Its Everything You Do

what happens when a fan moves to england starts her first day at her new job and meets her idols? see's the boy of her dreams and hangs out with them? would it be a dream come true or will it quickly blow up in her face. leaving her laying naked on the floor?


7. Getting a Job

Yessi's POV

After walking for about a hour I decided to go get something to eat. I stopped and found nandos. 'Eh why not if Niall likes it than I might too.' I said to myself. I walked in and it was pretty packed. There was only one lady taking orders and I felt bad so I decided to wait for awhile I mean I wasnt that hungry. About 30 mins later there was hardly anyone in line I got up and stood in line. I pulled out my phone and checked twitter.

"omg you moved to london? please give @Harry_Styles my twitter name!"

I just laughed.

"Next!" I hurried and went to the front. The lady looked tired.

"Hi uhm can I just get some soda and chicken?"

"Ya sure." She started to punch buttons on the cash register.

"That would be 10 pounds." She told me.

"Here you go. Uhm I cant help but noticed you look a little swamped back there. Is there any chance you need extra help? Like a bus boy well bus girl or something?" The lady looked at me totally confused. She looked around and handed me my reciept.

"Actually.. I do wait right here." She went to a little room and came back with a couple pieces of paper. She handed them to me.

"Here you go just fill this out and bring it back to me and oh your order is up."

"Thank you . And I sure will."

I sat down at a table and started the paper work. Man was this long! It was around 4 and I finished my food and finished the paper.

"Here you go." I handed it to her. She just gave me a nice smile.

"Okay well everything is great. When can you start?"

"Now if you want." She smiled and pulled me around the counter. And handed me a shirt and pants. I quickly got changed and she showed me how to work the cash register.

"You look tired hunn why dont you go and take a break I know the basics if I need you I'll call you plus its dead I'll pick up the plates and everything and just clean up a little." I reasured her. She gave me a smile and quickly thanked me and left to a room.

Harry's POV

"Niall calm down we are going to Nandos!" Liam said laughing.

We walked in and I was on twitter some fan moved to London cool. We walked into Nandos and thats when I saw her. I dont know who she is but she isn't the normal lady who takes out orders Sally I think her name is. This girl, this girl was so beautiful. She was cleaning up the tables. I just couldnt stop staring.

"Mate! Are you okay? What are you staring at?" I heard Louis and I quickly snapped out of it.

"Nothing lets just order." I said quickly he just smiled at me. She must of saw us cause she quickly walked around the counter and washed her hands and came up to the register.

"Hello what can I get you?" She said so kindly. She had the most beautiful brown eyes ever.

"What do you mean what can you get us? Get us our usual!" I heard Zayn yell.

"Mate calm down! Can't you see she isn't the normal girl that knows our usual!" I looked at her in her beautiful eyes it must of hit her who we were cause after awhile her eyes went really wide.

"Sorry love he gets crabby when we wake him up." I flashed her my smile showing my dimples.

Yessi's POV

"uh uh" is all I could say. SPEAK YESSIKA USE YOUR WORDS! I mentally faced palmed myself

"Uhm it's okay sorry but Sally is on her break so I dont know your usual but I can go get her if you want." OMG! One Direction is where I work!

"NO!" I heard harry yell.

I turned around

"I mean no its fine we will just tell you." Well that was weird. But they told me their usual and after awhile their meals came and I walked it over to them. I grabbed the rest of the dishes and started to put things away. I decided to take my break. I went into the room where sally was.

"Hey Sal imma take my break but dont worry when a customer comes in I'll get off and back to work. You take the rest of the day off but please just stay here just incase I need help."

"Oh thank you and of course I wouldnt leave see you after work."

I closed the door, grabbed a water and sat cross from the boys in another booth. I pulled out my phone and called the guys.

Ring Ring Ring.


"Uups I'm sorry I totally forgot the time difference!"

"Uhh YA!" it had to be around 12 or 1 over there.

"What time is it over there?" I couldnt help but feel someone staring at me .. I looked around and found harry staring at me. I just smiled.

"Uhh its 2 in the morning."

"Oh sorry just so you know Jazzy and Andy are on the phone too." I told mariana.

"I know I could hear them breathing. Watch this. GUYS!" I laughed.

"Huuh what?" Is all you heard on the other line.

"Andy baby I miss you!" I said happily

"I miss you too Yessi Boo.!"

"Omg I miss you guys. And you guys will never guess where I work at!"

"Haha the mall?" Mariana said

"Nope guess again!"

"A ice cream shop?" Jazzy said yawning


"Come on give us a hint!." Andy laughed.

"Its the place that Marianas future boyfriend loves to go to!" I said smiling.

"NANDOS!" They said really loud. I couldnt help but look at the boys who were already looking at me.


"Omg what if you met One Direction?!?!" I smiled and looked at the boys again. My friends were speaking really loud and the boys started to get up and walk towards me. I started hypervenalting

"Uhhh funny thing I'm actually looking at them. They heard you guys and I think they are about to cpme over where im sitting."

They screamed really loud.

"Oww guys my ears."

"OMG! Yessika ! YESSI BOO ! ! Is niall as sexy in person rather than poster?" He looked at me. I just smiled.

"Mariana better!"

"OMG Yessi BOO!" I heard andy say.

"Yes Andy Baby!"

"So are you and harry going to live in a big white house and have 2 kids and a dog?" I blushed I saw harry looking at me.

"ANDY! He is literally sitting right next to me!"

"What it's not like Andy Boo told him that he is your favorite and that you absolutly love him!" I heard Jazzy say.

"Jazzy Love! Come on!" Thats when I almost died! Harry but his arm around me and grabbed my phone and put it on speaker.


I heard them scream.

"Girls please. Yes mr. styles.!" Andy said.

"To answer your question no me and her aren't going to have 2 kids and a dog.!" I started to get sad.

"We are going to have 4 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 gold fishes."

I started to blush.

Than Niall grabbed my phone from Harry.

"Mariana is it?"

"Ahhhhh! Guys Niall knows my name! Yes nialler?"

"Am I your favorite?"

You could hear her breathing.


"Cool. Whats your twitter? Whats all your guys's twitter?"

They started to give them out. I just noticed that Harry hasn't moved his arm from around me. Omg. Niall gave me my phone back.

"Okay guys go back to sleep I dont want to be the cause of yall not going to school in the morning bye."

"Bye Yessi Boo. Bye Boys.!"

I just laughed.

"Bye guys" The boys said. And then I hung up.


this was 2 chapters in one. haha

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