathroom and before she turned around I grabbed her.

"Whats wrong." she said.

"Nothing I.. Uhm... Ermm.. I like you." I had to tell her. she just stayed silent.

"Are you going to say something?" I asked her.

"Harry I like you too" I smiled.

"But I dont wanna get hurt." She said slightly smiling.

"I would never hurt you." I grabbed her hand I forgot I had to go pee.

"Prove it to me than heartbreaker." And with that she turned around and quickly went back to the room. How am I supposed to show her I wont hurt her. I quickly went pee and went back to the living room.

Yessi's POV

"I like you" Did Harry just tell me he likes me?

"Are you going to say something?" He aksed.

"Harry I like you too. But I dont wanna get hurt."

He grabbed my hand and thats when I felt a jolt of spark go threw my fingers. And than he said I would never hurt you.. I wanted to cry but I held in my tears. Thats what they all said before they did.

"Prove it to me than heartbreaker." I quickly left him there confused.

"Hey Yessi are you okay?" Dani asked

"Ya Dani I'm fine. Uww wait is it okay if I call you Dani?"

"Ya thats fine." She said smiling. We sat there laughing than Harry came back. He looked a little sad. I hope I didn't cause that.

"Are you alright mate?" Louis asked

"Uh... Erm... Ya I'm fine just thinking." He said than he looked at me.

I yawned.

"Someone is tired." Liam said

"WOW! It's 12 already?" Ele said.

"Hey Eleanor is it okay if I call you Ele?"

"Ya call me whatever you like." I just laughed

"Okay Ele"

"Come on Louis we should go I'm really tired ." She said grabbing his hand

"Alright babe come one lets go. Bye Yessi Bye boyes."

"Bye BooBear." She just smiled.

Left was Dani, Liam, Niall, and Harry, and Me.

"Hey you think you can drop me off at my hotel?" Niall asked.

Well just me and Liam and Dani and Harry.

"Sure come on." Louis said.

"Ya we should get going too. Some one Dani." Liam said

Now just Me and Harry

"Okay bye Harry bye Yessi see you tomorrow."

"Bye Dani Bye Liam."

Now it's just Me and Him

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